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Joyeux anniversaire!

126 years ago today the Eiffel Tower opened in Paris. We're celebrating with a special #GoogleDoodle - discover more about the French landmark at the +Google Cultural Institute
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Come fly around the planet…

Explore Google Earth on the big screen: fly over a famous skyline, dive in to a rainforest or just visit your local street (!) - we'll help you become a modern day Magellan. Come and have a go on Portal at the Google shop in London.

Find our new Google shop here →

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+David Salt There is Android Wear on Display, they do have Cardboard to take a look at and the Pixel 2 hasn't landed in the UK yet but they will have it.
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Google UK

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Introducing the Nexus Player...

Today sees the first device running Android TV launch in the UK: Nexus Player →

With Nexus Player you can play Android games on your HDTV with a gamepad, then keep playing on your phone while you're on the road.

You can watch hit shows, timeless movies and viral videos from Google Play, YouTube and your favourite apps like Netflix, Vevo and Sky News.

Nexus Player is also Google Cast Ready so you can cast your favourite entertainment apps including BBC iPlayer, BT Sport, NOW TV and more from almost any Chromebook, Android device or iOS device to your TV.

Nexus Player is available from the Google Store, Currys, PC World, Amazon, John Lewis, Argos and eBuyer. Find out more →
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Okay I will try. 
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Take another look at Street Art...

Take 1 London house, gather 11 artists & see their interpretation of classic Baroque works. Take a second look at the world around you with +Street Art London →

#StreetArtProject #Dulwich #London
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Who was #RichardIII ? 

This weekend crowds gathered in #Leicester  to see the burial of King Richard III, whose body was recently found in a car park.

Read more about the days events here →

Meanwhile, take a step back in time to discover paintings, portraits and more at the +Google Art Project →  
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+Meg Moses
If it helps I'm ⅔ of the way up a hill
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A Solar Eclipse is coming...

A #SolarEclipse is visible across parts of the UK this morning, we're celebrating with a special #GoogleDoodle . Learn more about #eclipse2015  (even if cloudy skies get in the way)→  
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it was a good day for the eclipse last Friday. But there were clouds so far so good we somehow managed to see it.
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We're open!

Do you run your own business? Are you based in #Leeds? Now is the time to book your digital tune-up at the #DigitalGarage. Find out more →
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just send me the   ferrari,     do not need it cleaned,,
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Google UK

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Stay tuned for more details on plans for I/O Extended 2015 at Google's Campus London.

I/O is Google's annual developer celebration and a chance to get together with likeminded folks to hear what's new from Google in the next 12 months.

More details will be available soon.
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Pity it's not a few days later.
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Britain in Motion: Glasgow

We're shining a light on #Scotland today with an evening #AutoAwesome image from Glasgow.

Create your own motion photography on the go, and share your take on #BritainInMotion with the hashtag, we'll repost some of them here.

Learn how to get started →

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Thanks for sharing +Google UK 
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Google UK

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Celebrating Emmy Noether's 133rd Birthday

Today, a special #GoogleDoodle celebrates the life and work of Emmy Noether - a famous German mathematician.

How many people do you know can count Albert Einstein as a fan of their work? He described her as “the most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced.”

Read more about Emmy and how this special #Doodle was created →
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Feeling happy?

It’s #HappyDay! Dance along with Pharrell, the UN Foundation and the whole world at - and keep an eye out for some happy moments across Google today :)
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May I be so rude as to ask a question here in this thread....
Is there an issue with gifs being posted, namely the ones in .gifv (mp4) format that you're aware of?

The old style .gif always post fine but .gifv are very hit and miss as to whether people can view them. I myself am suffering with this problem, I post a gif and get 'animated image could not be loaded' although some can view it.
I think it's an app error that is subject to what device you try to view the gif on.
Any feedback will be appreciated as I keep getting people telling me they can no longer view my #GifOfTheDay posts.
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Anyone for digital graffiti?

Come and #Doodle on our walls at the Google shop in London. We’ve got magic spray cans and a big digital canvas where you can get creative. #GoogleAtCurrys

Get directions to the shop →
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i would say,,  we need to   find out the truth, total, and be  given it,  as soon as you  know it
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