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Today we’re excited to announce a new feature, Orders, in the latest version of the Google Wallet app, rolling out this week on Android  [v 4.0+, US only] and iOS [v 6.0+, US only]. With Orders, you can automatically track your online orders, receive notifications about status updates, and track all your past orders, all in one place. Download or update the app soon, and get started using Orders. 

For Android, download here:
For iOS, download here:
Shop, save, and pay with your phone. • Carry your loyalty programs in the a...
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This app is starting to get bloated and confusing.

Now we can track packages with Now (via Gmail) and Wallet?
Still waiting for Google wallet app release in UK.. We can all be excited then!!
I'll be curious to get the update and check it out.  
+Matthew Valeri  Bloated?  If I order something, I think it's nice it will track the package.  It's probably using the same information in Google Now, since your account is linked.
What +Joel Pomales said - the description is confusing, so is it the frontend to the Google Now's tracking card or just orders made via Wallet?
I used Now to track my packages sometimes, but yeah, as others have said its linked to gmail effectively and Now just returns the data when I ask for it. 
I don't understand what stops Google to offer this service in other countries! Take a page from Amazon and Paypal!
Sounds good in theory. i'll just wait to see how this plays out
Bora U
+Keaton Smith It was released almost three years ago. Since Wallet constantly gets new features, international users will be waiting for a long time by that logic
+Google Wallet interesting. I've been tracking some orders through Google Now, but I certainly see the logic of sending push notifications instead of them being more passive.

I'll give it a shot as soon as the update hits the N5. Thanks for the response!!
Still waiting for UK availability..... 
+Google Wallet Will the order tracking functionality be available for those using Google Apps or is the same limitation in place that exists with package tracking via Google Now?
+Google Wallet Your specialist division is the most incompetent of all. Worst customer service I ever had in my life. No joke
Awesome! I hope that some one is working on Wallet for a smart watch. I think it would be used a lot more than on your phone.   
This is more like a central location to find your orders that have either been purchased via Google Wallet and/or shipping and receipts like Google Now does Gmail? Makes sense.
+Google Wallet So is this only for orders which were purchased using Google Wallet? What if I used a credit card associated with Google Wallet but not my Google Wallet card? Google Now still doesn't work for orders shipping via USPS or UPS. I only see Amazon orders in my Google Now. 
Didn't think you could make it better than perfect, but you have!
For you EU users wondering why it hasn't gotten there yet: look homewards to your privacy laws.  I'm curious if this is a melding of Google Wallet and Google Now into Google Me or Google Everything.  Waiting to get KitKat on my Verizon S3 to see if it actually will work.  And then I'll need to find places where it does work!
Love my wallet good job Google
Why not the rest of the world. We all have phones and cards to.
+Joel Pomales Not necessarily. I do see the redundancy though. Similarly, I get upcoming events in Now, which I like, but I can also see them in the Google+ app. I like that I will get notified in Now for items shipping, but if I want to see a structured list of everything, I can go into Wallet.
+Google Wallet why you, and Google in general don't give an estimation about your services expansions, if any!
Seeing "stay tuned" for years is like fooling your customers! (I am talking about +Google in general)

The right and fair thing to do, is to say:
"Coming to the next months.
Coming in the future.
No plans yet."

Books, movies, music, wallet, etc should better inform people about their availability!
Free services sadly don't need to do that. And giving an exact road map just helps their competitors +Paschalis Mpeis 
Come on google we don't have any international payment services in iran..... Be first!!! Create it
sigh,... I'll +1 for a release in Canada soon.
Wallet has been such a lesson in frustration with my Nexus 4, I stopped bothering with it to save my sanity. Too many embarrassing times in stores trying to tap and pay, only to fail due to lack of network connection. People in line behind me think it's real neat, as I fumble trying to get it to work. Yes, the help pages say it will work without internet. No, it does not. Yes, I have the app setup to never sign out. Only success I've had is in McDonald's where the building is small enough it doesn't cut off my signal.

Get the existing parts working before adding more. Why would I even try?
Doesn't work at all with AmazonSmile unfortunately.
I shouldn't have to do that, +Justin Stigall. it's supposed to work without network. I never sign out of the app. My provider is fine. Big box stores can act like Faraday cages and kill the signal. I shouldn't have to premeditate a purchase and set up the phone an hour ahead of time.
I want to be able to have my loyalty cards added to PassBook on iOS.  Would make the app incredibly useful.
It wasn't just me, a lot of others had the same issues. It's been awhile since I've tried it, maybe it's working better now. I'll give it another shot.
That's cool and all, but can you add the ability to request money from a friend?  And to see all transactions with a certain friend?
Bill le
It looks really good. I still cannot use it.
Stop adding new features for a while and focus on bringing the existing app to other markets like the UK. There's a whole world outside the USA you know.
+Google PlayBut are my jelly beans and kitkat candies safe from the play store attack on items with that name? Oh God the horror! I bet they break in in the middle of the night and take my candy leaving behind a scolding letter reprimanding me. Hide! 
+Garrett Johnson the phone version somehow works differently. It won't unlock if you dont have a network connection. Try putting you phone into airplane mode and open the wallet app. It said network connection is required. A few versions back the app was able to unlock without a connection, but some recent update reverted it back. As much as I like the wallet app and use it everywhere I can. It is a problem, and its also correct that I shouldnt have to prepare it so I can make a successful purchase. Most people will try it just once, if it doesnt work, most will not bother to try it again. So google does have to work on fixing that. 
I don't think Google Wallet is bloated. In fact it ultimately needs to be your one stop shop for budgeting much like
It would be really nice if they would roll this out to the UK too
I'm concerned if my phone got stolen that it would be easy to take my cash.
The wallet app can be remotely deactivated if the phone get lost or stolen. 
Seriously? This works for @gmail addresses only, and not for Google Apps accounts? 
+Matthew Valeri Currently gNow is only available for the Nexus and GPE devices. That leaves hundreds of millions Android users with the need to track packages. Not to mention this may push more people to use Google Wallet. The more people (average user) that use Wallet means more locations with tap to pay.. Let's hope
+patricia bills you can password protect the Google Wallet app and you can set an app lock time value. Here's how. Open the Wallet app>click the hamburger (icon with 3 lines) >settings>Wallet PIN. 
Does anyone know exactly why Google isn't enabling these features for Google Apps accounts? They must have a good reason, but I wish they would let us decide. sadface
I have tried it a couple of times. it just wants me to send my drivers license and a utility bill again, and again, and again. I keep thinking next time it will add wanting a copy of a sigmoidoscopy video
Cant you already do this with Google now?
I contacted them on their email and asked about UK. Got the standard we hope to be doing some exciting things for our customers this year! 
We couldn't start your purchase because of a technical issue.
+Suren Seven : Recently my debit card started appearing in the list of cards when buying apps but when I chose it to pay, it says the currency is not supported. 
+Google Wallet : Please show India some love. Apple has decided to take India seriously by opening stores in the tier two cities too. +Google : US is not the entire world. 
Why not in canada I have a 25 play store card I cant use WTF ?
Folks, sometimes its government regulations that cause apps/products not to be released. Take a look at your country/state legislation before blaming google.

It also may be a situation, where Google research shows the product may not make money in a certain area. Lastly, there may be a situation where google doesn't have the infrastructure to bring a product.
Mostly it's the laws. Google essentially has to be a bank to offer this. Every country has different banking laws, and Google is still revising this product. Once they've got it stable and proven, they can start rolling in other countries as they figure out how to comply with their laws without in the process coming out of compliance with other countries' laws.

It will get incredibly complex after the first couple of countries.
+Andrew Jorgensen This, a thousand times This!!!.  Why only with accounts?  I use a gApps account for my personal email now, which means it is also the account on my phone and everything.

When will Gmail Cards and this work with App Accounts?  Maybe in an Apps account put a flag to 'act' like a '' account so we get in on these features.
Biggest problem I have with +Google Wallet is that if a transaction is declined for whatever reason the amount isn't returned to the balance immediately. I always have to wait up to 30 days for my next statement before it is returned.

Happened to me twice already and again today. $130 added to wallet balance - $21.56 approved and $62.92 declined. Balance shows $45.52 remaining.

$62.92 in limbo and no one at support can tell me why it was declined or where it went just like the last time.
My wallet didn't work today (after the update 
+Andre roid Clear the cache and reboot.  I notice sometimes after an update, you need to do that for wallet.
Brian G
Google Now already does this and I love it! I feel sorry for other countries that don't have this... Eh maybe not! Haha. Just kidding.
Brian G
It was just announced today so probably in a few weeks.
The mobile app needs a timeout setting to require a password/pin after the timeout period. Every other financial app has this, come on Google, this is a glaring and dangerous oversight.
+Patrick Freeman It does time out.  You are familiar with the app, yes???

There is an option  If you hit settings>wallet PIN you see a time out.  15 min is the shortest time.

In addition, you can have PIN on "never" yet hit the options button to "lock" the app at any time.
Yeah this would be awesome if it were actually available in New Zealand. C'mon Google get it together
Yea, I didn't see it in settings because I thought 'wallet pin' was to set the pin :o, but there was the timeout seeing there too :/ doh! 
please mr google wallet let us fix the problem we are haveing with my google wallet account .
Great card to use fast transfer of funds...
I get a message that I'm not using a gmail account... I have a Google apps domain that I've been using for years, and I'm disappointed that it isn't recognized for this.
Why dont have malaysia? Fix it plz....
Just recently moved to Puerto Rico from the US for the tax incentives, and I can't use the Google wallet card here! Very annoying..
Why is this thing only available in the US?!?!?! With so many Google users overseas.... This is ridiculous 
Would be more exciting if it was available outside United States. Come on Google, its about time you rolled Google Wallet out in other countries. 
It pisses me off that Google has this double standard when it comes to content for US citizen verses world citizens (in my case UK)
stuff like google glass/wallet should have come out years ago
Is there any way you can restrict these posts to just those who are in the US? Every time I see a post from +Google Wallet I hope it's to announce a Uk launch but the endless disappointment continues!
Nope!  It's stupid because I bought two Nexus 5 and one Nexus 7 directly from Google Store, delivered to Puerto Rico US.  Also, I'm suscribed to Google Music. I visited two different Walgreens here in PR (with acutal +Google Wallet logo at cash register) but transaction was declined because "International transactions are not supported at this time." Damn it!  We're not international!
Have to get an iPhone if you don't update wallet to uk before Apple pay. hurry up please :0)
I made a purchase from Puerto Rico, directly from your store using Google Wallet.  On 12/4/2013 I ordered a Nexus 7 (2013).  Also in July 30 I bought two Nexus 5.  But if I want to pay on Walgreens or CVS (for example) using Google Wallet, it was declined, because "International transactions are not supported at this time."

But it's no true.  If you have a Sprint Version of the Galaxy Nexus S, you could pay using Google Wallet here in Puerto Rico.  In this example, Wilton bought a Coke at Best Buy in Plaza Río Hondo, Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

Here's the video:

As you can see, you have the hability to accommodate purchases made in Puerto Rico.  However, Google doesn't have the interest on bring us that technology.  It's not fair that US considered us as INTERNATIONAL, but the rest of the world consider us part of US.

Worst of all, we, puertoricans (including me) keep supporting Google.  You have the tools to change that.  Bring it on!
Hopefully Apple Pay will give Google the push it needs to release this app somewhere other than the bloody US! Bring it to the UK soon, please!
Hey Google, please respond with a release date for Google Wallet in the UK!!
Definitely need this in the UK
Hey so Puerto Rico is part of USA so why dose it keep saying declined because "International transactions are not supported at this time." We're not international!!!
There is a bug. "Track my packages" doesn't recognize my Google Apps for business domain. When I try to activate it, it says you must use a account.
I have the same problem as David Phillips.  Google Wallet refuses to track my orders on my Google Apps account!
+Joshua Colon I think they finally fixed it!!!! Yesterday I was able to complete a payment in Walgreens (Dorado, PR) using Tap and Pay with my Nexus 5. I'll try in a different store and let you know. Please try it, and keep me posted about results.
CVS is not working. They said is not properly configured yet. So, appears to be a matter of time.
+Javier Lopez If you're able to install Wallet from Google Play Store, and your device have NFC, should work. Remember to select US as a Country, and PR as state when you configure the wallet account.
+Javier Ponce every time I try to open the app it says google wallet not supported in your country. What are you guys doing to get it to work I have PR as the state and US as the country but it stil doesnt work
Carlos, check if you have any other address with PR as Country, not only at Wallet configuration... check all Google Control Panel too.
Google wallet please come to uk
+Javier Ponce+Joshua Colon​ quick update, Google banned Puerto Rico so we cannot make payments anymore. I've tried a couple of times. It gets declined stating that country is not supported. 
+mario medina I successfully completed a payment few minutes ago at Walgreens in Dorado. Be aware, if you select cash back, transaction will not go through.
I always select debit and use the wallet pin. Works for me. Need to try using credit and see if it works.
If Puerto Rico is in the Country list, why when I try to install it says not available in my country?
Why project ARA is launching in Puerto Rico and we can't still use NFC payments in says Transaction can't be done outside US....although we are part of US???
You won't have to select anything. Only press your pin. I use my debit cards. I haven't linked any bank accounts 
Recently all my transactions in PR are being declined. Anybody else with the same issue? 
Yes. The same is happening to me and to a friend from work. I raised the issue with Google Wallet support and at the end they told me to try on another store. I did and the same error happened. I advice that all of you raise the issue with support so they take notice and see if it gets solved.
Me too I got declined transactions in Walgreens
It says that is US only. I was using without problem and suddenly stop working
Lets make as many support request as needed to Google wallet Support to have this fixed. It used to work so the canned response of: "it only works in the 50 states" just doesn't explains it.
Me too it doesn't work anymore in PR last successful transaction was on march 18th before that it worked fine.
+Google Wallet​ where did this feature go? It is indispensable! Absolutely the best secondary reason beyond payments to be a Wallet user.
+Javier Ponce Do you think we can punish them changing to Apple? Because Apple pay work here since the beginning. 
 It does not work in Puerto Rico even when PR is part of US. I receive this message when I pay "Google Wallet transactions can only be made in the US."
Why Google? why? I can only hope that Samsung be smarter than Google and provide support to PR with Samsung Pay.
I really don't understand the division they have there between products and services. It's true that the wallet work with Sprint but doesn't work with other carriers? At the end they are losing money. I already buy the extra space on Google Drive and products on their store (Nexus 6 for example). They are loosing money everyday making us apart of the payment services. Apple pay works here and also Microsoft payment is registered to start in Puerto Rico. Don't sleep to deep Google. 
I got the same issue! For some time now I've been receiving the same message. Every intent to use the app is declined. I used the wallet app frequently. 
They hear and work but don't answer immediately haha. And sometimes ignore us. Please continue sending emails to support. I will do my part. 
Don't work in Puerto Rico. Everyone I tried to use the tap and pay the transaction declined. 
Yes. When I was with Sprint work like charm. But now I'm on T-Mobile and doesn't work. The are running bad the business with Puerto Rico. Maybe Android pay will work. 
It works now with the new android pay app if you can get it to activate.
Yes it seems to work if your credit card is from one of the supported banks. 
I will test soon and let everyone know. I can configure without trouble. Thanks! 
Please let us know. I have two bank accounts (one from Banco Popular and the other Santander). I lost my Santander card (planning on getting a new one), but tried with Banco Popular (Visa) and it didn't work. 
Please let us know. I have two bank accounts (one from Banco Popular and the other Santander). I lost my Santander card (planning on getting a new one), but tried with Banco Popular (Visa) and it didn't work.
Cards from Amex, Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo, USAA, and a few other US banks work.
OK, thank you guys. My cards are from Amex and Bank of America. So I will check out soon and let you know. Samsung Pay start tomorrow and is very promising. I want also to test that in Puerto Rico. 
Javier López, Miguel Flores-Tirado and Víctor C Rivera is working! Android Pay work with my American Express and Bank of America card. Today I also test Samsung Pay in Olive Garden and works perfectly. The waitress was in shock of how is possible to do that haha, it was like magic. The new technology in the S6, S6 Edge, Note 5 and Edge+ is amazing. Easy, fast and work with NFC or almost any other machine who accept credit cards. And work in Puerto Rico at launch, learn something Google! Poor Apple I don't understand how people say they are always innovating and iPhones do not have the half of the technology of a new Samsung phone (display, remote control, heart rate monitor, ultra power saving mode, wireless charging, fast charging, new payment technology, side sync etc, etc). Tomorrow the new Nexus 5x and and 6p, Android Marshmallow and the new chromecast. 
Thank you! I have a Nexus 6, so no Samsung pay for me. 
Yes only works on S6, S6 edge, Note 5 and S6 edge+ It was a new technology from a company named LoopPay that Samsung buy some time ago. But guys, buy one s6 EDGE for spare hahaha. One Nexus for speed updates and one Samsung for featuring haha. But Android pay is working great too!
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