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First glimpse at Doodle 4 Google 2014 state finalists:
We are releasing the top 250 Doodles here as a sneak peek before Doodle 4 Google 2014 reaches an end this coming Monday! The following photos represent the top entry from each of the 5 age groups in every state. We hope you enjoy these fantastic and inspiring Doodles as much as we do. Don't forget to check out the winning Doodle on the Google homepage this Monday.  #doodle4google   
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Amazing work of the participants. Hopefully my son will be willing to participate next year.
Thanks Google for encouraging creativity in our youth! Great winner and some amazing entries!
Ella B
this is cool! My best friend Audrey Zhang entered! JK
cool bro, i could never draw that good!
This is fantastic! I am always amazed to see the amount of creativity young children have. As a teacher, it makes me extremely happy that we are still prompting creativity! Thank you Google!
+Ms.Theresa Stewart-Bouhdida M.Ed.

Seeing as you are an educator I'm appalled that thats the nicest thing to say about a childs hard work that you could come up with- You must have a wonderful school district- I guess Google didn't seem to think it "is too busy!!"  
So true. Without creativity there are no new inventions! Google, this is awesome! The submissions are awesome! I viewed all of them, all 250 and they all deserve awards!
Another child's mind inspired can only better humanity.  Let's not forget that Google not only provided funding toward education in several ways, but touched children all across the US by providing a fun opportunity to express themselves.  And a novel idea gave Audrey an even more inclusive feeling---being a part of animating her creation.  Good job all around.
Congratulations to all who took the time to think and use their imaginations to draw out their ideas. Well done!
awesome!!! thank u for doing this Google!!!!
Florence Sullivan
Thanks for the doodles of the 250 runnersup - couldn't their names and states be listed?
All of the entries are so very amazing. Terrifically talented artists at such a young age!
It would really be nice to know their names or at least the name of the city and state they are from. It is so encouraging to see young people getting involved in a worthwhile project.
+Mary Lou Klene +Beth Seeliger - Hi Mary and Barbara, the names, states and age group of each of the finalists should be visible when viewing the photo album. We love giving credit where it's deserved so were sure to attribute the doodles to their artists!
The intuitive genius is inspiring! Collective chaos into order is timeless.... 
I'm looking forward to school starting again so I can share the results with my students! We "judged" the finalists as a class, using a rubric (which was a new experience for them!) and voted as a class. They will enjoy seeing the winners and seeing how close our predictions were! Thank you for such an outstanding project. I'm certain we will have some personal entries of our own next year. To celebrate I purchased a Google Doodle bumper sticker! :-)
this project was purely the best invention of them all.
Beautiful! Brings tears to my eyes!
javad goudarzi, When you have no control over what the rest of the world does, or anything in the hands of the Creator for that matter, it is best to try and make your corner of the universe as the best that you can with what you have been blessed with. 
just as writing prompts inspire the writers, it's nice to see the artists are prompted as well. This is exciting. Thank you for sharing.
sadly my friend is not on here
they had the wrong winners.Check whaht my son did.
awesome. Im planning to try again next year. Children have excellent imagination.
I thought it was open to grades k to 12.
I am giving doodle exam today onwards and its really nice
I was part of it. It was fun. But now I now how to win next years round. Its just that the picture has to be filled completley filled. I wish google can totally help me understand just by giving me comments... but they do ignore me...   )=
this is too much awesomeness, i think i'm blind
such talented students! Thank you for sharing! 
They are such talented artists. I think mine got disqualified because the google part wasn't. . . clear enough. . . oh well! Maybe I'll do better next time.
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