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Need to know your IP address?

Ask Google by typing in the search box, "What is my IP" and your answer will appear right at the top of your results page.

Thanks, Search team! +Kelly Fee +Tasha Bergson-Michelson +Kate Pacher
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Try it out, just type the letters IP in the search box
Or, if you decide to go the long way, you could type "what is my internet protocol address?"

Google is smart like that.
Did not work on Chrome but with Safari ok. Must be some extension in Chrome.
Could you make it work in regional versions of Google Search?
On polish version it doesn't work so probably yes
Actually, you will get the IP address that Google sees your request coming from. For instance, if you have a home router, Google will probably return the IP address your service provider assigned to your router, not the IP address your router assigned to your computer or handheld device. 
+Mateus Camargo - As you pointed out, this feature isn't available on all domains. Does it work if you visit and search from there?
Smart conversation indid...+Okike, it work on my Opera. 
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