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A Flubaroo update! The popular Add-on for grading just got an update in time for fall. A newly added feature lets you assign questions your own score with the "Grade by Hand" feature. Read more:

Created by part-time teacher, and full-time Googler +Dave Abouav, Flubaroo is a 3rd-party Add-on that integrates with Google Apps for Education. He created it for use in his own classroom and wants to share it with other teachers for free.
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Urrah! This is really awesome! The thing I need most. Thank you soooo much!
Is there any way to send test results (from a Google Form) to younger students who do not have email? Am looking for a way to share not just the overall score, but the questions and answers. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
I love the new updates in #flubaroo  Where does it store the feedback delivered by the teacher when a question is hand graded.
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