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Looking for a good deal on a Google Wallet enabled phone? +RadioShack and +LG USA Mobile have got one for you!
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Oh My God Wallet does work on some phones!??!?! ITS JUST THE EVO LTE THAT IT DOESN'T WORK ON?!?! 
Tried using Gwallet this morning. Didn't work, did you mess with my GNexus? I know it says unsupported device, but it worked before :-/
+Google Wallet can you tell me if Verizon is yet allowing Google Wallett?  Will the new Samsung be supporting it?  If not, will rooted devices then be allowed to utilize Wallet?  I'm curious due to the fact that rooted devices can't utilize movies in +Google Play 
+Jared Hundrup Google Wallet will give a message saying the device isn't supported if its rooted - it can still "work" with root. I am sure that someone will hack wallet to work on Verizons devices as they have in the past. Verizon does not participate as a Wallet partner because they particpate in ISIS instead.

Google Play will not play movies on rooted devices, because well Hollywood sucks, and thinks that a rooted device is not a secure device. Even though they allow streaming over my Linux desktop when I have root access to it...makes sense right?
+Karl Carpenter thanks for the info.  I was aware of the movie "reason" (I too run Linux) but just wasn't sure what about Wallet.  I guess my suspicion was correct.  Someone has a way to make it work?  I'll be interested to see.  
I thought side loading the wallet APK onto a Verizon Nexus worked, possibly requiring a device id change in build.prop...
+Adam Brown that's how we're doing it on the EVO LTE. That is changing the Device ID and model to a GNex. But it seems as if Wallet has gotten smart to that and is blocking us in a different manner now. Forutnately Root can now be disabled and that stops wallet from giving you an error because of that.
+Karl Carpenter I meant as far as it working at all, not trying to remove the unsupported message.
+Karl Carpenter That's really a lame excuse on the part of Hollywood. Most Windows users have the Admin privileges, mainly due to the bad OS design, yet they don't seem to consider a security risk. I'm sure they'll start to come after us Linux users once we get more momentum.
Seriously Google.. It's been blocked on the EVO 4G LTE for weeks now... why would anyone look for a new phone with wallet when you don't support the NFC phones already out.
+Stan Sykes a bit ridiculous isn't it? What's really bad is all these posts here and on twitter being completely ignored by the wallet team. Not so much as a "We're trying guys!"
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