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Associated Food Stores Adopts Google Wallet

Do you shop at Fresh Market, Macey’s, Dan’s, Lin’s or Dick’s Market? Today Associated Food Stores announced the following: 

"We are incredibly excited to make the shopping experience faster and easier with Google Wallet,” said Troy Thomas, vice president at AFS, one of Utah’s largest retail grocery chains. “Shoppers can add any credit card to Google Wallet, save relevant digital coupons from our website, and quickly checkout in the store by simply tapping their phone at the point of purchase.”

Learn more:
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I just want ISIS to hurry up and announce their plans... with or against Google Wallet. I love Google Wallet but the carriers dragging their feet isn't helping anyone.
awesome - keep up the great work!
Andrew Y
+Ryan White i just want to be able to make a CHOICE between ISIS and Wallet.  The fact that Verizon and others are blocking it is anti-competitive.  I hope some enterprising lawyer would step up and file a class action lawsuit against the carriers blocking Google Wallet.  I bet they would release it to the public pretty damn quick if that happened.  Then we would have a choice - the way it should be.  Instead, we have to swallow more lies from the carriers as to why Wallet isn't available (for stock, non-rooted users).
ISIS will hopefully at least get the NFC terminals in place so I can just use GWallet instead.
I'd really like a Passbook-type feature. Add loyalty cards from more sources
Cool! Need to get more retailers lined up. So far, here in Atlanta, I can go to CVS, McD's, Home Depot, Sports Authority and a few more I found thanks to the MasterCard PayPass locator app on Google Play. Keep it up and get some of those national retailers on your side!
I know longer give a sh** about Google Wallet. You have allowed it to be blocked on my Galaxy Nexus, it suddenly failed to work on my Nexus 7, and is no longer available at all for my "incompatible" devices. If I choose to use a similar payment system in the future it is going to be whichever one competes with you rather than works with you. Sorry. That's how I feel because of how I and my payment information are treated.
I seriously doubt Google wants any devices blocked... that would just be bad business. And why are you using a WiFi only tablet for mobile payments? Feels a bit trollish...
Don't expect a wide canvas of Isis until next summer. Get a Nexus 7 (which has no carrier control) and enjoy your Google Wallet experience like a lot of are already doing. The three carriers of Isis are in no rush. They know that when they do get Isis out, they'll be raking in the dough. I am glad Google Wallet has been making good strides and will continue to be my preferred mobile wallet option.
Uhm...Why am I using a wifi only tablet with NFC specifically for payments and Google Wallet that came with ten dollars and loaded my credit card information for multiple purchases and worked perfectly until the latest unavailable yet mandatory update for mobile payments? Good question... :/
One of the things I hate about G+ is that we take the time to follow / circle people and companies and we read their posts, and make comments and have discussions, and get no feedback.  It's like Google is trolling their own service.  Considering this is the 2nd post in 2 days that +Google Wallet has posted news, yet it does not interact with us in the comments.  Who exactly is posting for them? +Google Wallet - at least acknowledge our posts.  Too much to ask? Or just silence because you don't have any answers?  There's some quality comments in here that actually would make your product better.  There's some frustration with your product, and that should at least be acknowledged.
+Andrew Yarnall 

We absolutely agree that there are really amazing, quality comments on our Google+ page and appreciate your feedback. We're definitely listening carefully and working to acknowledge your posts. 

We don't have any updates to share, but can say we are actively talking to all the carriers and hope they will work with us on Google Wallet. The Google Wallet team is committed to the development of an open mobile commerce ecosystem and welcomes discussions with any potential partner, including credit card companies, payment networks, issuing banks, processors, merchants and others. 
+Derek Duncan Thanks for the feedback. We believe people should be able to keep everything in their digital wallet and we’re working hard to add more functionality to Google Wallet. 
Erich W
+Google Wallet in the future I would love digital receipts when I purchase goods from stores and would love to be able to use those if returns are needed. Also would love for you to partner with stores to offer us discounts or promotions for using +Google Wallet 
Thank you +Google Wallet . It is extremely frustrating to spend hard earend money on a best of breed android device to go though this idiocy with the carriers. It can be construed as an unfair competitive advantage and I hope Google acts accordingly. Android brings us choice, and it is why some of us shun apple and their closed ecosystem. The blocking by the carriers goes against the very spirit of the operating system. Again, thanks for your response. I think the community appreciates it and restores our faith that we aren't talking to a wall.
Why are the carriers even in the conversation? +Google Wallet is an app that uses features of Android and the devices that run it. I see no real technical difference between this and say +Google Maps, which uses the GPS radio in my phone and a data connection to show me maps. +Google Wallet uses the NFC chip and a data connection to let me charge things to a credit card.

The carriers see a financial transaction taking place and suddenly want a cut. Do they get a cut of all +Google Play transactions or In-App purchases?  Who owns the phone in my pocket anyway?

If this is truly meant to be a digital wallet, my carrier has no business in there anyway. They don't get paid any more if I use my phone (and their data network) to buy something from Amazon using a web browser. Why do they feel entitled to dictate how I can spend my money when using any other app on MY phone?
I'd love it if a grocery store in my area adopted Google Wallet for payment and store bonus! That and if Wallet worked on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.
+Stephen Wuebker call +Verizon Wireless and ask them why Google wallet won't work on the galaxy s3. Do the same for at&t. Let us know the bogus answer you get. That's why the carriers are in the conversation. They are releasing a competing service, so blocking wallet under the pretense of a security issue effectively limits their competition. Once you take away money from the carriers, there is no depth they won't reach to screw the consumer. Look what Verizon did with tethering. Took a lawsuit to correct it, and then it was too late because the share everything plans came out.
I would really love to see +Google Wallet partner with a big retailer like Target and more grocery stores. Those are places that a lot of people frequently shop at, and would create a lot of exposure for Google Wallet. REI would be awesome too!
I saw someone in my circles posted they used it at a Burger King somewhere. 
+Jason Miller I don't know why you are having problems using your Nexus 7 with Google Wallet, mine works just fine after the update.
Great! There will actually be somewhere in my town that I can use Google Wallet now.
I hope you're working on Dominick's, Jewel, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Treasure Island! :)
VZW GNex user here. This GWallet issue is so frustrating. Why should I have to root my phone to use an app that other companies use (i.e. Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile). Come on, even T-Mobile?? VZW is like Apple in this respect... this is why I have no Apple products other than my iPod Nano; I just wanted my phone for music (GMusic) but my wife insisted on "an iPod" (this said with a very condescending tone lol) :( Anyway, GWallet... come on Google, lets do this!!

I am a huge Google fan, and one of my best friends works for Google :)
What about adding receipts for previous purchase back to the phone/google account, so that you can search throughout your buying history?
+Google Wallet Get Google Wallet running internationally first, then add new features. The features available at the moment are satisfactory. We just want to pay for things. My bank and supermarket are waiting and NFC capable. 
How long is it going to take to get Google Wallet introduced in Europe??
The question for a European release cannot be asked often enough (until it launches anyway :P)
This is the power of +Google Wallet . Link payments & loyalty cards & coupons (via Offers even better). All automatically done at the register. Nice to see developments, but you need to go BIGGER. Forget focusing on these small chains and mom/pop storefronts and link up with a national retail partner (Kohles, Target, Walmart, BJ's, ect.).

I've said it time and time again. The "Soccer Moms" of the world will drive adoption of NFC payments more than tech geeks. Give them INCENTIVE to use it and they will. Show them they can save money by using it and give them the opportunity.
I would love to be able to use this. What I think blows as I can you get on my tablet. but when it comes to my samsung galaxy s 3 it does no good at all that I can even get the app for my phone. Side note I am on T Mobile
+Geoffrey Corey We're sorry to hear you're unable to use Google Wallet on your phone; Verizon has chosen not to support Google Wallet at this time. We are in active conversations with all carriers and hope to make Google Wallet available on more devices, across more carriers soon.
+Juan Romero +Andrew Bone +Maxim Armour We definitely hear you that international availability is a big request from our G+ community! We’re currently focused on the roll out of the Google Wallet app in the States. We do hope to make Google Wallet available internationally, but we don’t have a specific times to share right now.
+Google Wallet I would love to send the feedback through the app, but not able to download it in Norway. Can you send it to me? ;) got HTC One X
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