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We have a new webmaster video answering a question about putting multiple breadcrumbs on a page that belongs to multiple categories. You can learn more about how to markup breadcrumbs in our Help Center: Read about how we may show them in search results on the Official Google Blog:
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Thanks for the info. Love the t-shirt very quadrophenia!
+John Mueller or +Matt Cutts  trying to better understand this.  By first breadcrumb, I assume you mean the visible breadcrumb on the site and also not the first link in the breadcrumb but if they have two strings of breadcrumbs, i.e.

home > category > sub category X > product
home > category > sub category Y > product

This question also raises the issue that there is no canonical page for the product.  I have similar situation where content can appear in multiple places in a hierarchy and no one location is more accurate than the other.  Webmaster tools then complain that I have duplicate titles, descriptions for particular content. How should one handle that ?
Hi i don't know who i can put this to so i thought i could ask here. I have a site that got hacked. It now has spam pages on it and i found that a bot has been pointing spun articles + forum posts to the spam pages on my site.

If i delete the spam pages so that it returns a 404 error, will the 15000 bad links that point to these removed pages no longer mess with the sites backlink profile? Or will i have to disavow all of them? Thank you!  :)
cool i didn't know about that forum. thanks
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