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New +Google Crisis Response emergency page for the Chile fire features Crisis Map of hostels and aid centers; donations information; and more: Embed the interactive crisis map in your coverage by hitting the "Share" button and copying the embed code:
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For all the mappers out there: New GeoJSON support added to the +Google Maps API!
Maps made easier with GeoJSON support in the JavaScript Maps API.
Find your favourite dataset and add it to the map with just one line of code. Find out how:
Maps give us an easy way to visualize all types of information, from patterns in health expenditure across the world, to oceans with the highest concentration of coral reefs at risk. The tools used to create these maps should...
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Covering breaking news and want to quickly and easily visualize the scene of an event? Try the new Google Maps Embed API. Read more from the +Google Maps API team below.
Adding the new Google Maps to your own website just got easier with the new #GoogleMaps Embed API (!

Our friends at the Guggenheim ( and SFMOMA ( are using the Google Maps Embed API to show the museums’ locations, allowing visitors to save the museum to Google Maps directly from the website. Visitors can now quickly plan their day and navigate to the museums by pulling up their saved places on any device with Google Maps. 

To get started, head over to our developers page ( and embed away!
Since we introduced the ability to embed the new Google Maps, a growing number of sites across the web have been helping their visitors visualize and remember places, using maps built for them. However, we know that many site...
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Google for Media Summits - San Francisco and Los Angeles

Are you a reporter in the Bay Area or Southern California? Are you interested in hearing about the amazing digital journalism projects happening in your area and learning more about Google's tools for journalists? 

Join us for an all day event in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 4  and in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 6. The summit is free to registered attendees (RSVP below). An evening reception follows where you'll get a chance to see the future of journalism through Glass.

San Francisco RSVP form:

Los Angeles RSVP form:
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New +Google Crisis Response map for the storm in southeast U.S. includes +American Red Cross shelters, Public Alerts with emergency information, traffic and more. Use the Share button at the top of the map to grab the embed code for use in your coverage of the storm: 
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New +DigitalGlobe imagery of Oso, Washington, shows the devastation by the recent mudslide. If you're covering this story, we have ready-to-use photo stills for use, including fresh imagery collected by DigitalGlobe on March 31, 2014, as well as Google imagery from July 13, 2013. If you use this imagery in your coverage, please be sure to attribute to both DigitalGlobe and Google. View the Google Drive folder of images here:
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Over a town is the kicker.
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Google Media Tools is now available in 16 languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal), Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Korean and Japanese. Consider it a centralized hub of how Google's tools can empower digital storytelling. #googleformedia  
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If you're a journalist or media organization covering the deadly apartment explosion in East Harlem we've made Street View imagery (taken before the explosion) and a +Google Earth animation of the neighborhood available in this Drive folder. You're welcome to use them as part of your coverage with proper attribution (Images: Google).
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The team's in southeast Asia this month, working with journalists using Google's tools for news gathering and storytelling. Today, we're meeting with Indonesia's television broadcast community, to deep dive on Advanced Search and Google Trends for research, +Google Earth and +Google Maps for visualizations, +Google+ Hangouts On Air and YouTube for audience engagement, and how all of these tools can help with the country's upcoming election coverage. A big thanks to the +Google Indonesia team for hosting such a great workshop!
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They need to prove that!!!!!!!+Gplussa
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Covering the floods in Indonesia? Embed a newly launched Crisis Map from +Google Crisis Response. Grab the embed code by hitting the "Share" button at the top of the map.
To help those affected by recent flooding across Indonesia, the Crisis Response team has launched a crisis map ( With data from BNPB (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana), the map includes flood-affected locations, transit and traffic information, and more.
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