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Updating outdated software to the latest version is an easy way to prevent your site from getting hacked. This includes software for your web hosting, web server and content management system. 

A good way of doing this regularly is to set up a recurring calendar reminder. Every few months, remind yourself to update software, and also to review security settings, backup files, and sign up to receive new security announcements. Be proactive in keeping your site safe and secure.

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How long until Google provides easy to use full solution for software, web hosting, server component, and content management system with a push of a button that is always up to date and protected?
+Mitchell D. Miller of course but you know what I mean. I am just comparing to the Chrome OS cloud model. It is an opportunity hope to see replies that add to this conversation.
I often see websites that have been ignored for years.  I think many just don't know how important it is to stay on top of updates. #nohacked  Thanks for the reminder!  
I think someone has hacked everything that can be possibly connected to the internet that has my name or information on it!! Im not kidding! I dont know how to stop it. Please help!!!!
As another friend on Google+ I think you should try again with some help from both family and as many friends as you can get
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