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As part of our ongoing efforts to promote high quality search results, we are taking action today on one European and one German linking network. Take a look at our Webmaster Guidelines on link schemes ( to make sure that your site is not engaged in deceptive linking practices! If you hired someone to work on your site, such as an SEO, check if they are using illicit practices by reviewing examples from the link schemes page.

Learn more about unnatural links and how to file for reconsiderations over on our German blog:

<p>Any links intended to manipulate <a href="">PageRank</a> or a site's ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of
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+Google Webmasters are you planning to take such actions in smaller European countries like Lithuania and Latvia? I believe the possible spread of such deceptive linking practices won't be that big. Still negative impact hurts people who make honest and transparent business there.
Just for the record : do we have an european nationality already ? Like Germany all countries are still independent, or ?
They commented on Twitter that they referred to one as "European" because of the geographic scope of that particular network.
what does the action has to do with the geological location? 
Another link schemes down. 
Why and What is the reason behind all this action taken ?
+Google Webmasters
I live in UK so are you going to hit UK based websites also ?
Maybe it's sounds weird, but it's not about nationality, it's about link network coverage.
Thank you for sharing the useful information i have read the link schemes but i want to know these action is applicable in  two countries European and one German or it will be effect to other countries as well.
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