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Looking for a new phone this weekend? Starting Sunday, you can pick up the Galaxy Nexus on +Sprint which, for a limited time, comes with a $50 credit on Google Wallet if you activate your Google Wallet account within a week of purchasing your phone. See below for terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions: Upon successful activation of Google Wallet on your Galaxy Nexus within seven days of purchase during promotional period of 4/22-5/22 (also includes devices pre-ordered before 4/15), there will be:

$10 credit added to your Google Wallet prepaid card immediately
$40 credit added to your Google Wallet prepaid card within three weeks of Google Wallet activation

To see where your Google Wallet prepaid card will work, please go to For more questions or inquiries about this offer please call: 855-492-5538.
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$50 credit? Damn. Only got a $10 credit on my GSM Galaxy Nexus.

Love this phone, though. Anyone getting it through Sprint should be very happy. I've had mine since the GSM one came out (quite a few months now) and couldn't be happier after upgrading from my Nexus One.
Gary D
Will the Sprint Galaxy Nexus (unlike the Verizon version) be an actual google supported Google Experience phone?
I would love to use my +Google Wallet but I can't have it on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus with NFC cause everyone sucks, and this is the main reason why I bought this phone... can't you guys just come to a Freaking agreement about the usage of the product... PLEASE!
$50? I have a Verizon GNexus that I bought day one. How do I get my $40 additional credit? And don't tell me I can't...that's BS.
Fortune does not favor the early adopter :(
I s'pose not. Add to that the fact that people that are following +Google Wallet are likely people who already have and USE +Google Wallet, it gets even more confusing.
+Braden Nida: That's not Google's fault. Verizon won't let it on their network at all. They view Google as a competitor in this area because they're partnering with other telco companies to make their own Wallet-like app/service called ISIS. You can Google it for more info. But because of this, there's no way it'll happen.

If you want it badly on your Verizon device, you'll have to install a custom ROM like +CyanogenMod and flash the Wallet apk yourself through the recovery. There are instructions online and it is possible to do. Otherwise (if this is too technical for you), you'll have to wait for ISIS to come out and use that instead.
VZW is working on a competing payment system so that they can get a cut of the cash... Therefore they have no desire to work as an open carrier with Google Wallet.
That's why I installed the modified APK. I'd rather have Google Wallet now than wait for Isis and it's likely stupid restrictions. And since it's VZW, they'll likely charge you a fee just to USE the service.

Also, am I the only one who laughs when I hear "Isis"? I picture Sterling Archer screaming "LANA" at the top of his lungs every time I hear that name.

Why aren't people just using the simple workaround. Don't flash a from just install from the web market. It works, if it doesn't work for you then you are an idiot and have installed stupid crap on your phone probably.
+Jason Smedley - If you're on Big Red with a GNex, you can't install it from the Play Store. If you HAD a VZW Galaxy Nexus, you'd know that.

+Chris Bossardet i've just been waiting for a ROM that doesn't rob me of phone functions and I haven't found the best instructions to get it done since i haven't ROMed anything yet. XDA does have a ton of info and i think i might put GummyNex on it. i just need a day to sit and work on it. if i really had the time, hopefully will one day, I'd really like to get into building my own ROMs, but so far with school and being the gofer at my IT job, and 7month old kid.... mother of god there is no time
+Kevin Jones There was a way to trick the Android Market into letting you install Wallet on VZW Gnex several weeks ago. It worked for me, that's how I have it on my Verizon GNex. They may have closed the loophole by now, but it did work for a couple of days.
+Braden Nida - I've tried a few different ROMs on my GNex. Right now I'm running CM9 4/17 nightly with LeanKernel 3.2.2. It's SMOKING fast, and completely stable. Not all of their added features are functional yet, but everything that would come on the stock ROM either works perfectly or is improved.
+Braden Nida: Understandable. Though, I do highly recommend Cyanogenmod. It's build from the AOSP code, so you get all the same features as vanilla Android 4.0. And then they add their own custom launcher and settings so you get more functionality and customization options out of it.

Personally, I just kept my pure ICS on mine. No ROMs yet. I was running Cyanogen on my Nexus One, but I haven't come across any need for a new ROM on my GNex yet. Then again, I'm running a GSM version on AT&T, not the Verizon or Sprint one.
+Eric Souza - Oh I must have missed that! I had the APK installed like 2-days after I got my phone, so that's not a huge issue for me.
I still have my unlimited data from Verizon so that's the main reason why i stayed
Yeah, pretty sure they're doing away with that if you ever upgrade again, though.

And I've still got my unlimited data through AT&T. Also, if I can help it, I'll always choose a GSM carrier over a CDMA one. It's so much better to not have to ask your carrier permission every time you want to swap devices. Also nice being able to buy an international device and have it just work by swapping the SIM card. Don't need an official AT&T branded device to use a phone on their network. So much more control. Plus, my phone will work in the majority of other countries. Just need a SIM from one of their carriers.
+Chris Bossardet - As long as you don't cancel your data plan, you're grandfathered in to the unlimited data plan with Big Red. Now that I have a 4G phone, I really appreciate not having a cap to my data!
+Kevin Jones I do have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. You can install it from the play store if you navigate to the site from your phone.
+Kevin Jones See that it has been explained, but the play store is a better method, because it allows the app to be updated. I think the loophole still works. Google won't want to close it.
+Jason Smedley - So you have to navigate to the site, not the Play Store app? ...trying this right now!
I've tried the tricks to go to the Store to get it but nothing ever works after I sign in, i had it at one point Via a 3rd party app store GetJar but once the update hit it went away plus i don't have a Citi card
+Kevin Jones If it doesn't work. I'll just drive over to the campus with a flash drive and take the apk from there servers with force. I hope I can find a USB port. I better just bring a SAN.
Greg S.
What about the faithful folks who have a Nexus S on Sprint? It would go even further towards spreading Google Wallet if a less-narrow selection of people got the credit...
+Kevin Jones Don't think those are stored at the Pryor campus. Also I was tazed and shot before I got through the security gate. So I am guessing if I ever set foot in California they are just going to use a satellite to microwave me.
I think the credit card manufacturers need to make a large effort explaining to customers what Discover Zip and Mastercard Paypass is. I had to explain to my mom the other day that she could just tap her credit card at Braums instead of swiping it.
So GoogleWallet is essentially a digital version of an everyday credit card? or am I mistaken? :O
yes, and you just hold your phone up to a device and the NFC feature transfers the data
VZW is REQUIRED to be an open carrier per the terms of their recent acquisition of auctioned spectrum. Thanks Google for forcing that condition on them by participating in the auction.

With the blocking of Wallet, VZW is in flagrant violation of that agreement. How many signatures on a petition would it take to get FCC to investigate?

EDIT: The auction I'm talking about was in 2008, and was called "Auction 73". Google it. (Perhaps the FCC ought to Google it, too.)
+Jason Smedley +Braden Nida - Didn't work for me. When I get to the last part and press the back button, it brings up the device installation screen in the Play app, but the 'Install' button is missing. I can see the permissions.

I cleared my market cache, cleared cache/cookies in my luck. I even tried to force the market link with Titanium luck.
Kinda makes me jealous lol, but I'm okay with my NS4G.
I only use the GSM unbranded version, but +1 for getting it out there anyway.
Just got mine from UPS and activated it. Great phone, so much better than my last one.
UPDATE: Google Wallet can now be installed on an unlocked imported "yakju" build. Thanks Google :) Wish I waited for the $399 for a New Galaxy Nexus.
+Hesham Altaleb The answer is that all the carriers except Sprint are working on their own ISIS mobile payment app (which is vaporware at the moment) and they are using their position as carrier to prevent any competition. u would of known about the work around....i downloaded and update my Wallet they the play store....I have pics to prove..... fuck verizon
Lol sucks for y' auto installed itself when I switch Gmail account on my phone after wiping
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