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Welcome to our Google+ page!

The webmaster outreach team at Google will use this page to post announcements, events, tips, quizzes and other resources to help webmasters like you make great sites that can be found in Google Search. Follow us and join the webmaster community!
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Great opportunity to improve the quality of websites and online ecommerce. I hope here we can find answers to all the questions with the team support of Google  SPAM.
M Riza
Welcome Google Webmaster, asl please?
Always love hearing what the Google Webmaster team has to say :-)
Good news for all webmaster ....
Took their time, didn't they? GWT should have been on here from day one :-)
Welcome. I'm surprised that you hadn't heard of Google+ before!
Hi there. To start a challenging question from Switzerland: Isn't it schizophrenic to tell people to do websites for users and not for search engines but on the same there is a bunch of webmaster guidlines from Google to create websites that can be found in Google Search? Therefore I suppose SEO is not dead yet? :-)
Warm welcome. What could this move mean to all of us? ;-) Looking forward to this new google+ page. Cheeers. +Mat Bennett is right.
Looking forward to a few tips - all greedily received.
It took you guys a while to create this page. 2 years maybe?
Looking forward to see what you post here :)
Don't forget connecting the homepage of your site with this Google+ page using the rel="publisher" :)
Esperemos que la comunicación sea bidireccional. e todo caso felicidades por estar más cerca.
Esperemos que escriban algo en español
Wow, that took a long time to create a page.  Where have you been... I think you will love using Google+.  It's tons of fun and a great way to share information.
Well done Thank you! Have a G+ Great day. :)
Welcome. I am looking forward to see what you post.
Welcome! Looking forward for some useful news!
Welcome to Google+, +Google Webmasters.
Nice to have a channel to get tips and advice from the Google Webmaster Team directly!
Looking forward to all the webmaster tips and guidelines.
Expecting the correct guidelines to develop the search engine friendly websites
I sure hope you'll share relative content or you'll be kicked out of the house. lol
Webmaster outreach team...who knew? Alternative moniker "Coming to you from the bowels of Google..."
Glad to see you made the jump to G+. Glad to have the team here. Looking forward to great posts and insight!
This is a good way to to share adhoc tips and information since Webmaster Tools is becoming key to website management keep it up Matt Cutts
Suggestion- in Google+GoogleWebmaster Youtube page is it possible to categorize the videos based on topic
I am always looking for helpful advice on how I can give the best possible service and experience to my customers, so I'm looking forward to your posts.
Smart move, I hear having a G+ presence is essential for ranking well. ;-)
hoping to see instant and logical response from GWT team.

by the way have you tried matt cutt's face in that google robot dummie
It is great news to see here!!!
Great to see all of you. I often meet very dangerous situation on google, :P
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