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The Google Wallet Mobile ATM

Tired of digging in your pocket to find crumpled, ripped one dollar bills? Wish that crisp $1, $2, and $50 bills were available on demand? Take a look at our Google Wallet Mobile ATM.

The Mobile ATM device easily attaches to most smartphones and dispenses money instantly and effortlessly– forever ending your search for the nearest bank or convenience store. Just type in your personal pin code on your cell phone and access all your cash from the palm of your hand. Learn more here:
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Chris Brown
ABOUT TIME! I heard Verizon is blocking it though because they have their own version coming out. 
April Fools is not available on Canada. :P

Sorry I just had too! :D <3
Let me guess: not compatible with Galaxy Nexus on Verizon? 
I thought the storage specs of the LGN4 were an early April fools joke. Sadly I was wrong. 
So, this will replace NFC-based payment?
Why did you guys post this? Now Verizon will want to create their own conglomerate and build their own fake Mobile ATM, only test it, and in turn block you guys from the process.

This is sweet but I still think the #GoogleNoseBeta  takes the cake :)
Happy April fools day!
+Google Wallet on a day like today you should know better to announce new… *reads article* almost had me, good one. 
This April Fools joke would be funnier if Google Wallet were actually enabled on more phones.
Maybe the carriers will actually let this one through.   Although I'm sure they're probably busy working on their own version so they can block Google's.

Can it dispense coins as well?
Better still, have the device shred the dollars as you deposit them. Let's get rid of hard cold cash, and keep it all in the cloud instead.
Is it still before 12pm over there?
Is this available on Verizon? Because I'm sure Nose won't be 
Well the US governement prints money....why not google?
Can anyone help me? I keep looking at my account settings and setting the currency to Euros, but it keeps defaulting to Drakmas.  
Oh Hell!  I thought I had it set to dollars, but it changed to Lira.  I told it to give me $100 and it's doing single Lira :-)  If I cant' stop it, I'll run out of paper...
I think a better April fools joke would have been a headline reading "Verizon unblocks Google Wallet" I would have believed that for a couple of minutes.
+Mark Swope Just call us and we'll send an armored, self-driving car over to refill. 
+Robert Bruno Unfortunately, it currently only dispenses paper money, but thanks for feature request - we've noted your feedback!
I'm sure Verizon won't pick this up. 
This is pretty funny, almost everyone here thinks this is real. April Fools!. C'mon guys, an armored car that comes to you when it runs low on cash? Also, it would be probably be illegal for such a device to exist due to counterfeiting. You can't just make a device that prints cash and sell it to the public like this.
Oo I understand today is 1st April nice joke! !
+Clyde Frog or the people who already know it's a joke just carry it on so other people are really faked out...
I would definitely love that.
Will it be able to dispense a 1 trillion dollar coin as well? 
Sweet!  Is there a pre-order?
I'm so going to get this for my rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Along with the physical card Google has been taking about for months now and yet to produce. 
I think apple already has this patented ... If not they will say they do.
Working on something similar!!
When is the Windows Phone version available? 
Fooling World around is soo funny..! No wonder i fell for it..
Google Wallet finally released internationally...would have been a great April Fool's Joke. Glad I finally gave up on waiting for this crap, seeing how its never gonna make it outside the US.
I m give special thanks to google team if they create my wallet when i add my master cart the error occured RPC S-7AEC0 when i add my ddd accoount the same error occured what should i dow plz fix this bug 
Please, give a phone number for contact to you, i am interested in attach google wallet to my online store for my customer
Waiting for google wallet in Brazil :(. Please google, more attention with Brazil :(.
Going the extra cyber mile to create seemless conumer purchase experiences... gotta love universal commerce!
Bitcoin is not only a MUST for this wallet. The question is will you miss the boat by not supporting it or not.
Agreed Bitcoin needs to be added to this wallet. The question really is why isn't it already?
Adding Bitcoin to the Google Wallet service would actually be a ground breaking idea.
Make it work on every device first. Then you'll get widespread adaptation 
Just saw this today, looked at date of post. Bastards.
I kept wondering how this was possible, then i looked at the date.
Is Google Wallet...dead? What ever happened to 'a new version of Google Wallet is coming'.

Come on IO
G Wallet is inoperative on the HTC One with Sprint. It was working on the older HTC phones.
+Karl Tuazon I know. I have registered my interest about 20 times now...... Every time I see a contactless paypoint (in the UK) I wish I could whip out my N4 and surprise the cashier....
I have the Motorola Razr Maxx HD for Verizon when are you going to come out with Google Wallet for my phone
We'd take your April Fools jokes with more of a sense of humour..

If we actually thought you did any work either side of it...

How long 'til it's a global product? Seriously? 
2 days ago I top up my wallet using Google Play Gift Card, I try to purchase jewel in Monster Warlord Game.. I got error message.. And suddenly my account got suspended.. But my saldo decreased.. Already report but still no response.. I lost $200 and didn't get my jewel.. Is this company named GOOGLE??
And to hear word that Apple are developing their own system.. The only ones looking like fools will be you, should it launch on a global scale before you.. :s
When Google Wallet APP will work for 100% in Poland??? Any news, ideas?
Why is Google blocking Wallet from working on some devices?  Galaxy Note 2.  It was working via a workaround, so they torpedoed the workaround.  Please tell us why.
+Andrew Abraham On my (rooted but stock ROM) Nexus 7 - I don't want to risk my phone yet - it actually shows the Google Wallet app in Orange Backup's uninstaller, but I can't launch it. Still, might have some news tomorrow as I/O is up and running.
I actually bought that for a second. Well payed, Google. (All puns intended.)
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