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Renowned stylist and fashion reporter Lilliana Vasquez wrote a great guest blog article for +MasterCard about why she loves using Google Wallet. Check it out here:

Talk about using Google Wallet in style!
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What will it take for Google Wallet to be accepted in more places? I have mine setup, but never get to use it...
I need to sync my credit card with it so I can use it more. Right now I have to put money onto my Google Gift card which isn't nearly as fun. :)
The US wants wallet on Verizon. Android is about options. Allowing Verizon to force Isis due to their agreement and restrict wallet on the Nexus is a slap in the face to the Nexus program.
You can find an apk and install it, just can't update.
I agree though, I thought we were getting "Pure Google" with the Verizon Nexus. +MATTHEW VALERI
I hope you guys incorporate Dwolla like features or buy Dwolla, that will help spread this feature quick.
I use it on my Galaxy Nexus, the only problem is that currently there are not many payment terminals which accept #MasterCard #Paypass. I have used it mostly at CVS or Rite Aid which have the updated terminals.
Really need more places to use this! Gas Stations, Subway restaurants. Come one Google get on it! :)
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