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Tomorrow is World Read-Aloud Day. And reading aloud is important- but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Hear it firsthand from @LeVarBurton tomorrow, March 7th at 3pm EST (12 noon Pac). LeVar will join the Google in Education team for a live-streamed Google+ Hangout On Air.

The stream will be found on our +Google in Education page. Submit questions by posting comments below this post. Please use the hashtag #WRADLeVar. +Becky Evans +Google +Google Students
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Reading Rainbow in the house!
Which questions do you want LeVar to answer tomorrow on the Hangout?
I'd like to hear what Lavar thinks about reading "adult" non-fiction to kids - books like The Autobiography of Malcolm X etc
First off Welcome to Austin LeVar! So many questions! As an avid Reading Rainbow fan and Trekkie. I want to know Who taught you to read so elegantly? & Also if you have any ideas on how can we effectively assist our local communities that deal with serious illiteracy and poor composition? #WRADLeVar +Becky Evans +Google in Education +Google Students
Great idea, but at 1pm MST I am teaching a unless Mr. Burton is addressing his comments to students I really can't partake.
+ACID Braden We are definitely gearing this towards students and classrooms. LeVar and the Google team will be reading aloud children's books, in addition to hanging out.
LeVar Welcome to Google Plus! we hope you stick around and hangout outside of the bubble. Question: Did +Jeri Ryan ever make you and +Wil Wheaton discuss or consider joining the Borg.
Jesse L
Maybe Mr. Burton's Star Trek role (as actor and director) has been more widely-distributed than others, but his first impression on me was his very emotionally-charged portrayal of Kunta Kinte in Roots.

For some reason, I tend to mentally connect the shouted sentences "My name is Kunta Kinte!" and "There are FOUR lights!" despite the words coming from different actors' mouths in different TV series and in different decades. I guess there are a lot of similarities between the two characters' situations if you think about it, though, including a somewhat-similar emotional component.

To make this more relevant, Reading Rainbow! was always entertaining #BYDHTTLBWFI ...
+ACID Braden I could actually see this being an awesome experience for the students!
Could this mean that Mr. Burton will join and start posting on G+? I've searched for him a few times hoping that he started an account.
Does Mr. Burton have any thoughts on books for children with autism?
Ooops. Here's my question again with the hashtag. Does Mr. Burton have any thoughts on books for children with autism? #WRADLeVar
Question: We've known that computer assisted oral reading using speech recognition is almost as good as one-on-one tutoring for more than a decade -- -- but schools and parents have been very slow to adopt such systems for reading skills development and remediation. Should Google offer computer assisted oral reading free to all on the web? #WRADLeVar
Immediately following the hangout, join storytime with the EDU team as we read a few more stories. Today's lineup includes:

A Snowy Day - Ezra Jack Keats
The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein
Splat the Cat - Rob Scotton
Selected Poems - Shel Silverstein
Frog and Toad are Friends - Arnold Lobel
Fancy Nancy - Jane O'Connor
Whistle for Willie - Ezra Jack Keats
The Velveteen Rabbit - Margery Williams
I've never "hung out" before. I clicked the Hang Out link above, but it's putting me in a room with no one else. Am I missing something?
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I'm in the same boat as do I "hang out" where everyone else is?
I'm looking for the Live Stream of this Hangout?
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I am sad about our lack of "hanging out" with Mr. Burton right now :( Anyone have a link to the stream, or know what is going on?
The Hangout is set to begin shortly. Hang tight!
Hanging! Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it. Thanks for the update.
Hmm, I'm wondering the same thing. It was for 1500 EST right? I really wanted to check this out before I went to work... Found it! Hooray!
I've had problems getting some of the teens I tutor to read and I've tried exposing them to various, but I haven't gotten them to consistently. How can I tackle this issue? Should I drill small reading sessions or something new? #WRADLeVar. +Becky Evans +Google +Google Students
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Why did I not hear about this sooner........
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