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Cool down, NYC
Summer officially hit yesterday, so you know what that means--ice cream sandwiches! Join us and +Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches  for free melty awesomeness and Google Wallet demos. We'll be at 68th & Lex (near Hunter) from 11-3 today. Stop by, and share a pic with #GoogleWalletTreats!
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I just spent a weekend in Atlanta and was surprised to not be able to use GoogleWallet anywhere we went...I'm from Birmingham and use it periodically at gas stations and CVS's every now and again.  We did stay off the beaten path a little.  
The name of this profile should just be changed to the NYC ice cream sandwich profile.
Your blaming the wrong people Karl.
I dont care whose fault it is. If its HTCs Google and Sprint need to be putting the pressure on, especially Google. Really making their brand look like crap.

I do believe this is an issue for google though because it has worked on the device until they locked us out.
+Karl Carpenter I would put my money on both HTC and Sprint dropping the ball. HTC has to come out with the update, and then Sprint has to approve it (which means modify it to their own ends). In any event, posting your complaint here in the Google Wallet account is not going to help much at all.
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