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Love this cartoon ( from +Tom Fishburne, the brilliant "marketoonist" behind We'd love to see the woman in the cartoon organize her cards and checkout with Google Wallet!

Does anyone else have a purse or wallet that looks like this?
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Just used my Google Wallet yesterday at CVS!
Mine looks like a mini version of this, because +Google Wallet isn't in Canada. hint hint Actually I run a pretty minimal wallet, but it still has 12-14 cards in it.

I use the Key Ring app for my reward cards, but if Wallet supported other cards I could use it.
"We'd love to see the woman in the cartoon organize her cards and checkout with Google Wallet!" ....

Well, I'd love to see Google Wallet launched in Australia so I could organise my cards and checkout with Google Wallet!

Release date, when? 
None of the cards included with Wallet are for places I visit regularly. Please add more, or give me the ability to add cards I have.
+Art Hollingsworth Agreed!  If +Google Wallet had more places I regularly visit, I would be more enticed to use it.  As it stands, I only use it to occasionally add money to the prepaid debit card to use for novelty sake.
I would love to be able to organize my my loyalty and credit cards with +Google Wallet
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Nice idea.  Need more
a) Carriers
b) Devices
c) Loyalty Programs
c) Terminals

Most of the loyalty cards are barcode, not magstripe.  Why not have an app (other than Gallery :-) ) which presents the barcodes to be scanned?  This would help for the large number of stores that don't have NFC yet.
Question, since I have my "wallet" on the web as the Google Wallet page says, why can't I use it on my phone? The carrier barrier really confuses me. My carrier has no say on if I install the PayPal app, what makes +Google Wallet different?
Not helping is that Google Wallet only handles loyalty points for high-end boutiques, and not places people actually shop, like Fred Meyer, Safeway, Food Pyramid, Albertsons...
What if she only has a HTC One X and you guys don't support her phone?
+Paul Johnson Dick (haha). At one point they had the best family plan and they still have the best 4G and coverage. Though now that traveling out of the country is going to be a part of my future I may switch next time I have the chance. I am keeping my unlimited until then though.
Over all the years that have past and the only upgrade to the store register is the touch-screen. It hasn't gone away.

Need Google Wallet in Canada before Apple or windows came with ait.
The real comic here is +Google Wallet your offerings as of right now are laughable. Please lets be real here, you have laundry list of issues that can crack a funny bone. I shall list them to my knowledge 

1) Carriers do not support your services, even Sprint is backing down by making there own NFC payment system and making you a 3rd class app to consumers.

2) You have had Security issues that have warranted problems to consumers that think twice about a digital wallet. Let the not forget the wallet digit-pin cracker a dev made to crack into google wallet

3) Your main guys Rob von Behren and Jonathan Wall, Founding Engineers on Google Wallet. Have left Google wallet to start up there own digital payment services. That's terrible how do you lose these guys?

4)Google wallet has been out for more than a year and has not made a dent in any shape of form, the let consumers invest in the service.

5) LOL
The security concerns are absolutely stupid. It is safer than a credit card, safer than cash, and yet people still whinge.

Someone has to steal your phone and hack the pin security. Pretty sure its easier just to steal your actual wallet and go on a credit card shopping spree.
+Benjamen Meiers - LOL: "just steal your actual wallet and go on a credit card shopping spree"!

I totally agree.  As long as the info in Google Wallet can't be hacked remotely, it is way safer than any physical wallet.  And yet everybody from consumers all the way up to VZW management are skittish about it.  (Wink, wink...)
I have 3 keys and about 10 loyalty cards on my keyring.
+Google Wallet  I have a question.  Why does the SingleTap website list more participating retailers than loyalty cards are available in the app?  Are they just not ready?
Let us have patience. We know +Google Wallet will keep working to make the experience better and more user available.
+Morgan Brewer =] Google Wallet is basically an App within Phones (Few Android Devices) that gives you the ability to pay your items with your phone by simply tapping against a terminal. For example next time you head into a Burger king or Mc Donald's, look at the cashiers Register and ull be able to see a terminal that says Pay Pass... icon Looks like a Sonar. Phones with NFC have this ability. =] Tap, Pay →Go!
+Sodiq Awokoya security issues are for those who root their phones... once the device is rooted, your on your own. Yes the device is a developers phone but its also a consumer friendly phone. Let me ask something... you think Iris will be supported on Your rooted device (if its rooted)I'm pretty sure Rooted Devices won't be supported ... I'm Rooted and my Wallet is used whenever I'm on the go.
+Alfonso Rocha - I don't see any problem with rooting a phone, as long as one is careful.  Once you have root, you are the sysadmin of a Linux box that is full-time on the Internet.  Decent unix admin skills (and clue) are non-optional.
There are a lot of things I'd like to see also.
1. Google Wallet supported on a Verizon Gen Nex.
2. Google Wallet on all carriers.
3. More payment card options.
4. More loyalty card options.
5. More countries.

Things I'd like to see less:
1. Posts about things that Google Wallet can't do by +Google Wallet.
+James Mason lol didn't say there was a problem... just replying to a few posts up
at least this way she does not have to join an outrageous data plan with her phone company!
+Eric Peterson +MATTHEW VALERI  I have a stock and locked Verizon GNex and have Google Wallet running just fine.  Cant install it from the market, but it can be installed with relative ease and it works just fine.
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