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If your site starts associating with unrelated queries that are popular with spammers, such as queries related to pharmaceuticals, payday loans or replica goods, it’s time to start investigating for 3rd party attacks.

A good way to look out for these unexpected queries is to set up Google Alerts ( For example, if you set up an alert for [ (viagra|cialis|casino|loans)], we’ll notify you when these keywords appear on your site.

We're halfway through our #NoHacked campaign. Share your best hacking prevention tips and don't forget to include the #NoHacked hashtag!
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I can see the vertical line on my keyboard but cannot work out how to use it .... never needed it before today!
Is that the only way? Who created the first one? ....... 
+Chris Walker how does a site sell software if its been hacked? can you link to an article with this kind of scenario?
aha, my keyboard was lying to me.

|||||||| = Shift \

It is a broken pipe on my keyboard. Naughty keyboard!
I am seeing a lot of links to download zip files - I guess all of these are those new encryption viruses that lock up all windows files. 

I probably get about 5 blog comments a day (that pass Akismet) with such links, as well as random emails pretending to be from banks, paypal, amazon and other places.

This seems to be the latest big money earner for cyber criminals and hackers, so watch out.
Ugg boots! Louis Vitton handbags! This will make finding those clever spammers even easier. I hope my reply doesn't generate an alert. Thank you Google!
good thought :) 
I'm very surprised to see that wordfence isn't being mentioned here. I find it great for blocking spammers, I got so fed up with china It allowed me to block the whole continent. I do ever see them being a client anyway. It is a fire wall as much as anything else.
I just saw tons of pharmaceutical queries for my site. I still do not understand what causes this? All my WP plugins, themse and core are up to date. ANy ideas?
Try going to Google and putting your domain name and one the search queries you are seeing. This should take you to the content on your site and identify the problem.
Ich habe schon lange gemerkt...und immer links,über Facebook und klauen Daten, wenn ich sie abblitzen dann erst recht bekomme ich Müll in  pc...ich bin schon ständig am reinigen...Und was ich auch feststelle bei Facebook,wenn ich Gefällt mir..Reinsetze,sind die schon tren und schreiben,ich habe deine Freundschaft bestätigt,das verstehe ich nicht...#NoHacked
Done with Hacking, hope everyone can find ways to prevent it.
Manchmal muss man schon sehr hart kämpfen dagegen...
+Amit Ramani Possible weak admin password on your WP site. Wordpress sites are under heavy attack lately. I had one of mine hacked and the 404 pages taken over which were generating traffic and the hackers were making money from clicks off the overtaken 404 page(s). 
Herr Jason Taylor,ja ich glaube das kann stimmen...sowas hab ich auch bemerkt...und was meinen sie soll ich machen nur diese passwort ändern oder was kann ich noch tun?es wäre mir eine große Hilfe...
Les pirates , par dessus bord!
Joel Lucien Thimodent
Hacker,über Bord ! was meinen Sie?
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