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We have had our Google+ page up for a few months now, and we'd love your feedback on it.

Which of the following types of information is most important to you?

1. Tips & tricks
2. Resources- Videos
3. Resources- Links, articles
4. Program & product updates
5. Hangouts
6. Other (please elaborate)

Please share your opinion directly as a comment below this post. Thanks.
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The first four are the most important to me. 
1 and 3 are the most important to me.
Hey +Google in Education, have you considered doing a Google+ poll hack? Post the options as individual comments, and encourage people to +1 their choices. Much easier to get a feel for responses than having to tally over lots of comments! :)


Worth noting that these closed comments to force a choice, but you can certainly leave comments open so people can expand on their choice and elaborate on "other"! :)
hangouts for sure, a powerful resource that's grossly underused in education. At my university I'm the one showing everyone what it can do for group projects or study sessions with drive and docs integration. Plus you can wear Conan O'Brian hair. Most people didn't even know such a thing existed and are blown away, but I have to basically hold their hand through the entire process until they finally understand what it can do.
All 5 sound great. Summer is approaching and it's a great time to not only de-stress, but investigate new resources.
I am a total addict. I have used some of the tips and tricks and resource videos instantly with students. Love the product updates and this is the one site I visit regularly-no matter how busy I am
I love Resources! Both videos and the links, articles...keep 'em comin'!
I think that +Kimberly Johnson idea is just great and much better than reading hundreds of comments, you should try it :)
I think the 5 are so implicitly linked that I need and enjoy the 5. Each one is a useful tool. I can't chose one, I want each of them :D
tips and tricks for using google products and google chromebooks in classroom and project management
I would like to see more examples of real world educators / students and their stories.
I was hoping to join the Fireside Chat this morning, but maybe I set up everything too late. Is it going on now?
How-to's for audio switching from mic to presentation (slideshare) we were stymied.
1, 2 and 3.

I thought it was possible to access Google Docs from Google +, may be not.

Would be good to have the ability to access Google feature from Google+ page itself.

Thank you

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