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Are you new to Google Wallet? Here’s a quick introduction:

Save time and money by shopping with Google Wallet — a virtual wallet
that stores your payment cards, offers, and more on your phone and online.

Make your phone your wallet: The Google Wallet mobile app securely stores your credit cards and offers on your phone. When you check out at brick-and-mortar stores that accept Google Wallet, you can pay and redeem offers quickly just by tapping your phone at the point of sale.

Carry your wallet on the web: The Google Wallet online service stores your credit cards in the cloud. When you checkout at online merchants that accept Google Wallet, you can quickly pay by signing into your Google Wallet account.
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I wish I could. It's about time the world adopt this new standard.
The Google Wallet app should integrate the PayPass Locator app in it as well so that it's easier to find what places accept Wallet.
I'v got the Galaxy Nexus and we need to get this available in Canada as well. We are a bunch of Canadian who bougth this phone expecting that it was going to work as well in Canada. We have been waiting too long already, let's go Google do something !!!
I had to find an apk to get around Verizon's block. :( It works, just can't update.
Can you give us any insight in to the swath of "secure element" errors people trying to use Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus are getting? Once the error is triggered it seems there is no way to to get Wallet working again. I've been afraid to use Wallet because of this, and I haven't seen any updates specifically address it.
I still don't understand the root cause of why Wallet isn't available to me on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.
+Jim Preis It's Verizon. Their ISIS payment system competes with Google Wallet so they block it on your phone and claim there would be technical difficulties.
+Google Wallet What is the reasoning to only allow Citi Mastercards on Google Wallet? This, along with the limited NFC phones, is obviously the biggest reason Google Wallet is not as widely used as it could/should be. I know you said there are plans to include Visa and Amex in the future, are there any updates on when this will be available?
Looks like it is currently only available on Sprint 4G. When will this be available on other phones and networks??
It works fine on my unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus. I'm on AT&T, but carrier doesn't actually matter.
+Chris Williams We appreciate your interest. Right now, we don’t have a timeframe to share with you, but we can say that we’re in active discussions with Visa issuing banks and others, and will update our Google+ Page as we make progress.
+Narasimham Addepalli Currently, you can use the Google Wallet NFC app on the Nexus S from Sprint. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper, which will be available soon, will also support Google Wallet. There are more phones on the way so stay tuned to this page for future announcements!
You can use Google Wallet in Australia but it is exceedingly difficult to 'fill up' your card. I'm sure it should be simply to fill up considering i have used Google Checkout when it was still in existence.
Qq +Google Wallet is the free 50 dollar credit your giving on new +Sprint Galaxy Nexus only for NEW wallet customers? Or to any one that activates a Galaxy Nexus by May 22nd?
+Google Wallet I love this app its amazing!!!! You guys are doing a awesome job keep up the good work!!!
+Rene Medina Thanks Rene! We're glad your enjoying Google Wallet. Stay tuned to our page for all new and exciting product news.
Is there any possibilite of having google wallet in Brasil ?
To be of any interest to me (and 99% of the population) it has to run on all smartphones (incl iPhones) and be accepted at at least 25% of the commercial outlets.
Will Google Wallet expand to sub-standard/budget smartphones? Would be awesome to have it on my Optimus V, that's for sure.
Please allow rooted users the option to use Google Wallet. I think all the hype about the "security vulnerability" was blown way out of proportion. At least give us a warning and let us accept the consequences. I am not concerned about using wallet with root.
+Austin Roberts u can still use it if ur on root the not supported device just means they r not responsible if anything happens I have been usen it on rooted nexus s 4g
Make it happen on Verizon Galaxy Nexus... :(
+Ryan Mills ask Verizon they r the ones holding it back not google am pretty sure they want every one to use it
+Rene Medina For sure... But Google can still give em hell for not allowing it...
+Ryan Mills ya u r right Google could they should realize that the phone carriers actually need google more then they need them
when is Google Wallet going to be available in Australia?
This is a great app I just used it yesterday at CVS. I am looking forward to the opportunity to use this app at more locations.
Kirk would use G. Wallet on Verizon. And Norris would be kicking it at Isis.
So you are at the merchant checking out, you touch your Nexus S 4G to the terminal and your phone says the money has been transferred but the cash register insists it didn't get the money.

What do you do then?

In my case the merchants software wanted a signature and I hadn't noticed, the clerk hadn't noticed and it timed out and canceled the transaction but Google Wallet didn't know that eg money was still gone.

I had them run it again, noticed the need for a signature and signed with an X. That really pissed off the clerk and they demanded to see the signature on the back of the non existent card.

Not ready for prime time.

Now these days I can't even load money into my Google Wallet to spend it at the two merchants I can use it at. The Google Wallet app keeps rejecting my attempts to transfer funds into it. (which all worked before the big security hole lock down, I used to be able to load money)

Definitely not ready for prime time.
+Jared White I been flash happy for a while now and I haven't got the element error lucky me I guess lol
+Rene Medina Yeah you are lucky man lol. I ran into it once and now I make sure I sign out of Google Wallet every time.
Google wallet. i can't use it here in Australia. So when will be available  in Australia? 
+Jared White I havnt ran into that problem idk y it happens am thinking its something else entirely
Great... How do I get Google Wallet on my phone??? Not in Play Store...
Is the adding a card issue fixed yet? :-\
Pls support more Country! I really want to use in Hungary!
Would love to see this released in the UK. I heard rumours that it was going to be before the Olympics but that has passed now.
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