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Google in Education hung out with 15 people. #hangoutsonairEric Koleda, Hongbo He, Timothy Lau, Lisa Bogar, Andy Serwatuk, John Edel, Dany Gauthier, kirby b, Kyle Smith, Heather Havel, Wendy Gorton, Andrew Barnes, Mike Swanson, Imhotep BAKHOUM, and Brian Lewis
Google Apps EDU Fireside Chat: An Introduction to Apps Script
Google for Education and 15 others participated
I must leave now, can I watch the video later? where can I get the url video? Thanks.
Please mute other participans during presentation. It really difficult to listen on youtube.
I have suscribed on this Hangout, but now i can acess, Could i now way please
Sorry, I dont want to leave, i just want participated on the Hangout. But i can't
Is it possible to access data with Apps Script, which is in another application, where login is need. For example. I have a App Engine app, that has lots of data and I want to access it, but I need to login into the app on App Engine.
Great Hangout! Now it's off to learn Javascript!
This was awesome...there is so much you can do! Guess I've got a lot to learn!
Thanks again to +Eric Koleda for sharing how we can use Apps Script, and thanks to everyone who tuned in! We'll be posting Eric's slides and the video recording soon.
Thank you Eric for this Good presentation. good job Google in Education and see you next time BSB !!!
Live Scripting with a useful example was great. Thanks.
How can u be with 15 People in a hangout? I thought the maximum is 10 People?
+Walter Epp 15 was the total number of people who were on the Hangout, which means that some people entered and then exited, making room for others to join.
It was my first hang out and I have to say it's cool and a great learning opportunity. Java script here we come.
and it's great to see Jordan in person virtually. Have been reading all the emails in the appusergroup.
+Eric Koleda Thanks for the excellent tutorial. Quick question: how can I display a hyperlink using apps scripts? Seems like browser.msgbox does not interpret html...
Doesn't seem to work for a "mailto" link?
+Eric Koleda Thanks again for the great tutorial. A follow up Q to the original one I raised in the Hangout. Is it possible to apply an Apps Script to all Google Docs/Drive documents for certain group of users (could be OU based, domain based, ideally Google group based) to add a approval workflow so that if anyone in that group wants to share a doc to the world, an approval is required?
As far as I know you can't apply a script to a group of users. Additionally, there is no trigger available for sharing a document.
+Eric Koleda Thanks. It would be very useful if script can be applied to a group of user and/or if there are triggers can be applied for sharing a document. Perhaps feature requests?
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