Get to know +Andrey Lipattsev in the first of our #spotlight series

Describe your role: I specialize in outreaching to Russian webmasters and making the web more #mobilefriendly and safe. I manage the Russian webmaster forum (!forum/webmaster-ru) and community ( and attend webmaster conferences around Europe. Together with some good teammates of mine I run the monthly Russian webmaster hangouts (

Best part about working with webmasters: Fixing things that are broken on our end based on webmasters' feedback

Changes you want to see in the industry: More user-focused innovations in previously untouched areas: content delivery on new platforms, devices, formats, etc.

Favorite project: Our programme to tackle abuse at source by working with payment processors

Best event you've attended: Internet for Business, Kiev, April 2015 organized by our TCs

One thing you wish all webmasters should know: "Happiness lies in combining focus on things that matter with focus on things that your users need." - Matt Cutts

Favorite activities when unplugged from technology: Traveling, books and running

Favorite book: For whom the Bell Tolls, Ernest Hemingway

Favorite food: Home fried potatoes:

Weird habit/quirk: I feel sad if I miss a day on Duolingo

Describe yourself in 3 words: Making sense of things
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