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Can digitizing voter registration get more people signed up to vote before Election Day?
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Absolutely not. I wanna vote in a private way.
NO FREAKING WAY!!  Voter machines have been proven to be hacked and you want to vote on the internet?!?  Yeah, no compromised voting there!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?!
I like the concept, but there are a few problems with this.

First, I really don't think I would trust Facebook with hundreds of millions of votes. There's a chance that Facebook, or really any major company could be hacked if it had that much important information. Also, I know that not everyone in the US has a Facebook account, and that not everyone in the US would agree to the TOS, which means that this wouldn't be an option for everyone.

The second point, is false votes. It kind of links with my first point. Just look at how many Facebook accounts have been hacked. As we have seen with previous elections, a few votes can mean everything. Small things such as the "L" keyboard shortcut or keyloggers, etc. There are just too many client side problems. Plus, there is always fake accounts. Google regulates accounts by mobile phone verification, but this isn't even close to the security that Facebook would need for voters. If Facebook ever has as much information about me as the government, I'm not really sure I would feel safe using their product anymore.

That being said, I wish there was an easy way to vote. Going to a voting location just seems like a pain, even though it's usually worth it, knowing the impact of just a small vote. As this article talks about registering to vote, I would have no problem filling out the form on a computer, but still sending it in through traditional means.
I don't trust Facebook to do it, I'd rather have Google+ or a highly secured new voting website.
+Zachary Desai As much as I would want to trust Google, I'm still not sure if I would want that to happen. It would mean a sharp rise in limitations from Google products. For example, what about that 2nd YouTube channel I made, or my Google Apps account compared to my personal account. Besides, like I said before, I'm not sure if I really want a company knowing as much as the government does.
Just signing for vote...even so... A BIG NO !
I rather trust in some sort of digital signature card like Portugal and Spain ID card.
On facebook? HAHAHAHA... right.  I'm sure that'd be secure and accurate...
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