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Google Wallet Now Available On More Phones

It’s been an exciting day for Google Wallet @ I/O.  We’ve just announced new features that let you easily send money ( and buy online (  We’re also pleased to announce that you can buy in stores ( with even more phones: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note II and HTC One on Sprint, and Samsung Galaxy Note II on US Cellular.  

Just download the Google Wallet app from the Play store (, enable NFC, and tap to pay!
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Now if it were only available at more businesses. Last two times I tried to use it where it "should" have worked were total #FAIL .
Ben Bowen
So disappointing Big Red doesn't offer GW... 
Shawn Co
Frickin frackin. Hey +T-Mobile let's get with the program please!
Side load the APK +Ben Bowen ,it works fine!! I can't wait to ditch VZW in 10 months.
I've rooted and tried side loading, still can't get it to work on Verizon.
+Rich Tennant You need to modify your build.prop file to the maguro build.    Load the app, do not update, modify the file above, reboot, run out and buy yourself a Big Mac and a sixer.
Will it actually work now? I haven't been able to use it since I got my Nexus 4. It wouldn't load for a few months, then it wouldn't complete transactions. I've given up on it.
Sorry +Rich Tennant I did not read the post carefully and made an assumption that it was GNex. Not sure about the Droid.
damn, now i have to wait for a updated version of the apk. Tmobile needs to quit their shit lol i hate sideloading
+Verizon Wireless you such. I've seen someone post it and I agree. Get the nexus devices or I'll leave. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way!
Man I so so so wish this was available on the galaxy nexus.
every time I try to side load, on razr maxx hd. It begins to install, but says app not installed after it completes. 
Payments it's a tough business keep whacking the payment industry into the future
I love using Wallet. Fastest checkout at 7-11, ever!
This is just part of the reason that I'm ditching Verizon. I bought a Galaxy Nexus thinking that I would have the Google experience. But they just can't do it right. I don't want to have to edit my build.prop to run perfectly legitimate apps. I'm buying a Nexus 4 and moving to T-Mobile this week. I'll happily pay the early termination fee to do so. 
And yet still not available in the UK!
+Erik Jensen there is no need to edit the build.prop or root with Verizon, just side load the latest GW apk and turn on NFC, and it works just as it does on any other NFC enabled phone
Any word on availability in Australia yet? please? :)
Read compatibility with Note 2. Immediately looked for the download and was disappointed. Then I came back and saw just the sprint one. You suck Tmo!
Sideloading works fine on my Galaxy Nexus
+John Millaway that doesn't work, the app is still blocked after install. It's blocked from inside the app, at least on my Verizon GS3.
Sideloading is one thing, but if the service isn't available then just running the app isn't going to help much.
Great more phones, what about more carriers? 
Who cares? We can't even use the app here in Great Britain yet! When are we going to bloody get it?
+Travis Hendricks agreed looks like side loading does only completely work on the VZW galaxy nexus without root, DNA and gs3 require root and modding the build.prop
If only it was officially supported on the VZW GNex. A boy can dream...
Im rooted on sprint with stock, but hid my root still says not available on my carrier....running 4.1.2. Anyone know the issue or a fix? Please help!
+Lukasz Luszcz the post says that note 2 is officially supported now...I know the old way (but never bothered) but now it is officially supported, I shouldnt have to right? Do you think my having root (even though I did a temp unroot) effected the connecting of the app to the server? 
I HATE YOU VERIZON WIRELESS!! free Google Wallet!!
Just release the damn thing in Australia, all the stores have paywave terminals damn it!
Oh come on! What about the Motorola Photon Q, that originally was supposed to support Google Wallet?? PLEASE add support for my phone already!
+Google Wallet after downloaded and installed Im getting not available for device or carrier. Im using my sprint galaxy note 2. 
It is consistently giving me an error message of "Device set-up failed."  It shows up as active on my google account.  What gives?  Running CM10.1 nightly on my Sprint GN2
You got further than me +Francis Sohn and I am stock.. I get stuck at not available on your device/ carrier even though I am note 2 sprint. 
+John Millaway tried installing the apk, and I get a message stating "this device and mobile network not yet supported."
Sucks that it doesn't work on verizon.
Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100
This item cannot be installed in your device's country.

-- this is what it says in the Google Play store.
+Eric Wilson It may be AT&T and VZW blocking it but Google could do much more, for example call attention to the reality that the carriers are blocking it which the carriers are currently denying via legalese.

If AT&T and +Verizon Wireless  say they aren't "blocking" Wallet (which is exactly what they are saying to the FCC and the public) then Google should just call their bluff and release Wallet for every NFC capable phone, since they (the carriers) aren't "blocking" it they shouldn't have any problems with that right?
+Frankie Batista It's working on yours? I'm on Sprint, too. I can download it from the Play Store now, but it won't complete setup. Hm. Are you rooted?
Doesn't work on my Sprint Note II, but it could be because I'm running CM10.1. 
+Adam Parish This is true.  But I have no sympathy for them.  It's bad enough that the Nexus turned out to be fo-stock Android phone, but the Google Wallet situation just adds insult to injury.  The least +Verizon Wireless can do is let us have Google Wallet, especially screwing up the last Android update. 
+Ismael Rodriguez nope. I can't get past the not available screen. Yes I'm rooted, running a custom on ROM 4.1.2

Thought it had to do with root and /or not having stock but +Eric Wilson has stick and even hid his root. I'm going to contact Google as soon as I get home. There's a lot of people having issues with sprint gnote2. So its not a small issue.
So, we can download it with an AT&T GS4, but can't actually use it?
Does anyone know when this thing is coming to Europe, specifically Denmark...?
Well I have an unlocked and unbranded phone...  It doesn't work for me... It get's treated as a international device...  If you want to get beyond the "carriers" you shouldn't be actively blocking out devices on your own. 
This pithy and world-changing comment is not available in your country
Still can't pair my debit card with google wallet. It said to call my bank bla bla for what reason? I can do paypal, top up steam and other. Already email   google 2 weeks ago still no respond.
...and still not available in Canada.  Awesome.
What we really want is the Google Wallet physical card and accompanying app. At least give us a Google Wallet management app even if we can't actually use it for in store payments.
I'd really love a physical card as well. Several places around me have the nfc readers but they are just turned off!
+Lukasz Luszcz yeah, was doing in just in case. Have no idea why it isnt working. Called support and looking for answers. 
Still useless. Still can't run it on the Galaxy S3. 
This account should really be renamed "Google Wallet US"...
Or more accurately "google wallet, only a few carriers"
Please release to Canada!
+wayne clark
Hey Wayne. Verizon has chosen not to support Google Wallet at this time. We are in active conversations with all carriers and hope to make Google Wallet available on more devices across more carriers soon.
+Google Wallet should all note 2 sprint phones work now, or are you still rolling it all out? 
+Google Wallet Why does it matter what the carriers "support"? the carriers are claiming that they aren't blocking anything and are trying to put the blame on you.

What's to stop +Google from just releasing a version of Wallet for every compatible phone regardless of what the carriers say or want?
I don't care who was responsible for making it not work. I want someone to take responsibility to fix it so I can use it.
changed build.prop, set market access app to sprint, for closed play store cleared data, downloaded wallet installed, installed exposed installer, modaco wallet, rebooted into recovery flashed note2-libnfcfix r87, rebooted and I FINALLY HAVE WALLET BACK!!!
And that said countries often have MORE NFC-equipped terminals in daily use than the USA too!?
Why cant I download Google Wallet app on my Note 2, in UK (outside USA). I bought my phone at samsung shop. Not from my carrier/ network. App doesnt apper on Play 
Not available in UK. Why not introduce the basic functionality to all instead of making advanced functionality to a single market?
All it serves is to make your loyal followers at best begrudge your announcements and at worst go elsewhere. It also means your testing is limited to a single, albeit large, market.
Ted Ray
Let's see the iPhone app... but otherwise an interesting concept.
+jose Luis barajas
You can send money by hovering over the attachment paperclip icon and clicking the $ icon to attach money to a Gmail message.  Or send money  by clicking the ‘send money’ button in Google Wallet online at!
+Michael Lavi I am trying to figure out what we all have in common. Are you running 4.1.2? Are you on Sprint and if not what network? Are you ARM7? Are you rooted? Are you running a stock rom? 
I also can't run Wallet on my +Sprint Galaxy Note II rooted and ROM'd with cm10.1. The app will install up stops at "Device setup failed." 
+Jim Jackson that is driving me crazy I am stock and it says my device is not supported but you can get further than I can
+Eric Wilson I'm on pac-man rom (aosp based) running 4.2.2. I have a patched version of the app that worked before io that no longer does. It now gets all the way to the point of setting up cards for payment but fails and says try again. The market version now downloads for me but when I open it it says my device or carrier is not supported and then closes the app. VERY frustrating! 
+Google Wallet Sometimes I purchase items from the net using Google Wallet. Does that mean that I registered with Google Wallet ?? I am asking this question as I can not see any option to add fund to my account. Does that due to being outside of USA ???? Please clarify.
+Eric Wilson perhaps the limited rollout deployment feature is in place and you just need to wait a day or something. 
sadly still wont install on the carrier -free GOOGLE Nexus S
+Jim Jackson That is what I am hoping....I wish they would make an announcement or something and let me know for sure. I am considering resetting my phone just to see if it help. I really want that feature. 
Anyone knows when will it be available in Israel? The n4 I bought from Google is just waiting for a nice NFC use.
And yet it is still not available in Australia... What a waste of product.
Loved using Google Wallet on my Nexus S, but with my GS3 on T-Mobile I can no longer use it unfortunately. If I could, I'd still be using it.
Has a Nexus 7 in the UK. I browse PlayBoard for Google Wallet, and I'm told its already installed. I click launch then I get an Android "unable to launch app" toast.

What gives? Installed but locked out? Poor form.
Hey for those on sprint that isnt working, download the xposed apks for wallet and it works! 
Oh how I wish Verizon would stop blocking GW.  It is such a PITA to side load new versions when they come out.
Is GW available yet on AT&T's Galaxy S3?
I got it working on my Sprint Galaxy Note 2. Can't wait to try it. I tried once at Banana Republic, and the lady laughed at me because she hadn't heard of it 
when is it going to be available in the UK?
Wish I could use it on my gs3. I can't root my phone because if i do I lost access to corporate email. Anyway to temporarily root, install Wallet and return to an unrooted state but still have Wallet working?
+Eric Wilson yes I'm sure. We don't access the exchange server directly, we have to use the GOOD app 
Why is it not supported on GT-N1700, unlocked?
It's working now on my rooted Sprint GN2 running the latest CM10.1 nightly.
Does this include the new Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Edition?
so this wont help you get a refund form Google wallet. after ten days i would expect to have the refund but they still refuse to honor there on terms of service.
não consigo me cadastrar ao meu domínio, por favor me ajude!
Any idea when this will be available in the UK?
Screw the banks and networks. Just get it released!!
Hola soy de Puerto Rico y tengo cuenta y baje la aplicación para mi Galaxy S4 pero cuando entro a la aplicación me dice. "unfortunately, google wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network". Que se supone que pueda hacer. 
+Google Wallet just got a brand new Nexus 7 (2013) and no Google Wallet compatibility what is the deal. I hope this is a play store error. Please make it easier to use Google Wallet this is a NEXUS device.
Will the Google Wallet app open for an AT&T HTC One that has SuperCID??  Also, will tap-2-pay work?  Currently i get an error message "Unfortunately, Google Wallet is not yet available for your device or mobile network."  I can get around the network..
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