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Here's another fun Friday poll: What's the hardest part about having a #mobilefriendly site?

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It's expensive
It's technically challenging
It's time-consuming
Other: share with us in the comment
It's actually not hard!
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The look and feel (design) if I am doing it for my sites or just being able to convince the client they should do it if it is a client's site.  :)
Thatns question i was asking myself each time i'm going to webmaster tools from mobile ;-)
The choices that you gave don't really match the question too well. Also, are you asking clients, designers, or developers? Was it designed mobile-first, or redesigned later? 

Sorry, but your poll is kind of, well, #weaksauce  .
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Other - getting the design team to embrace the change in thinking.
It's technically a bit challenging, that's true. But the reward is a nice user experience.

However, what I find even further challenging is, how to fix the user experience with really long articles and blog posts on a mobile device. If I'm using Responsive Design but have also a very long text, users might not love to scroll through the whole blog post. So I'm experimenting with Responsive Content as well.

So I'd be glad if you can tell us something about Responsive Content, too.
Actually getting a mobile site is not hard. There are many commercially available mobile sites that do not cost a lot of money. Our problem is that almost any mobile site always appears to be a "watered down" version of the real desktop site. It is very hard for us to try to mimic the look and feel of our desktop site using a lot of the current mobile tools we have seen. Our IT people have been very immersed in this "Google 04/21 drop dead date"  for mobile search situation, and although we do well with our mobile version of our site using their Mobile Friendly test - as far as the end-user's experience - we still feel that mobile users who are going to our desktop site and doing the old "pinch and zoom" get more information and flashy-ness than using the watered down mobile site. We'll have to keep working on it..... but it is not easy. I wish Google would push that 04/21 date forward to possible October instead. Dan
It is very easy when you use Google Sites to host the website.  All that is required is to tick a box and it is all done! It is however a puzzle why Google makes it a tick box that one has to tick - why is it NOT the default option?
Setting media queries for respect PageSpeed usability rules :)
Millions of websites are not mobile friendly because they not able to afford or not not know well about it . so i think its a very big step, If we see rather than user views , stats of websites Mob vs desktop result are mostly website are not mob .
Google target is to give reliable information cause of this may be  much informative websites going down. and users miss valuable information that they need.
at least give years to convert website in mobile friendly zone. 
I think its  big questions arise after launch mob friendly algorithms 
Google Sites doesn't make mobile friendly really...
I think we need those kind of mobile that automatically viewable website for users, not concern able for mobile this site are mob or not they just convert viewable for user that's good solution for this.
Google sites just gives us a great choice or two that scales with you when you get busier on a platform that integrates extremely well with most missions!  +Grant Garber    We have to make it friendly! :)
+Michael Shane David I agree with you. Here is a slightly different analogy - a big gun will NOT make you brave - only your courage would. Similarly Google Sites gives you easy enough tools to use. The website that one puts together ultimately depends on what one really wants to do - but I was just pointing out the fact that for start-ups and small businesses it gives a good enough tool. And it can create mobile friendly websites. Of course it simply creates a 'Responsive' website. The person who puts together the content has to make sure that people who are visiting the website on a mobile device are not turned away due to bad layout and usability issues.
So true  +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao  Good for folks to follow the guidelines and create a style guide for image sizes etc., and stick to the basics as every app and plugin adds another layer :)
Testing for all device types. Chrome mobile profiles in Dev more are nice, but "dummy proofing" has always been the most time consuming part of any development project in my experience.

Oh, and dealing with the "Can't we just have an AOL Facebook page instead of a website?"
+Michael Shane David >>>use Google Sites to host the website<<<< Although a good tool for some projects, I really do not think that Google Sites is meant for a full blown e-commerce site, or a large B2C content site. It is more for inter-offce sites, or very simple web pages.
The hardest part for me building is the race that sometimes just shuts everything down. To find the perfect integer that allows the best use of different kinds of software and sites without one trying to take over another of similar make. If you know what I mean.
Thanks so much +Michael Shane David for that tip. I had no idea they offered that service. You would think they would advertise that fact :o) - Anyway, I will check it out right now!
It depends a great deal on how well the site was build in the first place.
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It's a challenge business-wise for sites that rely heavily on ad-banners for their revenues.
It's a big challenge when the client owns a site that has a lot of legacy stuff in it, and was never meant to be mobile in the first place. Working with such a site requires to revamp the entire logic to "fit into mobiles"
If building a brand new website...its OK...but when converting existing website to be mobile friendly, its time consuming
It is like coding for IE6 all over again... You have to code different designs for Android 2.3, 4.0, 4.4+, iOS variations like flexbox.  It was stupid idea to cover features before they were actually standardized.  I'm talking about real coding ofcourse, not implementing theme for your wordpress
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