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Brad T
I love it!
Nice. Darker theme does make it feel mature. Although I liked the previous shade of green used. This one is a but too dull. 
I have verizon, for some reason I can't see this... </bad joke>
I liked the old vibrant logo, it just screamed Google.
Since we are on the Google Wallet subject, I'm happy to report that Citi Credit Cards sent me an email with a survey wanting to know what I thought about my Google Wallet.  They wanted my opinion so bad, they even sent me a check for $30 in return! :)
I really wish Verizon wouldn't have blocked you guys again.  Isn't that grounds for an anti competitive lawsuit? 
Just wondering why Google wallet can not be available for download in all countries? It doesn't have to have NFC payments (would be nice tho) but just having the app with the ability to view wallet transactions and save store cards, rewards cards, boarding passes etc would be fantastic.
Really like soft colors in new logo.
I used this the other day. Its the coolest app I have on my galaxy nexus..
Nice. But has been turned off on my rooted and ROM'ed Verizon GNexus
Should go with t mobile! No trouble there and unlimited web!
+Ronald Czik you just need to install the new apk to get it back and functional. check xda or rootzwiki for link (or pm me and I will get you one)
app version no longer supported & update don't work on my rooted GNexus! Come on Wallet! Don't you want as many people as possible using it?
doesn't work on rooted devices as you can modify how much money is in your card without actually adding any.
say what +Louis Hartley ? It works fine on my rooted Nexus. And also.. care to explain how one would can modify how much money is in your card? 
I'm with Corey ... it just tells you your device isn't supported ... but my CC can and does get charged by it,

Any without Google finding out let me know how to add money to my card :D
Saw shops in Texas enjoying Google Wallets.
Other states too?
Plans for other countries?
you guys have to do manual update from the web at first I was afraid I might screw with the phone but it works perfect.
I had a super user experience at Peets Coffee in Seattle.   Very easy to use.  I wish more shops were using it in our area.
I'd like to see this design carry through all Google services including the Google homepage. Also, bring wallet to Australia.
Seriously? A post about changing the hue of the colors?

This has to be the most poorly implemented service Google has right now besides Google TV. A post about carriers removing restrictions? Nope. A post about being able to load more loyalty cards? Nope. A post about integrating Wallet online with Wallet mobile? Nope. Instead it's a post about a logo no one cares about.

Stop wasting our time (and our patience) and put your efforts into adding substance to your product. Wallet has so much potential but it's running in quicksand right now.
Another month and again u are only in US. The worst thing is that u are loosing on this ;/ have to wait for visa or mastercard..
I wonder if Google realises that they are screwing their chance to make the big bucks by getting in on the payment game. If only they opened it up to the world.
There are so mamy people who wants to test it for free for u in rest of world and u dont want to give the chance. The true is that the first one of giving all world nfc payments in mobile will win future.
There is probably lots of red tape to bring it too other countries. On Verizon using Google wallet on my nexus.
+George White , I fully agree and cut El Goog some slack in the foreign country department.  There are lots of issues, red tape, and bribes to be passed around to clear all the hurdles to bring mobile payments to other countries.

But it makes you wonder why in Asia where they are way ahead of the rest of the world with NFC payments that Google hasn't been able to make many inroads.  Possible due to more government control over the financial services or the governments backing the "private" companies that provide them?
I was able to download and install Google Wallet on my S3 a few weeks ago, however AT&T blocked me from setting it up. Now I can't even find Google Wallet in Google Play. Is Google Wallet linking up with Sprint only, or is AT&T blocking it completely (I believe there was one AT&T device you could use it on)?
+Shawn Luke I would say look elsewhere for an APK on the web. Just because carriers block it on the Play Store doesn't mean work arounds aren't available  ;)
I like the idea of Google Wallet. But it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon where I live - small town America with big name retail chains that just don't support it while my phone does support it. Starbucks has the right idea - a barcode/QPR app. Forget NFC. With the phone's ability to display QPR/bar codes with no extra wireless hardware needed non-NFC apps will flourish. NFC based technology will continue to sputter and fail. If phone manufacturers had any real vision they would have planned to retrofit older phones with NFC equipped batteries that would communicate over the battery terminals. I'm tired of companies that squeeze the last two cents out of the BOM because they have no vision.
It's weird because there are so many retail outlets near to me that have this ability (paywave/paypass) which works with +Google Wallet but there isn't any +Google Wallet support for Australia.
Angel Junior, that's a brilliant idea! It's hard finding merchants that accept Google Wallet in-store.
That looks great, What would look even better is giving Australians, who are known already as early adopters of technology some kind of idea when we can start using Goole wallet properly and make my Google Galaxy Nexus NFC chip usable for more that just photo sharing!
Where can I get help with my Google Wallet?  I've got to be honest, I'm getting tired of having to create work arounds to make this product work, I like it, but cannot keep this up.  I keep getting Card Failed when adding a payment card.  Tried multiple cards, with the same results.  Does anyone from Google read these posts?
+Google Wallet total fail.  You have customers who want to use this product, who HAVE been  using this product, and now it has been taken away from us.  Who's decision was it to remove Wallet from Verizon customers, Google or Verizon?  I've spent hours trying to use work around options, but I"m done, you lose.  I've had countless people ask me about my phone and the app after seeing me use it, it created excitement around the product, no more...
+Matthew Harmon We're sorry to hear you're unable to use Google Wallet on your phone. Verizon has chosen not to support Google Wallet at this time. We are in active conversations with all carriers and hope to make Google Wallet available on more devices, across more carriers soon. 
Google, listen: I am going to try and make this as tactful and use as much candor as I possibly can.

Your Galaxy Nexus LTE is YOUR phone. The phone has the capability of using YOUR product on YOUR phone. VZW's choice to not support it shouldn't concern you. Because their choice is not right and not ethical. You are as wrong as they are in the lack of ethics if you do not grow a pair and tell them how it is. They want to capitalize on something that the phone has natively. Remember the C-Block issue that got VZW in trouble in the first place? This is the same type of fault. VZW WILL be held accountable eventually for this too. Hopefully sooner than later so that their fine and consequences will be more steeper and more severe.

VZW's greedy decision to use ONLY their ISIS crap - and charge for it is unacceptable. And you trying to play good on both sides is suicidal. Pick a side and stick with it. You already have a numerous and strong support from your users and will back you as long as you keep with Android's origional mission statement keeping it open source. Not closed source like crApple. Your price per share on the stock market is $500-$600. VZW is only about $40. You can tell them to knock off their shenannegans. Even if you loose VZW, another carrier will pick you up because of your following - provided you do the right thing. And your followers will...follow...you. I will jump carriers to support you - if you make tbe right desision.
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