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Introducing the new Google Wallet Card

A friend sent you money through Google Wallet and it’s sitting in your Wallet Balance? Now, you can use the new Google Wallet Card to instantly spend your money in stores or withdraw cash at ATMs. The Google Wallet Card is a debit card that lets you quickly access your Wallet Balance, whether you’ve received it from a friend or added it directly from a linked bank account or credit/debit card. No more waiting for funds to transfer to your bank account. 

Order the card for free at or from the Google Wallet app for Android- The newest release of the Google Wallet app for Android will be rolling out this week and we’ll let you know when it’s available to everyone.

Want to learn more? Visit our website -
One wallet for online and in-store shopping. Buy online with your phone or computer. Make purchases at thousands of online stores by signing into your Google Account. Learn more. Buy in-store with the mobile app. Tap your phone to pay and redeem offers using NFC (near field communication).
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+Google Wallet  Can we have Google Wallet app and card support in the UK now please!? Do you have a date for when this will happen?
Worthless I  have plenty of cards in my wallet
Sweet! +Google Wallet any word on the secure element emulation?

Well now you can carry one the can be funded from all of your other card +Randy Hoopes 
Kar Bar
Ordered mine...
Sounds great +Google Wallet but instead of dashing my hopes after I click on a link could you tag it #usonly  or something? 
Thanks from another UK citizen still waiting for Google Wallet..
+David Schmidt Of course. I hope for a worldwide roll-out too I was just personally interested in the UK date as that where I live and I understand the dates will likely be different for each country.

I do wish Google could do more global roll-outs because all this US first crap is starting to really annoy me. Every time there is new stuff it is US only for ages, often months or even years.
So +Karlos Presumido why haven't you left yet? Not that I could understand your post but shouldn't you not be on here because of your presumed fear of Google knowing all about you? 
lol I went there to check it out and its like "I HOPE THIS IS YOUR ADDRESS BECAUSE WE ALREADY SENT IT!"
so does this have an NFC chip in it? Do I use this when they don't have an NFC reader and my phone when they do? I was a little unclear on this...
Any chance this will be available in Canada soon?  
Hmmm... Not all that useful then. I'll give it a go but I don't foresee this being something I use a lot.
Already ordered mine. I guess it sucks not to be in the US

JK, I feel bad now :(
How long will it take to get this over to Europe?
Neil Bulk
So they went from a way to carry all of your cards on a phone to now adding an extra card to your wallet? How does this make sense?
+Aja Hemphill Its just a layer of security for me. Instead of online shopping or going to a Bar with my actual card, I can dump the allowance on my Wallet card.
+Neil Bulk I agree, but it make sense for those of us who have devices that do not have NFC SE, and/or those of us (like me) with providers (VZW) that blocks it. So I will be using it till Coin is release, or +Google Wallet deploys their SE emulation for any phone
+Antoine Boulanger  Just ordered mine but I live in Toronto ... not sure if it will get here tho ..... I would have expected it to say "sorry your country is not available yet" but nothing. It just processed the order.... 
A great way to hide money from your wife. 
Prepare to be assimilated into the collective!
Now I can get rid of all my other plastic cards.  All I need is my Google Wallet in my Nexus 4 for those NFC-enabled merchants and this new Google plastic Wallet for the other merchants.

edited:  wait . . . what about my Clipper card for public transportation +Google Wallet?  The Clipper card already works on NFC readers.  Why can't we add it to Google Wallet?
Ordered mine... Goodbye PayPal...
Just ordered mine as well. Sure going to give PayPal a run for it's money. I will gladly change to Google Wallet. Thanks!! 
I ordered mine. Thanks +Google Wallet. Though I hope more merchants start using the tap and pay more so there is never a need for the card. 
+Google Wallet That's great but we were actually interested in when it would be available internationally? In Europe for example.
You can't use neither Wallet nor the Wallet Card outside US though, +Google Wallet. That's what we want.

Actually by introducing you could help disrupting whole economies over here. I bet the potential for Wallet in Europe is multiple of that in the US.
Yay! I use NFC pretty much whenever I can, but this will help for the times where a vendor just doesn't have the setup. Now I legitimately can (try to) leave all my cards at home and only carry the one+phone. Thanks +Google Wallet! Worth a shot if nothing else. And free - sorry onlycoin, this made up my mind without any hesitation. I don't think I need another wallet consolidation when I have GWallet already.  
Really miss the tap and pay feature I had with Sprint... AT&T won't let me use Google wallet like that ...
Ordered mine! I hope they deliver to PO Boxes. On line retailers hardly ever say up front how they are sending things, and there was no place to find out for this one. Fingers crossed...
+Google Wallet What happens if my Wallet account has a balance of $0.00 and I try to use the card? Will the card simply not work, or will it pull from my bank account?
To the people mentioning its not in their country yet, be patient. They have to get it done correctly in the US 1st. Also, there could also be stricter regulations to hurdle over in Europe. Just a thought.
You might want to add in "Google Wallet Card is only available to US residents." So that the rest of the world doesn't feel like there is some hope for them and Google has finally realised there are fertile lands off the shore of North America.
+Kyle Hoover that's my question too. It seems like we must have value on/in our Google Balance. If the card is able to link (read Charge/Withdraw/Transfer/whatever it takes) to our bank accounts or existing cards in our Google Wallet, then this would truly be the one card to rule them all. My wallet would now consist of Google Wallet Card (because it's link to every other plastic payment card), Driver's License, and $5.00 of cash. 
+Eric Wingrove i suspect many of us are well aware of the regulatory differences and would just like a timeline or an indication that it's being looked into.
I've owned 3 NFC phones that supported wallet since the app was launched in Sept 2011.
2 years have gone by with no mention of the rest of the world.
Now a physical card's launched, many of us ask a question about plans for our regions and we get tagged about the number of US locations that will accept a card that none of us can apply for.

A little bit frustrating, no?
+Ben Ferguson I hope it acts like that, by letting me use my phone to select the card that's charged. 
I would love to see "one card" functionality as was rumored a while back.  It would also be awesome to see the design of the card I ordered. :)
Quick clarification, this only access your wallet balance, nothing else. Right?
Google Wallet Card is only available to US residents.

+Kyle Hoover You can easily add money to Google Wallet Card directly from a linked bank account or credit/debit card through the Google Wallet App. You will need money in your Wallet Balance in order to make a purchase. 
Useful at Safeway, Rite Aid, 7-11. Overtime the tap to pay feature will be more common. 
Not liking the terms of service or privacy policy very much, it doesn't do enough to keep my personal data private from developers or merchants.
+Google Wallet Aw, not the functionality I was hoping for, but thanks! I will eagerly await the arrival of my Wallet card. 
+Google Wallet if we use the wallet card to charge a credit card, how will the credit card rewards / transaction fees work?
Jeff F.
I'm a Google fan and all, but seriously...why would I want this card? What is the benefit to me?

Hmm seems everyone is saying that..

Cool features though.. I just hope with time it will be worldwide like all the others here.. :)
+Kendall Seabury The Google Wallet Card is a debit card that lets you spend your Wallet Balance in stores or withdraw cash at ATMs. Money is added to your Wallet Balance either by someone sending you money via Wallet or Gmail or by adding it yourself from a linked bank account or from a credit or debit card. 
Yay another awesome feature... AND YOU FORGOT CANADA AGAIN!

Do we have any eta of what to expect? Or will it be like Google Music which we might get late 2020's?
Awesome news, cant wait to see this work outside of the US aswell.
Jeff F.
So it's a debit card on your Google Wallet, which I guess would be useful if you used Wallet like a bank account. But I have a bank account. Are there any special features or benefits to make me want to use this in lieu of my existing bank? Or is this just because we can...
My first thought was....can I pull my +Google Wallet transactions into  Looks like they're working on it.  It's currently in "beta".
+Tim Anslow I understand the frustration. I think the direction/strategy of Wallet has changed greatly in the past year. I also think their own timeline got messed up back sometime around late spring. 
Can't wait for this to come to the UK!
+Google Wallet can we have a definitive answer why we do not have access to the full Google Wallet application in #Canada? If we were aware of all the details of the situation, we as consumers could apply some fiscal pressure to help get things moving.  

We are fast approaching the retail $eason and for a brief moment the consumer is in the driver's seat. With the right message we could make a difference.
Correct me if I'm wrong... So is this just another pre-paid debit/credit/gift card? 
Me happily searching on Google: "Will Wallet be available in Croatia anytime soon?" :)
Google result: "Please check back again in another life."
Me: :(
+Google Wallet The ability to link the Google card to an existing credit card or bank account and switch the funding source through the app would be awesome. That's all I would carry! As +Troy Tomlinson said a Google wallet card, license, $5, and phone is all I would need. 
Ok, so GW consolidates your cards onto an easily accessible app with added features. The GWC is a 'slush fund' which is funded by your GW and is accepted wherever/insured by MasterCard. Right?
When will we be seeing Google Wallet/Card in Canada? I am impatiently waiting!
How is this compared to the serve card
Can I use it for Bitcoin?
Serve also let put money in a reserve 
Ok I see the big difference. That is awesome, really awesome actually

(accept for the 2point whatever percent the banks charge)

To bad there's no Bluetooth technology integrated in to the card itself. 
+Evan Petzoldt You should continue to earn rewards points for purchases through your card issuer’s credit or debit card rewards program (such as gas, grocery, restaurants purchases, and overall spending), if applicable. Certain benefits and rewards may not be applied when using Google Wallet, such as merchant specific rewards (e.g. double points at a specific merchant with a specific card). Applicability of rewards and other benefits (such as purchase protection or insurance) will be decided by your card issuers and not Google Wallet. For more information:
Don't understand the use for this. I liked the wallet app when it used to work on my galaxy nexus on Verizon, then it was pulled away. The cool thing was the ability to use the phone and have it linked to an existing credit card. Pretty neat. One tap of the phone and the transaction was completed, direct to my credit card. No need to have a balance available. Now, we get a card, have to transfer money, and then use it as a normal debit card? Don't see the purpose of it
+Aja Hemphill You can still pay with NFC at hundreds of thousands of merchant locations, wherever contactless payments are accepted in the US. Simply choose your preferred card to fund your transaction. Now, you can also swipe the Google Wallet Card to pay in stores at millions of MasterCard locations in the US. Keep in mind that the Wallet Card is funded by your Wallet Balance. You can add money to your Wallet Balance from a linked bank account or from another credit/debit card.
I was just trying to figure out how to get money into my kids Google account. Never thought of emailing it.
Would love to use Google Wallet, however, the current way it's setup, I cannot use Google Wallet even though I live in the USA.  It's because  I used to live in Canada and I have a leftover Canadian Play store balance of $0.94.  This is frustrating because there's no way to get rid of the balance.  Thanks for nothing Google Wallet.  I've submitted feedback and still no response.  I really want to use Google Wallet, but you're not allowing me to.
*Insert rant about Google wallet not being available outside USA, specifically in Australia.
Well its one thing to not be able to use it outside USA. But its another thing to not be able to use it while in the USA and they state that its available here. WTFFFFFF
Ordered! It'll be great to carry just 1 card around in my wallet instead of 3. It'll also get used when I can't use the NFC in my Moto X! :)
I was really hoping this card would work like the app. I guess not. Maybe next time
+Google Wallethave you all solved the issue between your App and a Verizon Nexus device with NFC? Seems that Verizon disables NFC upon installation to prevent tap and pay. 
So it's just another debit card? Well I don't need that. 
"Please provide your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and scan, or take a picture of, the following documents:"  Why use the word "OR"  which means choose one, when in the end it REQUIRES you to submit ALL THREE to "Identify" you. Google, Really??
Oh shit, I want one but I'm in China
My question is this. If I don't carry a balance on it and use it will it pull from my default card like the wallet app does?
I love how +Google Wallet pretends to answer questions and monitor Google+ posts. But anytime anything about an international release is mentioned, they just ignore it completely and give absolutely zero f*cks. Even if they faked a reason why it hasn't come out globally it would be better than ignoring consumers. It does not take 2+ years to implement anything globally...
+Joe Katon I'm using wallet on my Verizon galaxy nexus. I just downloaded wallet from the app store and installed it. I'm rooted but it never asked for permission. Plus I had wallet well before I rooted my phone. 
+Dan Broersmanot with mine. I called and asked them.. I notice that they now include a big list of phones that it works on. Seems it has something to do with a conflict with proprietary information, their network, and Verizon wanting to keep users locked into Isis which doesn't help me as I don't use those cards they have authorized (capital one? Can't remember). I got NFC to work on wifi with the sim card out. Tells me something. I'm not rooted. I'm not sure how to do even though I've read many posts. I guess if I watched someone do it then.. I'm very visual in learning tech. 
+Joe Katon have you tried downloading the apk file from xda site? That is where I got my wallet before Verizon allowed it. 
+Google Wallet 1. Past rumors were in the wallet app one could set a primary cared before purchase and that card would be charged when swiped. It would essentially work the same way as the virtual card the app uses works. Why has this card not gone that route? Do you plan to make this a feature in the future? 2. At my job we have a weird card prosessing machine that automaticly detects the card type and adds a fee for debit cards. Will this card process as credit by default to avoid fees in such terminals? 
I don't believe there is a huge incentive for this card, unless we can pay with our cards directly. Hopefully it will come eventually.
+Google Wallet I'm suppose to receive a deposit for under a dollar to verify the amount. But the last 4 numbers are off compared to the mobile google wallet I have on my phone. What does this mean? And where can I view that deposit?
I love this although I was hoping for more functionality like the ability to use my phone and select which of my linked credit cards it would charge, more similar to the Coin
What About Spain?? I think that It could be more Interesting than another payment Methods like Paypal or similars... Now, there are several cities that uses mobile phone like payment methond using the NFC tech like Málaga with all the bus lanes
One more time - US only. Product launches in US, but advertisement goes to whole world. #WhyGoogleWhy
omg! make it real also in Italy :D !!!!! 
+Mirtz Bass non credo,  è una magstrip card. Carta con banda magnetica.  In europa (e in italia) ci sono ancora POS o altro che accettano pagamenti con strisciata "banda magnetica" ? ... non credo. 
Al massimo sarà facile da clonare :3 
Another thing from Google that is not available in Puerto Rico.
If you want this product to truly succeed look at using it as tap and pay wallet not only for Mastercard, but also visa. It would be so handy for us to manage our debit and credit card accounts /card to tap and pay via nfc, from almost any Android based phone. The other major flaw with your product probably due to licencing and operation costs as that you are in the US only. Us Canadians would love to see full google integration here. Waiting for our banks to release tap and pay is painfully slow. Our of the seven major financial institutions here in Canada, the most expensive back CIBC is the only one with tap and pay support. I would have guessed that TD or Royal would have been ready considering their deep pockets and ties to the US economy. Oh well, we wait for the present to catch up to us in the future... 
Restricted to US only. Expected more from Google.

Coin the new all in one card is what Google wallet should be.
Google Wallet Card is only available to US residents.
Tom Kim
+Google Wallet If I'm understanding this correctly, according to your FAQ Fees page:, If I use a debit or credit card to transfer money to my wallet account, there will be a 2.9% fee? Adding money to Wallet Balance from credit or debit card 2.9% fee with a $0.30 minimum But if I add it from my bank account, there is no fee?
Why this discrimination of US only? Google should be charged for this discrimination....
Yeah, how long before INTL support?  I would like to 1) Travel with this card and 2) use it on INTL sites :)
Now all they need is direct deposit and I can quit the bank :)
Then Google must start own bank with BIC & Swift codes, so people / firms may receive funds their Google BANK account from finance networks. 
Sean S
It would have been nice if it had NFC built into it in addition to the magnetic strip.  Not everyone has a smarthphone and not everyone has a smartphone with NFC.  So this would have been a great opportunity to get more people to use NFC payments.
This is excellent! I have been hoping for a debit card for a long time and am very pleased with all the details. Thank you +Google Wallet .
Thanks for the heads up Rick. Mine is coming. 
make wallet available in more contries, kinda useless for me and so much other ppl right now
I have an idea to make Google Wallet used more actively in stores. The merchants do not need to install any equipment. Can someone in the Google Wallet team contact me at
Still waiting for my card to arrive.  Does anyone know if this card also has mastercard paypass capability?
Sean S
Many people don't know that Google Wallet exists.  The card is almost like an advertisement for Google Wallet.  Great way get more people to use it.
+Tyson Verse  You are crazy, the card is awesome, I just need to load it up and find places that will look at my card to spend the moneys.  The card looks awesome.
I really want to use Google Wallet for all of my purchases and I find the physical card to be absolutely awesome. Can we please have a way to automatically deduct from the bank account or an attached card if there is no balance? Constantly filling my Wallet balance is already becoming an annoyance. Why can't this work like the Tap & Pay?
Quick question; could I use the Google Wallet card and have it take money off of another card I have attached to my account (assuming I have no Wallet balance)?

I have no balance on my actual Google Wallet account, but I have funds on a card set as primary on my account.
Unfortunately the card works the same as a debit card if you opt out of reg e. If the money isn't in your wallet account you get a decline.
Sean S
Transferring money can be frustrating.  I transferred $5 to Google Wallet from my bank account.  Although the money is available instantly in my Google Wallet, I'm still waiting for it to appear in my bank account online.  It's been 4 days.
+Sean S I'd imagine they use the ACH which can take 2 business days. If you initiated late Wednesday it wouldn't send the file until Friday (Thursday the fed was closed) you can expect it to come out tomorrow or Tuesday. Google can't change how the ACH works.
Personally I don't see what the fuss is about. Previously, we were not able to pay with our phones at all locations because of slow NFC adoption by brick and mortars... So googz decided to give us FREE physical cards that can be used anywhere. This almost rivals the FREE ten dollars we got for jumping onboard early. Did I mention all this is FREE (well it'll cost you all your personal information but the googenhiem hasn't let medown yyet). Anyways I just wanted to say thanks for constantly advancing wallet lately. I feel like there's a new update every week. 
+Azrael Eatsmurf even if NFC was in all phones, people would still be limited on how many places they can use Tap To Pay. Not many stores have it.
Question to anyone who knows this. Is google play balance and Google Wallet Balance two different things or are they the same? I thought if u got a $50 google play card it goes to your Google Wallet Card and you can use that $50 anywhere with the physical card.
Sean S
Where I live, many stores don't have tap to pay.  Only 4 stores have them. Very limited and I don't shop at those stores.
+Azrael Eatsmurf there are places here in Ohio that have it just not alot, I use it all the time but its still limited in some places. 
I got my Google Wallet card today!!!  :-)

Wait.  Why do I want this?  It appears to work like my bank's ATM/Debit card.  Why wouldn't I just use that?  Why would I transfer money from my bank to Google to do the same thing I can already do with my bank's card?!?

Maybe this has been asked and answered, but I didn't find it in the part of 200+ comments I skimmed over.  Now if it connected to all my cards registered in my Google Wallet, that'd be something ... but it doesn't.  It just links to my Google Wallet balance ... which will always remain at $0.00.  I like to keep my money in a bank.
+Google Wallet The card's usefulness is limited as long as you have to transfer the funds to your wallet prior to making the purchase, rather than auto charging your primary payment source. Please allow it to function more like the app. 
+Henry Swantner exactly. Aside from how awesome the card looks I haven't found a real reason to use it. I've tried. I added funds several days ago from my bank account and it still hasn't shown up. I definitely don't feel like paying a charge to use my money by transferring from my debit card'll be nice to see what happens as the platform matures
Got my card today. So did my girlfriend. Going to come in so handy for us. We split bills... Now it will be so much easier! 
+Henry Swantner I've had a Google Wallet account for quite some time (long before the card became available) and it's attached to my bank's debit card. While I have yet to use it out in the real world, I have used it for various small purchases across the Web. I've never pre-loaded (funded) Google Wallet, my purchases have never been declined & I've never been charged a transfer fee (as described in the fees section of the Google Wallet app). Now, things may have changed with the introduction of a physical card.

While I'm not yet savvy with the Google Wallet card, I do know it works well being attached to a single bank-issued card. Hope this helps. 
+Rick Willis yes with the card, if there is no Google wallet balance the card will be declined, even if it's linked to your back account. It doesn't have an automatic backup finding option unfortunately. Which really stifles some of it's usefulness. 
I should have clarified where purchases were made, all in the Google Play
store...if that makes a difference?
+Rick Willis the Google wallet card uses your Google wallet balance. Stop spewing nonsense please. You have no idea what you are talking about, admit it, and continue to do so.
+Rick Willis I think it does when using wallet in e play store. That's the only way I used it before getting the card. 
+Krzysztof Jozwik I don't know how [i]your[/i] Wallet app works, but mine has a check box at the bottom of the screen that provides the option to "use Google Wallet balance first", which must mean it uses the attached card's balance, no? 
+Rick Willis If you're using the app yes, it will use the balance before the primary card if enough is available. The card ONLY uses the wallet balance.
+Sean Minor see my post below to +Krzysztof Jozwik. I know the physical card probably changes the game somewhat, I just haven't got the chance to test it out in a brick & mortar yet. 
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