We're thrilled to let you know that we're now supporting +Fishburners, one of Australia's top startup spaces! In addition to financially supporting this amazing non-profit organization, we will bring Aussie Googlers to mentor startups in the space and help entrepreneurs get the most out of Google products. 

Australia has immense potential to flourish as a strong startup ecosystem. In 2013, Google commissioned a study to learn more about the landscape Down Under, the team discovered that, by 2033,  the country can add $109 Billion directly from the high-growth technology sector alone! If citizens and government are in alignment to support entrepreneurs, Australia has a great future ahead. Read more about the report here: http://goo.gl/dwIaif

Learn more about our partnership: http://goo.gl/22fzcT
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For the ordinary perdon, or those with large capital to invest and again crush the little sole trader? 
I have heard a lot of Australians ask, "What is going to be left for Australians after Australia is mined out?" Is this the answer?
las grandes empresas comensaron en pequeños espacios,,y son el fruto  de los sueños de un solo hombre .tengo mucos sueños y no soy nadie....to davia
Paying some tax to Australia could be good too. 
Not if Abbott has anything to do with it.
(and by Abbott, I actually mean Murdoch, Rinehart, Forrest, and others - the ones obviously pulling his strings)
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