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Happy Friday—or 4.04 Not Found day!

A couple of tips on 404s:
1. Check Crawl Errors in Webmaster Tools for any 404s on your site. If the URLs should 404 or you don't recognize them, don't worry about them.
2. Make sure your 404 pages aren't soft 404s. They should return the correct 404 or 410 (Gone) status code. 

Read more about 404 errors in our Help Center article:
<h3>About Not Found errors</h3> <p>Google discovers content by following links from one page to another. Generally, a Not Found status error (usually a 404 HTTP status code) is returned when Googlebot
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Maybe 410 could help to delete useless pages in search results. If a webmaster do this he's probably sure about what he did.
I wish pages marked with meta robots NOINDEX would not appear as soft 404. It makes it hard to find and fix other pages that should be indexed and are returning soft 404 for some reason.
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