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All Cards in Google Wallet--And More!

Today we’re releasing a new version of the Google Wallet mobile app with a number of improvements and new features:

- Add your Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express into your Google Wallet and use them for in-store purchases anywhere Google Wallet is accepted. If you already have an online Google Wallet account, your cards will be automatically synced to your Google Wallet app.

-We’ve also added a new security feature that allows you to remotely disable your Google Wallet app from the Web if you ever lose your phone. Just visit the ‘Devices’ section in the online wallet and select the phone with the Google Wallet you wish to disable.

To read more, visit our blog post at:
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YES! The post I've been waiting for! Thank you!
We love Google wallet! Our website uses it as one of our check out options.
Cory M
Too bad it does not work with my HTC Incredible 1.  I call Shenanigans.
Boss! Was just about to have to refill my debit card!
Woohoo, this is a major improvement!  I look forward to not having to load my prepaid card.  Great work +Google Wallet!
This is bad @$$ as it will add your card that you already have on the online version of Google Wallet Setting up the cards right now.
Zach M
Thanks guys and gals. You also covered an issue I had with not being able to use Wallet without wifi on my gsm Nexus on StraightTalk.  Much appreciated and the new abilities are the icing on the cake.
It will be more attractive if it can launch it internationally, and able to do the personal financial management like making balance sheet and p/l statement. 
I am so finding a place that lets me buy lunch with this today.
The Wallet app doesn't appear on the Nexus 7 Play Store yet it looks like...
+Google Wallet Any details on how refunds work?

For Amex, do we lose purchase/return protection? Who do we dispute caharges to?
Aww I want this feature so bad!!!  Hopefully the iPhone adds NFC soon.
With the security changes, does the device need network/data access to make a purchase?
Yes, +Ben Murphy, cards added on-line show up in your mobile wallet and cards added in your mobile wallet show up on-line.  They're synced up.  I find it more convenient to add cards through the web UI.
This is awesome, congrats +Google Wallet on finally making the app fully usable, I have been loading a prepaid card for a long time but I am really looking forward to using my regular debit card
Oh no no. Im sure Android is great (New samsung phone is BEAUTIFUL) but im staying with Apple (and thus the iPhone) for many years to come. Im more traditional minded.....and I miss the good old 2007 Apple - Google alliance. Apple revolutionized the phone while Google made great apps for it. :) 
Hopefully Google Wallet will be open to Canadians. I have it on my phone, sucks that I can only use it when I am in the US (which is a few times a year)
I'm itching to try this out on my Galaxy SII Skyrocket. Either AT&T is blocking it, or Google hasn't made it available for this model. Anyone have insight as to when or if this will work for my phone?
Thanks +Google Wallet team. Love the update. Now lets get some more rewards cards and gift cards.

Onto an issue, are you not providing the 10 bucks to new people anymore? My girl just got a Nexus and logged into Google Wallet the other day and her prepaid card shows a .00 balance.
love it - works great on an unlocked Galaxy Nexus
Awesome news! Now I can flatten my wallet  little!
Now they need to look at the website cause when I log into the Wallet page it gets blacked out?? But then comes back. May be my Chrome web browser.
Unlocked Galaxy Nexus on VZW and it showed up to install as well as my Nexus 7.
AWESOME!!! This was the only hangup I had with Google Wallet, now it's complete!
Will it work on a Nexus 7 that isn't connected to wifi?
+Tyler Smith , I haven't tried yet but it should. You won't get the electronic receipt until you are online, I think, but other than that it should work.
Love wallet!  SO ticked with Verizon that it's not available.  Have to wait for someone to post the APK...SHEESH!
After having experienced the ubiquity of NFC payments in East Asia (Taiwan, Japan), this is really a welcome surprise. Kudos, +Google Wallet 
Brilliant. Going to link my Visa right away.
+Google Wallet, any idea how charges will show up on something like Will I just get a thousand charges that just say "Google Wallet"?
Fabulous update, many thanks. I am curious if this new cloud-based system means that a data connection is required at the point of sale. A friend's phone hits a dead spot at a local grocery store that accepts Google Wallet.
Ohh the app is no longer blue! I liked the blue. Still great news!!! 
Thank you! I've been dying to have the ability to add a Visa card!
Could you give us Canadians a guess as to when we may see this service available to us?
I just put $20 on a Google prepaid card last night because I was tired of waiting for this to happen.  Better late than never.  Huzzah!
+Jacob Barlow, the transactions show up with the retailer's name, but with "GOOGLE*" prepended to it.
+Todd Zullinger, no a data connection is not needed at point of sale.  The NFC transaction happens offline.  The electronic receipt is delivered to your phone over the Internet, though, so you won't get that until you have service again.  I think.
My question would be what happens to the balance I have on my Google Prepaid card if it is being removed? Also, does this mean the app needs to have an internet connection now to work? As the Nexus 7 wont necessarily have one...
Great news, +Google Wallet - this deals with one of three issues: support for more cards.  The other two: a) more merchant support,
b) more carrier support.


Although (a) is really Mastercard's issue (since PayPass is their technology that they need to promote to their merchants), I think  +Google marketing efforts could go a long way to raise public awareness of the "cool" factor of NFC payments.  This would boost customer interest, which would drive merchant adoption.

I know you cannot discuss (b) in public, because of possible ongoing negotiations with carriers.  It is worth noting that Verizon just got slapped by the FCC (to the tune of $1.5M which is not much for them) for blocking tethering apps on their network.  Wallet should also be permitted under the same Upper C Block "Open Access" provisions.  Perhaps it is time to get aggressive again on this front.
About time, awesome work with this!
It would be more useful if it was available for more devices! Including my GSM Nexus S!
+James Mason, one thing that is going to help on the merchant front is that Visa and MasterCard have announced they will implement the "liability shift" in 2015.  Still three years away, but coming.  What it will mean is that if there are any fraudulent transactions, the entity in the transaction chain (issuer, merchant, merchant acquirer) who does not have the chip-based payment technology in place has to pay for it.

Normally, merchants pay for nearly all credit card fraud, at least in the US.  So what this means is that starting in 2015, merchants have the opportunity to save themselves a lot of money if they install chip-capable card acceptance devices.  So, all of the major retailers have to be taking a hard look now at what it's going to take them to tool up and be ready for that.  This probably won't accelerate a lot of deployments in 2012, but it'll begin having an impact in 2013 and will definitely have an enormous impact in 2014 and 2015.
+Shawn Willden Indeed it used to be true, when the card data was stored on the phone/secure element. I'll have to disable data and test it out. That might wait until a late night trip so I don't hold people up and make Wallet look bad. :-)
+Todd Zullinger, the actual card data is in the cloud now, but there's still a "virtual card" stored in the SE.  If you go into the app and tap on one of your cards to get to the detail screen, you can see it says at the bottom "Via Virtual MasterCard-xxx-yyyy".  From the merchant terminal's point of view, you're paying with that MasterCard, then on the back end the transaction gets routed to your real card, whose data is stored in the cloud.
+Shawn Willden - Interesting!  Canada did a shift to pin-based and NFC a few years back.  In the canadian implementation no mobile apps were included.  Most regular credit cards have embedded both NFC and contact-based smartcards (similar pinouts to a SIM card).

Low-value transactions are accepted over NFC by tapping the card, whereas large-value transactions are accepted by partially inserting the card into the merchant's smartcard reader, and entering a PIN into that reader.

I hope that the USA does not follow the Canadian model.
Ha!  Just got the update and added a few cards.  Very nice.
Will start using it once I finally upgrade from my Droid 2
Man, this sounds awesome... if only I could find a way to use Wallet.  Even going to the places listed on the website they just blink at me like I'm some sort of idiot.  Boston is supposed to be in the coverage zone, yes?
+Louis Castrogivanni You can load it up via your browser, and install it directly through the play store to your Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Wallet wont show up in your search results but the play store web link still allows install.
Folks, one place supported that's not listed on Google's site:

Every McDonald's in the nation supports PayPass.
Not only do all McDonalds restaurants have PayPass support, every single one of the dozen or so I've tried actually have functioning PayPass support.  I've found a few other retailers that have the devices but don't have them hooked up right (maybe 5% of the places I've tried have failed), but all McDonalds work, in my experience.
Glad to see more cards supported but I'm the opposite of Shawn Willden. I have a higher rate of failure in various locations than I'd prefer for something I'm trusting with my financial information.
+Shawn Willden - Yeah, all the McDonalds around here have PayPass terminals installed, as to all the CVS and 7-Eleven.

However, a good 20% of the McDonald's and 40% of the CVS terminals that I've tried don't work, and the staff have no idea why not.  Other terminals at the same store often work.  At 7-Eleven, 100% of the terminals seem to be working.

More education is needed so that the staff at these places view PayPass as an essential piece of their Point-of-Sale equipment, and not some magic gadget that they don't need to keep working.
Part of the reason McDonald's tends to work, is that McD's has had the devices for like almost ten years now.
+Louis Castrogivanni I'm not sure if it was because I previously had it installed but I can still use the web install trick even after its completely removed from my device.
Thats awesome...still limited to sprint only tho?? And what if I have international version of galaxy s3 in US??
+Tj Tjarks - Verizon does not deserve eternal damnation, they just deserve the loss of their Block C spectrum.  (Which, for VZW, would be worse than the fires of the underworld...) :)
I know you said you don't want to sideload, but once you get it installed you may be able to remove it and use the play store web trick.
Why isn't my Maestro debit card not allowed? (It doesn't have a 15/16 digit card number nor a CVC, but it is from Maestro (falls under Mastercard) and it is a valid debit card and didn't they just announce acces to any debit card?)
If only this was officially available on play store for the vzw gnex!
Please bringt it quickly to germany!!! :-) I love google wallet and wrote my bachelorthesis about it ;-) Result: 1,0! :D
+Shawn Willden Empiricism to the rescue. :-) It sounds reasonable that it could work without a connection, but I just hopped out to McDonalds for lunch (yes, I'm a bunny with a Nexus) and tried it. With Wi-Fi and cell data disabled, Wallet gave an error telling me that a data connection was required. I didn't grab a screenshot, unfortunately. I can see how it could be problematic if Wallet made the payment using the virtual MasterCard and then later connected and found the real cards you had couldn't pay for it. Not sure if that's part of the change or not. TOS could (and may) take care of that.
Hmm, that's weird, +Todd Zullinger.  If your real card couldn't pay for it, the transaction would still be declined when the backend tried to route the transaction. Remember that all of this happens in real-time, because in the US all credit card transactions are on-line.

Did you have it all set up while you were on-line?

There's a McDonald's across the street and I have my Nexus 7 right here... I'm going to go try it, too.  I'll comment when I get back.
+Google Wallet - I just checked out the new integration of the mobile Google Wallet app with the online Google Wallet.  I am very impressed!  This gives me almost everything I wanted in that integration: remote disabling, access to mobile transaction history, ability to share payment methods... if you could let me spend my Google Prepaid balance online or in the Play Store, the integration would be complete.

Is there any advantage for me to keep a balance on the Google Prepaid card, since I can charge directly to my regular credit cards?
Do I need to update the app on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus to get the updates?  Or will it just work?  If so where can I get the update?
+Louis Castrogivanni once an old version is installed you should be able to find the play store link and open it with the play store app to update or uninstall
Now, how about removing the GSM IMEI ID block on international phones?
The bigger win would be more phone support.  I'm still waiting to use the NFC on my HTC One X.  If Google can't get this sorted out, I guess AT&T will eventually force me to use ISIS.
+Todd Zullinger, I did the test.  I made sure my wallet was set up on my Nexus 7, including selecting my AMEX card.  Then I turned off Wifi and walked across the street and down the block to McDonalds.  While in line I opened Wallet on my Nexus 7 and entered my PIN to unlock it.  Then when I got to the register, I held the 7 up to the payment device, it showed the NFC wave icon and "Sent", and I got my Oreo McFlurry.

I did get a dialog that says "Network access is required to receive transaction details.  If transaction was successful, details will appear as soon as a connection is available."  After I got back to the office I turned Wifi back on, went into transactions and hit "Refresh" and there it was:  $2.81 at McDonalds.

The cashier was very impressed and the assistant manager asked me to write down the name of the app, so he can see if it will work on his HTC Evo.

So, yes, it works exactly the way I thought it would :-)
+Shawn Willden Cool. I may have just read the dialog wrong then. The cashier did botch the order and had to ring it a second time. Thanks for testing!
Awesome. I always wondered if y'all were planning to go this way since you added the online payments option. Glad to see that you finally did.
+Raj Srikrishnan +Steve Taylor I'm running it on my Verizon Nexus and was able to install through the web version of the play store, and I've heard others that were able to install after using a direct link to the app listing instead of searching for it.

I realize these methods are circumventing Verizon and potentially Google, but if it means you can download the official app then why not.

Quick note though: it won't show up in your list of installed apps on the play store, but it will be listed under the ALL section on your phone. You'll need to browse that list to get any updates for now.
+Sherman Megibben iPhones don't have the required NFC technology for Wallet to work. And, if they did, you can be damned sure Apple would have its own proprietary payment system and block competing apps... and then they'd sue Google for having a payment system.
I'm still waiting for this truly excellent system to be made available to people in the UK. Come on +Google Wallet, the technology over here exists, why won't you let us use it?!?
+Mike DiGiovanni Not sure about reyurns, but I don't see why you'ld lose dispute protections. Wallet is just charging you credit card as an online retailer, so you'ld probably be able to contact Amex and dispute any charges like normal.
That totally addressed all of my complains. Is there supposed to be a new version of the mobile app because I still don't see the update in play store.
That's What I Like To Hear! Next One Is An Official Release In Canada Right?
+Google Wallet are there any recommended after market ways to add NFC. Does google wallet support NFC embedded in a micro SD or sim? I see that these devices exist but have not seen any review or acknowledgement that google wallet will interface with an aftermarket NFC.
Can you please make this available on the galaxy s 3 for tmobile without hacking!
Can you please make this available on the galaxy s 3 for tmobile without hacking!
Nice! But please make it available on german networks.
Finally! Now we just need more stores to start accepting NFC payments! Oh, and for carriers (I'm looking at you +Verizon Wireless with your fake Nexus phone) to stop blocking the app.
Installed it from the Play Store on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus without a problem today +Brett Henning :)
Great, I've got two different NFC enabled phones (Galaxy Note and Galaxy SIII) and can install wallet on both but I can't use it on either.
what seems to be the problem? 
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great birthday gift for me :)
This sounds great! Especially remote wipe. Can't wait for Wallet to hit globally especially around Australia. YOU BETTER HURRY THOUGH GOOGLE. Apple's iPhone 5 will make NFC payments a 'new' feature just like Siri...
OMG.  The one issue I had w/ Wallet, and you guys fixed that.  It's a shame it will process every transaction as a GOOGLE transaction [unless it lists the transaction when it withdraws from my bank...].
Best news of the week!! So excited to go use my Evo LTE at a participating location
This is awesome! Can't wait to try this out. Thank you so much!
Used it at Duane Reade a couple hours ago...awesome!
This is the best news since I heard about my Galaxy S3 coming:-)
A tip of the NFC hat to you, +Google Wallet .  Now banks and credit card companies just need to make things a tad prettier.
+AT&T +Google Wallet  Google I'd be nice if you released this to  everyone and not block it for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile customers. Last version (patched) worked great on my SGS3. It'd be better if it didn't have to be patched. Guess I'll have to used another patched version.
I celebrated this move by side loading the new version on my Verizon GNex. Now just tell Big Red to pound dirt so we don't have to go this route to use a product the carriers have no business blocking. 
Now that the cards are saved on a cloud, Will I be able to use my google wallet on my nexus 7 tab offline?
+Google Wallet I read that this new change will sync the wallet across my devices. How do I do that since my wallet on my nexus 7 won't even see my cc like my galaxy nexus did?
It would be nice if Google Wallet was available on AT&T Galaxy SIII
Love this! Just got my Galaxy Nexus last week and used Wallet today for the first time. Hopefully there will be more locations to ise it here in Saint Louis soon.
+Google Wallet - PLEASE - Europe is still waiting! Could you at least tell us if we will see Google Wallet this year??! :'(
+Google Wallet Still no love for Australia? I love android, but this is getting ridiculous. I'm jumping to the first platform that supports NFC payments in Australia.
+Emil Georgiev - Thanks. That was odd. Wallet was not showing up in a search of Play Store apps...had to do a general Google search to find it
+Google Wallet Just wondering, with this new google wallet app and the fact that everything is stored in the cloud, will phones with a bricked/non-existent Secure Element be able to use Google Wallet again? I know that the pre-paid card will not work, but even if all we can do is use the credit cards that we have, having Google Wallet in your phone helps a lot. Thanx!
Just tried it. Super easy and a smooth experience :-)
Now that Verizon can no longer block apps it doesn't like, how long until I can download this from the Play Store on my Verizon GNex?  I've already tried every workaround I could find to get it to install from the Play Store, none of them work so I just sideloaded it.
Has anyone had a problem adding a new card and it getting stuck at adding card? I love +Google Wallet but this problem has been going on since I updated the app.
Great news +Google Wallet now let me use this in Australia!!!
So, when are you guys ACTUALLY supporting my other cards and not just going through my Google MasterCard and auto deducting from my other cards? This isn't what we are looking for and you guys know that.
+Mark Shook did you read the article? They are supporting all cards and not just Google Mastercard. This is exactly what we are looking for...
+Mark Shook  Make sure you put what card you want as default because if it's set to a different one than what you wan to use, then it might deduct from the wrong card.
So  this is great and all (and I really want to use it), but someone needs to explain to me why carriers have to be involved (and why my carrier - T-Mobile - does not support this). This tech should have nothing to do with the carrier should it???
Wow... you guys did it faster than I thought. My nexus 7 goes main stream payment method soon.
I just paid with my linked card at a McDonald’s with no issues. Touched phone and it asked for pin and then touched again to confirm..Done..Then.. After I left McDonalds I went next door to BP and tapped to prepay my $10 google gift card and had the app pulled up this time with my pin already entered.. Touched and the reader beeped and it asked me to confirm the amount and done. Thanks google for the 10 dollars in free gas! Samsung GS3 Sprint
No support for Maestro card.

Other than change banks (unlikely) is there any way around this problem? Does google wallet work with prepaid Visa cards? Like load the VIsa card from my Maestro card and then load that into Google Wallet?
+Google Wallet I tried to add Amex and Visa and both times got "Add card failed". Samsung Nexus (from IO12) on T-Mobile.
When was Google wallet in Czech republic?????
Murat A
Great update, however I like to see all the cards as a stack so I can pull out the one I need instead of swiping end to end. Also I want to be able to add every card in my wallet from loyalty cards to membership cards.
+M Kaye SAMSUNG GALAXY S 4G DOES NOT HAVE NFC. So ya, it's not going to work. Now turns Caps Lock off.
i would love to use it but 
AT&T skyrocket doesn't allow google wallet 
This is very odd, +Google Wallet worked fine before on my Galaxy Nexus, but now with the new version, it can't add any debit or credit cards, it keeps failing on attempting to add ("Add Card Failed"), tried removing my acct from Wallet and readding, doesn't work either. Then also the Google Debit card won't let me re-add either ("Error Adding card", slightly useless error message). What can be done? I have even uninstalled and re-installed the app. This happens on both home wifi and Cell (3G/4G) Networks.
+Kevin Faaborg have you tried setting up Google Wallet and your cards on a laptop or desktop computer? Try signing into your google account on the web and going into google wallet through your products. Since you can access everything there, maybe this will fix your issue.
+Eddy Ray Yes, I have tried deleting from the app and then re-adding online, but when I get to putting the card back onto the device, it puts it on the screen with all the correct info, then says "Add Card Failed", but I have now also gotten several authorizations on my debit card that I have been trying to add. But thank you for the suggestion.
Not working yet. I do have a visa on wallet, don't see it yet on nexus 7. Nor do i see an option to add Visa. May be the update is yet to be pushed to my device
 +Rusty Lockett  i've found the easiet way is to login to the play store on a laptop or desktop computer, find Google Wallet there and then install to the device, this will update the app.
+Jake Weisz I thought if any one know of a way to make it work you would, I have tried the link, it does not work.:( from my phone (chrome browser) and computer says that none of my devices are supported. Thanks for the help.
Anna Su
hi I can't seem to add my credit cards to the wallet though...keeps timing out!
Yeah what about us Canadians? It's my credit cards, my phone, should be my choice.
The UK has a lot of NFC terminals yet there isn't any way to use them, other than one High St bank's application. Seems completely nuts to me that there isn't a wallet for the UK when we have our card details stored for Play Store purchases anyway!
+Eddy Ray thanks. Installed via browser. Works great. Loaded my visa and it worked at CVS last night.
Can we please have this on US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3? It is one of the reasons I went to android, and it isn't compatible.
For whatever reason, Google is gonna be too late with rolling this out... I'm in Australia and my credit card company is now trialing sim cards with payment details on them. While I have always been a fan of Google, I'm not gonna be waiting forever for google to let me be able to use my galaxy nexus to pay for stuff. I have the nfc chip, but no support......
+Dean Koster  I agree with Dean. With individual banks in Australia rolling out NFC paypass payments via phone through CBA, Westpac etc. Too late to the party again huh.. +Google Wallet 
"Add card failed", "Add card failed": visa, american express, none of the cards I have can be added to google wallet on the Galaxy Nexus (4.1.1). Google wallet tries forever ("adding card...") and eventually fails. No explanation, I re-installed the app, to no avail.
Can't add my credit card to Google Wallet :(
It is a Maestro card with 16 digit and it has CVC code.
The blogpost says "use any credit or debit card". So it is not true ?
Google wallet u rock! I love it on my Samsung galaxy siii... I love the technology and nfc fun!
That's wonderful... How do I get Google Wallet??? Not available in the Play Store...
Nice! The only thing left is to get Visa cards added without needing a virtual mastercard, I don't think I'll be able to benefit from my Visa's 2% cashback on Gas etc with the current method.
+Hayden Stewart , I would think you still should get your 2% cashback as it's your real visa card still getting the charge when the transaction is complete.
Any idea when it will be available for the Samsung Galaxy Note ??
How can i get the new google wallet on my Verizon galaxy nexus i have the older version it let me download it from the play store but i cant get the new version any help 
Google seems to be deleting complaints about carriers blocking Wallet on unlocked Nexus phones bought directly from Google. 
Finally today I was able to add my Citi Mastercard  to GW (after six weeks or so unable to add back my Citi Mastercard that had been  inexplicably dropped from my GW account on about 07/16). It is important to note that for me this is an important fix because the CitiCard is the only credit card that is not a 'virtual' card and so is the only card (at present) that behaves just as if you were using the plastic version - for example the payees are recorded on the card's billing statement. (There has been a big long thread about this over on the XDA developers forum.)
I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus running 4.1.1 and it says not available on my device :( Please make it available for me

Maestro doesn't work!
GALAXY S III SUPPORT PLEASE!!!  (I already have it working, but I want an official version...)
wallet doesn't accept my maestro debit card...!
I wanna use this but cant as doesn't take maestro card they shouldnt limit the cards on this saw sum great books to downloads n cant :-(
How about you guys figure out a way for Google Wallet to work with #verizon  since it has so many users. The fact that it doesn't work is absolutely stupid
Rubbish,i dont have a credit card,just a bank debit card and ive found it impossible to find a way to pay for an app! Never had any trouble on my iphone its a joke!
Why have they removed support for Maestro debit cards?
Its very hood news for all users 
It doesnt work. I want to give you my money Google, and still you refuse it. now i cant buy ANY apps, not to mention other payments. And ofc you dont accept PayPal (which surprisingly just works because its management is much better) No offense, just for good measure: fuck you Google, big time.
Are there any plans of adding Maestro support soon?  There are hundreds of college students where I come from who have only Maestro cards, and Google's missing out on the market.  
Google should do something about Maestro cards problem. They are harming the developers since many people are not able to spend their money. 
Please add paypal in Greek google wallet and Maestro card!!!!!!!!!
John ny
Need urgent support for maestro debit cards... Google don't lose patrons.

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