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Introducing Magazines on Google Play
Starting today, you can get all your favourite magazines instantly to your Android tablet or phone. You can chose to pick up a single issue or subscribe to your favorite magazines such as Glamour, Hello!, Men’s Fitness and Total Film. There are now over a hundred of the UK’s favourite magazines now in the cloud that you can read anywhere, anytime on any Google Play device.
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That would explain why I started to get recommendations for magazines in play yesterday 
Actually i could buy them last night
Seeing a 'not available' on most magazines when I click through to try and buy. Hopefully the rollout finishes soon!
+Davie Marshall you can speed the arrival up by deleting data for the play store in settings> applications> play store then relaunching
Clearing the Play Store app data does infact work! Just got to get the magazine I was waiting for.
You need to restart you device if your seeing not available
That's great Google now make the availability to purchase apps no matter where you are located...

Ironically I live in Gibraltar and we're British and even use the sterling pound but we can't even purchase apps let alone to advantages of the other Play Store offerings.
Unfortunately sign in to play magazines fails endlessly for me. Is this supposed to work with a Google Apps For Your Domain account?
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