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A few photo highlights to share of +Campus London's most recent 3rd birthday bash! 
A few highlights from +Campus London's 3rd anniversary celebrations last week in London. 3 years in and we've had 41,000 members join the community. Last year at Campus, startups created 1,200 new jobs and raised over 40M GBP. We look forward to all that's ahead with +Sarah Drinkwater and the +Google for Entrepreneurs team as we launch Campuses globally! 
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Who should we contact to discuss Google for Entrepreneurs at our coworking space?
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+Dave McClure keeps  it sweet and simple in his most recent +Medium post, Unit Economics for Accelerators. Checkout his 7 bullet points highlighting the difficulties to make a great #startup  accelerator:

What do you think of them?
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Never worry about poor handwriting again :)
Now you can outsource your handwritten notes. >>
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That's incredible! 
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Steve Case is back on the road and looking to invest $500,000 in local *#startups** across Richmond, Raleigh-Durham, Charleston, Atlanta and New Orleans between May 4th - May 8th!*

We'll be joining Steve on the #RiseofRest  tour in Atlanta and Durham. If you're in any of these cities and interested in the local programming in your city,  learn more here ( and stop on by!

If you are interested in competing in any of the pitch competitions or know of someone that should, the application can be found here:
Willie Nelson wrote that he loved making music with his friends and couldn't wait to “get on the road again.” At Revolution we love working with entrepreneurs and helping them to start and scale new businesses, which is why we are looking forward to firing up the Rise of the Rest bus again and ...
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We're thrilled to announce the three selected #entrepreneurs as part of our first  #NextWave  initiative, the Code2040 Residency! Those selected will receive seed funding, mentorship and office space in their local tech hubs in Chicago, Austin and Durham. In turn, entrepreneurs will be working within their local communities to make these hubs more inclusive environments. 

Learn more about the Residency here:
Three minority entrepreneurs with innovative start-ups are getting a leg up from CODE2040 and Google thanks to a new residency program
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Well all I see here is an opportunity for corporations to capitalize and grab these young fresh ideals before they have a chance to benefit. They could look up in 10 years from now and say "HAY THAT... WAS MY IDEAL... I SHARED WITH YOU!"
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The opening of our newest startup community space, Campus Seoul, is only weeks away!

We'll be bringing the space to life with a week of exciting events including a pitch-off competition with our friends +TechCrunch and fireside chats with 500 Startups Partner Bedy Yang! 

Checkout the full scoop on our newest partners for the space and what to expect of Campus Seoul as soon as we open the doors Mid-April! If you ever find yourself in Korea, the space will always be open doors and free of charge to visit!
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Investors from all parts of the world have their stories on turning down investing in #startups  that later become wildly successful companies, but not all share it with the public. Here's a great email chain that was shared on the +Y Combinator blog, giving people a glimpse into the massive opportunity that VC Fred Wilson had to invest into +Airbnb but ultimately turned down because he never thought the company would be able to compete with the hotel industry.

We love that Fred and Y Combinator agreed to share this with folks, check out the chain here: 
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Yes because first give the money strategy, but never ask questions why.. they love to find investors but only for their own products, not the one which eliminates them later or after the construction..
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*Today we wish our London #startup community space,
+Campus London, a very happy birthday!* 

Its been 3 years since we teamed up with the local entrepreneurship community in the U.K. to create something truly magical for innovators. A space for entrepreneurs to learn, work and have fun. Campus London has played host to over 41,000 people from around the globe and we couldn't be more excited about its potential.

From its Google-run programming or the thousands of events that the community has held, free of charge, we're amazed and inspired by everything that its become. Thank you to the volunteers, entrepreneurs and Googlers that make this place so special. Read more here:
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We can't wait to be working in Brazil, +Rodrigo Alvarenga! 
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To our friends in Korea:

We're a little over 2 weeks out until Campus Seoul, our newest startup community space, opens! We'd like to invite you to our new space a for a +Startup Grind event featuring the Director of Google for Entrepreneurs, Mary Grove. Mary will sit down with the Head of Campus London, Sarah Drinkwater and Joon Oh, COO at MangoPlate, for what will be a great conversation. Join us for food, drinks, networking and a good time! Hope to see you there! RSVP:
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We're in Tel Aviv this week to checkout the bustling #startup  scene and thought this recent +TechCrunch article was fitting. 

From The Israeli Army Unit 8200 To Silicon Valley

Unit 8200, the cyberwarfare division of the Israeli army has extensively trained high-potential young recruits into becoming experts in tech intelligence. Once these people have left the military, they take their talents to the commercial technology sector and have flourished. Give the article a read here:
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[Starting Now] +Startup Grind's Derek Andersen sitting down with Author/Entrepreneur @GuyKawasaki at the Googleplex!

Tune in here: …
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Julie Y
Thanks for posting!   

Follow my blog over at 
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Its Day 4 of the SXSW tech conference in Austin, Texas and we've run into a great piece of drone tech.

Composed of 3d printed components, the MUPPET drone, can drill, mix and pour concrete into remote locations. Very creative hybrid application of remote vehicle and 3d printing technology!
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Very cool
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Google is committed to empowering entrepreneurs around the world through programs, partnerships, and our products.
Google for Entrepreneurs has programs all over the world to foster entrepreneurship, empowering the next generation of innovators to be successful.

Whether it is...
day-long mentorship events for small businesses owners, 
sponsoring Startup Weekend to double their presence around the world, 
free workspace for startups at Campus London,
tech-training for women entrepreneurs in India, 
or using Google products to grow businesses, 
we love working in local communities to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

This G+ page is a place to share updates on projects you can participate in, talk about trends we see in business and entrepreneurship, and to hear from you- entrepreneurs around the world! 

Given the volume of feedback we receive here, we may not be able to respond individually to every comment and we're not able to provide product support. Rest assured we're paying attention, and we're always eager to hear from you.