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We've enjoyed hearing people's teacher appreciation stories as part of teacher appreciation week.

The New York Times Learning Blog invited students to share stories about their favorite teachers. You can read these at the link below.

Which teacher do you appreciate and why? Let us know in a comment below. #teacherappreciation
Tell us about the best teacher you've ever had.
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The best teacher I ever had was Ms. Delson, my fifth grade teacher at Churchville Elementary. She was fun, laughed with us, and engaged us in ways that were imaginative and innovative. I loved coming to school every day, and she inspired me.
A melhor professora que já tive foi a prof. Sônia, ela foi minha primeira professora, foi muito importante na minha vida , pois sempre me incentivo e trabalhou muito meu lado criativo, até hoje gosto de artes graças a ela e graças a ela também com apenas 5 anos eu já estava alfabetizada :).
The best teacher I ever had was Mr. Blinov Vladimir Nikiforovich (V.N.), my Teacher of Physics at Secondary School number 15 in city of Engels. Besides Physics, he led the club coach and forever instilled in me a love for Physics and pedestrian travel. I told him very grateful for that! Thank him! )))
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