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Here's a fun Friday poll: What device are you using to read this post?

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Mobile phone
Another device—what is it?
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But, if i read this night use mobile phone, multidevice is missing :)
Usually on a phone but a desktop today.
i use desktop most always. but i do have to say that our web site visitors are now about 75% desktop and 25% mobile, which is a big change from last year. i do not think that "desktop" is dying though...  i just think mobile is allowing people to surf the web in more places, rather than always being chained to a desk...
desktop's still ahead by a hair! Proof positive that we all goof off to much at work...
think they should separate desktop and laptop
+Daniel Harrison I agree... I build websites for a living and what we've seen is a huge increase in mobile website traffic... but at the same time I think that mobile devices allow people to surf more and consume more web content. Therefore is mobile killing desktop or is it just eating a little bit, but at the same time creating more traffic period? 

I just ran the Google Analytics report for our business site ( and we have about 80% desktop traffic and 20% mobile platforms. However, a year and a half ago it was about half that. 

So there is an increase in mobile traffic but our website traffic has almost doubled in the last year... 

Like I said, mobile is probably eating a little of the desktop traffic but more than anything I think it is contributing to more traffic overall? What do you think?
Why can't you just openly state to everyone that, "if you lost searching ranking the past few years, it is because your site isn't mobile friendly"... No more games, state the facts to help us.
+Michael Lander In the past a drop in rankings is most likely due to not having an engaged g+ /mybusiness profile. This is the most obvious campaign i've seen google launch. On the webmaster posts they've basically stated that if you aren't responsive by april 21 then you won't be indexed in mobile search. It's not a conspiracy, they publish and archive everything.
pretty sure my ranking troubles occurred a bit prior to G+.  Can't imagine that they penalize for not having a G+ business profile. However, not properly servicing mobile users, I can see how that could be objectionable.
I agree Jerel. Google has been a lot more transparent lately, in the post-Matt Cutts era, for whatever reason. But I have found that when they find something wrong with our site, and I look into it, they are usually right, and we can correct it quickly. They have actually been quite helpful recently, in my opinion.
+Michael Lander the +Google Webmasters  dashboard made it quite apparent to me that every 10 +'s you got your rankings improved. +Google+  IS google. Like +Daniel Harrison mentioned they will actually tell you what you are doing wrong sometimes. Just read what google publishes and comply, it's just that easy.
Wow, Mobile percentage is quite high to what I was expecting
Odd that Tablets are so low, no? I think the "phablets" will eventually take the place of tablets & laptops. Plus what about those tiny Apple Watches? I would hate to have to optimize a web page to be viewable on that gigantic 1" screen :o)
I check this later on today, need to look at this
Bed = Mobile

I only do casual browsing on mobile so my engagement besides shares is almost useless to a webmaster. Mobile is great for brand awareness though.
I use my mobile phone for everthing and anything at all times ,so im always looking for help, inprovment ,more,more,more
90% of my social media site usage is from my rooted Nexus 6.
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