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Now you can also get the Google Wallet Card directly from the Google Wallet app for iPhone. Instantly spend your Wallet Balance in stores or withdraw cash at ATMs. Get the Google Wallet app on the App Store:
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I want to choose the "Default card" that i use it for and not ave to "add money" to the wallet all the time. 

you guys better up the game or coin is going to take your market before you even officially take it. 
I still can't get one because I have Google wallet Canadian gift card balance. How can I get rid of it? I live in California and should be able to use Google wallet. 
The coin card seems awesome, except the price. Lol. 
I actually like that it won't draw automatically; means I can use it deter fraud by only putting money in when I need it, but I can do that for free instantly at any time with my phone.

It would be interesting to have the option to have it draw from other cards, but I'd never use it; I will use my Coin for that, when it gets here. And my Coin will draw from my Google Wallet if I want it to. The devices serve different purposes.
Got my card in the other day actually. 

Now I have an excuse to tell people to pay me with google wallet. 
ISIS and COIN are going to lead over Wallet if they don't make it easier to use Wallet. 
Wendy W
It would be perfect if I didn't have to add money from my bank account to it.
+Shawn McMahon I was just thinking about that earlier...makes it a more secure option. Maybe if there's a option you can choose between allowing it to fall back to your bank account(more convenient) or just function as a reloadable(more secure) to cater to everyone, that would be good
Tom Kim
The only practical use I've found for the actual google wallet card is the ability to use money that people send me without having to wait. So when my roommate sends me his portion of the rent and utility bills, I can just keep it in my google wallet and use the card to make purchases/withdraw money instantly.
I got the card but haven't bothered to activate. I'm genuinely hoping that +Google Wallet will add functionality, like being able to use cards in your account.

COIN is interesting, but there are some issues. For one, it violates the ToS of most card issuers. How do you think they will respond to you duplicating their card and using one without their logo? Two, it's expensive. For those unwilling to be early adopters, it's too expensive. Three, it's a startup. Remind me how many of those fail? 
Why can't this and other Google services be made available in South Africa?
How about fixing tap and pay in Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus?
how about upgrading your phone to one that it is working on..
I keep reading the same two complaints about the Wallet card:  first, it doesn't work outside the United States; second, it should automatically draw from other accounts attached to Wallet instead of only debiting the Wallet balance. It seems to me that both of these complaints miss the problem that the Wallet card is intended to solve.

First, person-to-person money transfers in the U.S. are insanely slow. It often takes a full week for a transfer to show up in the recipient's account. That means money sent to me via Gmail lands in my Wallet account but can still take a long time to transfer to my attached checking account. The Wallet card solves this by giving me immediate access to that money. Outside the U.S. this banking system delay is not as common so there is less need for a Wallet card. Other international banking issues likely make it far more difficult for Google to offer the card outside the U.S. so the U.S. only initial release is no surprise. But even if the card were available in Europe (and many other areas) there would still be less need because the banking systems there are more likely to move money transfers immediately.

Second, having the card as a debit-only function is a security measure. It means only the balance in the Wallet account can be touched by anyone gaining fraudulent access to the card. In my case I see this as a very easy way to provide my kids with a limited debit card that can be used to send them money without giving them the ability to get into debt on a credit card. Learning how to discipline oneself with non-cash purchases is an important part of training for modern adulthood and the stories of college students buried in credit card debt suggest we are doing a bad job at that training.

In its initial release the Wallet card is not all things to all people but it is a very useful tool that conveniently solves two significant problems faced by people in the U.S. Over time I expect to see more features, capabilities and availability but for now this card is already a welcome product.
Tom Kim
+Brian Barcus To address this point: "That means money sent to me via Gmail lands in my Wallet account but can still take a long time to transfer to my attached checking account."

My roommate sent me his portion of rent through Gmail. It showed up in my Google Wallet balance almost immediately. I then transferred that to my bank account and it took 2 business days for it to show up. It didn't take a week like you claim but it's still inconvenient and I have to manually do this when someone sends me money.
+Tom Kim I said it "often takes a full week". Some banks process transfers faster than others. Add a holiday or weekend in there and you can get a serious delay. But even two days is too much.
+Tom Kim PayPal is the same way.. So is Square and just about any other service of this kind.. 
Tom Kim
+Tony Hoffman something more has to be around the corner since GW is no different than the services you mentioned. Otherwise, why bother rolling this out and give away free cards?
+Tom Kim i'm sure they have something up their sleeve, they always do! haha
Does PayPal have an international card? They've been at this a long time so I wonder what delay, if any, they had between domestic and international offerings.
Tom Kim
I'm really hoping this is something similar to coin. Personally, I wouldn't mind using my phone to switch cards to whichever account I want to debit from when making a purchase. I like how I get notified instantly when making a purchase in the GW app on my phone. If someone were to steal my card, I'd know sooner rather than later and then cancel the card directly from my phone.
Btw google, there are other countries. The whole world doesn't consist of just America you know.
+Tom Kim it's not. You recharge it using bank accounts. It uses your wallet balance to make purchases. I went ahead and got it to see what the hype is all about, but I'm definitely pre-ordering coin. 
Tom Kim
+Chris Ziegler I know it isn't now, but that's not to say it won't be in future iterations. Here's to hoping!
Please let canadians like me order a plastic wallet card. All retailers accept mastercard debit in Canada, or at least the same amount as in the US. ^_^  This would be really nice! And I wouldn't have to carry all my cards anymore, having just one. 
Can you please inform, when the service will be available in pakistan?
How do we stop seeing these ads in countries where the product isn't available? 
Seriously, its not even available in my country and it charged from my debit card just for registering :/
It would be great if you could just link your bank cards upto Google Wallet and just pay like that, instead of transfering money over. That just seems awkward 
One of my classmates claims this cards affects your credit score "slightly" even though it's a debit card and not a credit card. I would imagine this is false but can anyone verify one way or the other?
Tie it to Bitcoin and it's super duper uber 
You can draw money from the credit card/cards in your Google Wallet. 
A Google employee goes to international airport for the first time and realises there's countries they've never heard of.
"What is this Australia, Canada, UK you speak of?"

I'm guessing Google employees never travel overseas.
"What?! Google Wallet doesn't work here". you know how we feel.
+Aaron Watt if anything. Paypass is more widely available in Australia than US...I can use it at my local bakery ffs
You folks feeling self entitled today? Learn to deal with it. The world is more than Australia. Besides you folks are lucky enough with full access to the play store. Quit whining.

Since you already said you're over Google wallet, why are you still here trolling?
+Swee Sien Lim I'm waiting for international release not just Australia. Sucks to have no access huh?
Sure it does. But I've learnt to accept what I can't change. It's more exciting that way when it finally releases in my country
Wasted enough time here. Goodbye. Post muted.
+Joel Jr McCracken I don't intend to come off rude... But you can choose the default card you want to use, and you always could... I wish I could attach pictures here and highlight and show you exactly where and how.
+Brian Barcus you can debit directly from your "default card" with the wallet card. I did it today at McDonald's. Simply go to where you choose your default card and at the very bottom choose to disable money withdrawn directly from wallet so it takes it from the "default" I hope this helps explains and dispels the myth that you have to use the Google wallet balance to use the wallet card. Just unchecked the option at the bottom and it will withdraw from your default card. I had it unchecked when I went to McDonald's it works.
+Johnny Bionic That is interesting. Every comment and document I've read from Google said or indicated that would not work. Now I wonder if it is supposed to work today way or is a bug.
Tom Kim
+Johnny Bionic What phone do you have and on what carrier? Most devices don't support tap to pay yet. When I go into my settings on my phone, I don't see the same things you see.
+Tomáš Maleček Unless the Czech Republic is ready to be annexed by the U.S., looks like you'll have to wait until Google gets the international banking deals worked out.
J'ai un problème avec google wallet, j'ai acheté un nom de domaine ( pour mon blog avec renouvellement automatique, alors que je l'utilise pas, je voudrais le retirer de la liste des domaine qui se renouvellent automatiquement mais je n'arrive pas car je n'ai pas l'interface google app (car je fais pas du commerce, j'ai SEULEMENT acheté un nom de domaine pour mon blog).

plz faite le nécessaire ou bien donnez moi un numéro pour vous appler car je n'ai pas de PIN ( je ne fais pas d'activité commerciale)
+Charles Bartley yes, you can, but it also means you need to do that funding step before you can use your card to make any purchases.

Edit: unless +Johnny Bionic has found the way to make it work. I'll have to test. 
When is AT&T gonna stop blocking the ability to use Google Wallet software via NFC on the devices on their network? Id really like to use my Galaxy S4 and leave my cards at home but AT&T wont let it work... #googlewallet   #google  
Having problems finding direct link to get card. I downloaded the google wallet app but don't know where to go from there.
Tom Kim
Log in to google wallet on a PC and it should have a link there. You might be able to do it through the app as well but I'm not 100% sure
Nice to hear iPhone users can use this now. What's the chances for Australians? Perhaps a trial run available only to your loyal nexus owners? ;)
I'm confirm receiving my Google wallet card into my house address information on 
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