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Today's webmaster video is about algorithmic updates related to webspam.
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Great Video, If you launch a new website is there a period where you will not rank very well ? I have launched a new website that is 3 months old and im seeing the sight improve but its really slow progress. What can I do to help this ?
Bying AdWords is the solution according to Google.
i could just watch matt all day but my clients keep calling to interrupt.....
"modify your site", "change your sites", and watch for changes has not helped.  The more tweaks I do the worse my site ranks.  I challenge you to justify why searching the term "apparel industry" shows results such as but does not show +Apparel Search at all.  Apparel Search has over a decade of development, owns Fashion Industry Network (with over 25,000 members working in the apparel industry) and is 100% focused on the apparel industry.  That catalog company mentioned above, has a few pages of content and sell some clothing.  You guys are trying to fight spam (which I do appreciate greatly), but it is killing legit sites along the way.  I beg someone at Google to let us all know "specific" things we should fix on our sites, not the normal vague comments that offer us little true guidance.
+Michael Lander hi do u use webmasters tools and analytics combined. They make a great match together. You can also partner with a Google Partners Agency to identify strengths and weaknesses in ur site. By using Google and third party tools companies like yours can increase brand awareness. . Hope This Helps. ...
+Joe Munoz webmaster tools is frustrating because it often shows nonsense.  For example, I just logged on and the url error section (crawl errors)  It shows my site has 1 "not found".  It is a weird page that does not exist.  I own that domain and know that page address is absolutely impossible because I have that domain pointing toward my main website.  I have no clue how that page could possibly exist or be showing as an error in webmaster tools.

A few months ago I added analytics to my site, and I am thinking of taking it off.

Honestly, I don't want to study my site traffic. I don't care how many people actually visit my site every day.  I prefer to spend my time building my site and not reading charts.  My aim is not to study SEO, my goal is to help people find information about the clothing industry. It is a true shame that I have been forced down the road of having to try and learn SEO.  

What I do want to know in webmaster tools is "WHY are my pages no longer getting indexed?"

I fully realize my sites has it's share of faults, but it is not so bad that it should not rank at all when someone searches for "apparel industry" or something similar.
#Authorship or any structure are only official steps from #google and not important,
Google want to show its rules and limitations and it is a political game.
Real #seo will happen when you put useful content in your site and the users visits your site frequently.
Actually google doesn't have a robot and he use minds of users to check quality of sites.
For example when you create a site about biology and it has a good and true information about biology then it will be a reference for visitors about biology and they return to site frequently then #rank and traffic of your site will high.
Even #seo format of your site is zero.
However if you have a crazy site with many childish advertisements , forget high #traffics because when any visitor see bad contents and auto opening page then he/she will hate of your site and never he will return to your site.
At a glance your #site should be:
- good and high quality #contents
- not waste time of #visitors

Good luck!

Google doesn't have any smart algorithm and google use mind and behavior of visitors to recognize quality of any site
It is a simple but forgotten secret of google
When visitors return to any site and visit it then google with its hidden cookies( than installed in your PC or in analytical scripts)
Record these visits and give points to site

Good luck!
This does not explain why a LINK to an article on my site on social media out ranks the ACTUAL ARTICLE on my website?
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