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Our #NoHacked campaign aims to bring awareness to hacking attacks and offer tips on how you can keep your sites safe from hackers. Although we wish this wouldn’t happen to anyone, it’s surprisingly common for sites — including yours :( — to be exploited. It's time to say NO to making your site vulnerable to hackers.

And the fun part is, you’re invited to participate! Jump in and share your own prevention tips with the hashtag #NoHacked . We’ll share the best ones here.
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I'm hack most of the time LOL
what they don't know is their fate after that ;D
To keep my passes safe from unwanted access and be able to get to them on every device i recommend KeePass - doesnt matter if on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac, my passes are encrypted and safe #NoHacked
Um I'd say something, but I'm hacked a lot ,but here is the best I got:
If you believe you got hacked, sometimes the hacker usually changes something about your account. Look around and see if there's anything different that you don't recognize.
I like to make passwords like HackmYNutSacK. 
Seriously it would be great info to see a few tips on checking for hacks like when is a padlock fake and when are you 100% secure. Can changing font size on the iPhone help? Is an app better to use than the full site? Should you stay logged in all the time? Can hackers see my emails and text messages? Thank you!!!
#Nohack validating form input from SQL injection keeps your website safe from hack attacks!
what does this means???
Reverification failed. Your verification file has the wrong content. Are you using the verification file that was downloaded from this site?
It seems Iǘe tried it 35 days ago with the same result...

and this too:
Verification failed. We could not find any Google Tag Manager container ID on the index page of your site.

and... Verification failed for MariaEugenia3/posts/ using the Meta tag method (less than a minute ago). We couldn't find the verification meta tag.
Verify your ownership of MariaEugenia3/posts/. Learn more.
simply means you are not the owner and can't verify the link in GWT ( unless you have acces to the source files, which I suppose noone outside google does ) :)
Kamil that is supposed to B my Google page, so how is it possible that Iḿ not the owner of my OWN page??? who is it then??? ;D
Jaime me neither!!! hahahahah
I can picture hackers face when they go to my email or my profile... nothing??? hahahhaha!!!
Very TRUE +Kamil Guzdek !!!

I just laugh about it only because I like to see the positive part of things... I don't really worry because I know their fate before hand, they don't ;D

I bet the disturbanced it cost me was very well worth it... and I SMILE ;D
Ya #nohacked, tp prevent your site from hacking esp with your bank accounts, you need to change your passwords regularly and make your passwords hard not to get easily recoverable by your hackers.
#nohacked  I liked the concept of 2-step verification method and wanted it to be implemented everywhere.. 
This # keeps calling wanting to speak to the owner of my business and says my Google listing will be suspended 1-601-990-4037......
 I always use Incognito window to login on our personal account. This is one of the way to #nohacked  Cheers :) 
Il est très important d'apporter  une aide  aux internautes.Il y va de la santé du Web.
My GMail account has been hacked since Tuesday at approx 19:01 SAST (UTC +02:00) who can I email to get some activity logs on my acc? Strange that I did not get my password being changed notifications via mobile or alternative e-mail, yet I was unable to login to my acc. I have since recovered from the incident, but I still don't know who had hacked my account, worse still what have they seen or taken whilst having access to my acc.
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