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MetroPCS Adds Support for Google Wallet

Are you a MetroPCS subscriber? We're happy to announce that MetroPCS now supports Google Wallet! If you have a Samsung Galaxy SIII on MetroPCS, visit the Play Store and download Google Wallet to begin shopping with a smarter, safer wallet: 
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This item cannot be installed in your device's country. :-((
I wish Verizon would add it.  Them and their stupid ISIS system.
yet another fake announcement that some phone company 'supports' wallet. 'Support' here means 'no longer blocked for no reason at all'. This app should never have had anything to do with who transports the TCP/IP packets between the phone and the wallet server. It has nothing to do with the carrier and google made it this way to the detriment of its users. I have the unlocked Google Nexus S phone which has all the capabilities needed but Google will not support it on my phone because I am not playing idiot games with a phone carrier data plan. There is no technical reason why the store wi-fi could not be used, or simply transfer the credit card info to the store system using NFC.
+Dale Schultz open wifi in retail stores is a potential security hazard. Anyone that can attach to that network can potentially use a packet sniffer to steal credit card numbers.
+justin wright  the phone carriers are not the only way to get a secure connection. SSL can hand off to an even secure encrypted protocol. just as easily.  And somehow letting the phone company know that this traffic is a financial transaction is good for what reason???
+justin wright plus, anyway I suspect that no credit card numbers are moving across the wire from the phone anyway. I think Google announced some time ago that they only keep that on their servers.
Any word on when Verizon will unblock this?
I don't see why this is such a big deal here in the US.  Europe and Asia have been doing these kinds of transactions for years and it seems to work flawlessly.  

Let's get with the times people.  Hard currency is going the way of the DoDo.  
+justin wright  Agreed. "blocked for no reason at all" is obviously overlooking the massive financial security risks that any carrier has to look at for an application like this. i.e., what if an unknown hack puts tons of user's data at risk? Who's financially liable for the cleanup? I'm betting the carriers want to absolutely, positively make sure it's not them, so delays from legal wrangling is understandable. However, while I understand the delays, the fact that Sprint and MetroPCS allow it while Verizon and AT&T don't, does frustrate me. Possibly enough to switch carriers in the future.
I have no problem with Isis.  I just want to have the option to use whichever payment system I want.  Why can't I have both Google wallet and Isis installed on my device?  I would think that would expand the pool of available retailers where I would be able to pay with NFC.  The salt in the wound is that the Isis app is available where?  You guessed it, Google Play.  :o\
+Nathan Wood  if you were a carrier and did not want to get blamed, you would simply stay right out of it altogether right?
The only reason that carriers are able to block this (as in the case of Verizon) and the blocking of the others who have not entered into an agreement with Google is because Google made it work that way on purpose. The fact that one absolutely cannot get Google to make any statement on this is very telling. They respond to other posts but always pretend they never see questions asking why this should have anything to do with the carrier. They know.
+Dale Schultz Yes, it's all a conspiracy, I'm sure. :) Just the man, keepin' you down! Hehe.
+Dale Schultz I think you might be mistaken. If you recall, when google announced the Galaxy Nexus they delayed the launch in the US for several weeks because Verizon wouldn't agree to allow +Google Wallet . Google eventually gave in because customers were getting antsy. Google Wallet does not need an internet connection of any kind to make transactions. Your device keeps your information local, not in the cloud. That's why the fund I had in my prepaid card on my Nexus 7 were not visible anywhere else. I use my Nexus 7 for payments all the time without any internet connection. Carriers are to blame for this. They have chosen to be anti competitive with there ISIS platform and push Google Wallet off their phones.
I'm absolutely 100% for #boycottISIS  for one reason and one reason only --- because its backers are anti-competitive
It is possible to install Google Wallet on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, you just have to download the apk directly.
+Ryan Newcomb the transactions are stored in the cloud, but your information is stored on your device. So you can make transactions without an Internet connection, but you won't be able to see the transaction in +Google Wallet until you establish an Internet connection. As far as being able to hack Wallet, Wallet is protected by a pass code. So the only way to reach the app or files are through the pass code. Hope this helps. :-) 
+Dale Schultz +justin wright On the Nexus 7 you don't need Wi-Fi for Google wallet to work. Even when I had I hacked Google wallet onto my Verizon GS3 I didn't need to have Wi-Fi on or have my data on. The only prerequisite is that you have to have your home screen unlocked. That's it.
+Google Wallet I would love to know if the Verizon GS3 will ever get Google Wallet. Love it on my Nexus7. Would love to have it in my phone as well. 
Come on Verizon!  How long does one need to wait !?!?!  SHEEESH !!
Google Wallet is awesome and a solid competitor for PayPal. My only problem with this service, other than the limited devices that offer it, is the fact that you can hardly use it anywhere. Macy's, 711, and a few others. That's it.
WOW +Google Wallet!  A new version of Google Wallet is coming, and you're asking for invites! I'm excited! Hopefully this is an international version. But why are you letting iOS users get in on the action before your dedicated android users around the world. We've waited over a year now just to get Google Wallet. If iOS gets Google Wallet before the rest of the world, then I'm leaving Android. I'm on Jellybean 4.1.2 and still not allowed it, seems like iPhone is getting a premium service to push NFC usage. What a joke!
Google wallet worked just fine on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. That was until I rooted it, and they updated wallet and I couldn't download it directly from the Play Store. So I side loaded it, and it works fine again. Don't need root to side load by the way. Just install the .apk file and wallet will work. 
Verizon people, you can add #googlewallet to your phone. Just Google it. You don't need root. Side load the apk and your good to go. Been using it on my Nexus for months. 
If this goes to ios before reaching Canadian Android users (or any other country for that matter, I'll reactivate my old flip phone... Not that you guys care. Just making my tiny little "stand of defiance" :)
Is there an eta on when it will be coming to Canada
I think google wallet's new version will be integrated somehow as part of the Android 4.2 announcement.
Will this be supported in T-Mobile merges with MetroPCS?
When are we going to be able to it on Verizon?
Guys, read the comments. Hanna put up a link to Android Central, simple apk download and you will have Google Wallet. Don't wait for Verizon, you can have it right now. 
Just wondering will google wallet come to Canada? I can't seem to find any info about it.
Come on, Google, flip Verizon the bird and remove all carrier restrictions on Wallet in the Play Store. It's just an app, no different from Maps or Google+. Verizon has no right to block it, so just flip the switch!
I too am confused why you need the support of carriers. What's in the way?
When are you going to write a complaint to the FTC and tell them that Verizon is stifling competition by not allowing other mobile payment apps on phones that run on their network? How is the legal for them to tell me what I can and cannot put on my phone? That would be like Comcast telling me I can't put program "A" on my computer.
Verizon is actually specifically prohibited from doing this on LTE devices, as part of the rules they signed up for when they acquired Upper Block C spectrum (what they use for LTE) in Auction 73.  The FCC even gave them a slap on the wrist for blocking tether apps recently.

Why the FCC hasn't slapped them harder (eg: threaten to revoke their Block C license) over Wallet is beyond me.
@James Mason - that's a good point. I've filed a complaint with both the FCC and BBB in regards to this. I purchased a RAZR HD fully intending to utilize Google Wallet, but unfortunately found out that VZW blocks it even on it's newest phones.
+James Mason I still believe because there was an exclusive agreement with Sprint until recently.  There has to be more to the story than just Verizon blocking it.
The Nexus S didn't have it until recently and the Nexus S 4G had it since launch.  It recently was able to download it just before the Galaxy Nexus was released.
Not all the Galaxy Nexus have it unless it is specifically sold from the play store, and the Sprint version.
Something just doesn't fly with me I guess.  A piece of the puzzle is missing.  FCC didn't bother with Wallet as there is something they know that Google isn't saying.
I was thinking possibly Sprint gets a cut if any other carrier wants wallet, but that is speculation in my part.  I wish Google would man up and say what the problem really is.
+Drew Logan Wallet came pre-installed and working on the Galaxy Nexus when I got it. I was able to download updates from the Play Store as well. One of the updates removed support for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus in the Play Store, so I couldn't download it directly anymore. But downloading the .apk file from the internet to my phone manually works fine, and the app runs great. Still using the latest version of Wallet on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus with no issues. Just because Verizon has Google block the app in the Play Store, doesn't mean the app doesn't work. 
Hello + Verizon! Get the message... We want wallet. Give up on Isis and give your customers what they want....please.
I have T-Mobile and Wallet works fine on it. Well it did work up until an update a week and a half ago. Now I just get "Add Card Failed" errors.  

Not paying $350 for another Galaxy Nexus just to get this working again. Especially when support can't tell me why it happens or how it's fixed. 
+Gerald Ruiz Try this:
1) Open the Google Wallet app, go to settings, and select "Reset Google Wallet".  Exit the app.
2) Go into the phones settings, apps, find the Google Wallet app, tap on it, and select Clear Data.  Then uninstall the app (or updates).
3) Re-install the Google Wallet app.
4) Make sure your NFC is on, and launch the Wallet app
5) Follow the set-up instructions to activate the app on your phone.  Check to see that everything is functioning.
My Google wallet account was on hold. How to fix it?
+Chris Pidek I've reset and reinstalled Wallet many times. The issue isn't activating the account. The issue is that my cards won't add. Tested on a Nexus 7 and Nexus S and everything works fine. But my Galaxy Nexus only gives me "add card failed".

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since I've contacted support. And I've sent 5 emails with screenshots since then detailing everything.

The only reply I've gotten from support is an email 6 days ago saying "we're looking into it" only because I complained on Twitter.

How do they expect the service to catch on when the support is so terrible?
I have a Google (Asus) Nexus 7 tab and can't install Google Wallet from Google play, it says "This app is incompatible with all of your devices."
Is this one of many things we Danes never will get to Denmark or what is this?
I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I am unable to install wallet on my phone. It says device is incompatible. Why is this so?
I have the Moto Maxx HD, please give me Google Wallet.........
S Nimmo
Does S2 Have NFC?  I have a friend that has one and I didn't think it did...
(not need apple shit)
So, how is it not an anti trust violation for Verizon to block me from installing wallet on my NFC phone? They are doing this to protect their competing product Isis which isn't even available in my area. This is the definition of anti-competitive
Everyone needs to file a complaint with the FCC. I did
Side loading the apk isn't working for the RAZR hd
come on google wallet why my account was on hold again!? I just used my sister cc because my cc doesn't have visa that's all.. And there's no email for the reason..
+Google Wallet I used it on a vending machine and nothing was despenced the machine then showed a transaction of $0.00 on the display but my debit card was charged $1.50 for the item I intended to purchace who should I contact? By the way I love it on my nexus 7 but dont always have it on me I just want it to work on my T-Mobile gs3 any word on an agreement with +T-Mobile 
** I'm trying to reach someone to figure out how to prevent accidental purchases on my Android phone! I just got charged for 3 x $9.99 for items in a game that I did not make, I suspect my grandson (age 6) did it accidentally. In Amazon there is a PIN to protect from this, I can't find any info on it anywhere!
Susan, go into play store, settings then set or update pin
Turns out that IN-app purchases don't have to use a PIN if the game developer doesn't say it's OK. I talked to Google App folks and they suggested I REMOVE my credit card info and enter it by hand each time I do want to make a purchase. 
Is very frustrating when im not have access to my own accounts
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