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+Android is 5 years old today.
Happy birthday! 
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u r become old!!!!!!!
don't worry but u r gold!!!!!!!!
Sam Z
Its come a long way. The product has evolved into a beautiful and powerful user experience that now rivals and in many cases surpasses iOS. Backed by Google's integrated cloud services, which are also maturing rapidly, you start to have a complete ecosystem that delivers to user expectations. Keep up the momentum.
Jellbean is wonderful. Congratulations!
all my family have samsung galaxy s iii apart from me 
I think Android years are like Dog years.. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Do remember, the cake is a lie!
need a jelly bean this time not a cup cake
چقدر خوب میشد اگر نسخه های جدید اندروید بر روی تمام دستگاه ها و تبلت ها نصب میشد بصورت یکسان و با بروز رسانی های قابل نصب همانند ویندوز.

Android is the best OS, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Android! Now if only I could afford you...
happy birthday .. still dont own an android device but love android 
Happy b'day and hope to reach to the 100
Happy birthday to you!!! Eat your cake Android.(If you have a mouth)
Happy Birthday Android!!! Are you now going to release the 4 other Nexus phones so we can have our 5 to pick from this year??? ;-)
Happy birthday Android.
Oooh, that's why (here in Italy) we are going to pay the Nexus4 € 200 more! Birthday gift! :o)
Happy birthday little robot.. hope to see u soon wearing high school outfit ..lolz 
Android was founded in 2007? Happy birthday! ;))
Happy Birthday Andy!
May I call you Andy??? I mean you've been my OS for so long...I figured we were close.
I never bought the G1, but I used to go to the tmobile kiosk back in the day and look at it from behind the glass wondering what the hell all the hubaloo was. Now look at Android all fancy and stuff. 
Time flys from my good old G1 to now.
Joe S
happy bday...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have been a faithful android user for about 3 of those years. Anybody I've talked that have utilized both would very much prefer Android. Apple to Droid - stays with Droid. Droid to Apple - Come back to Droid.
happy birth day andro,hoped that a new version of you will be launched today but.............
Happy Birthday my green friend. You should be rich all the money I have given you.
I FUCKING HATE ANDROID SO PISS OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gr8 5 years.. lets c how would be the future..
happy 5th bday 2 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Android has changed all with its 7 lacs application. Wishing u happy birthday !!!
Yaaay gratz!!! Im happier every day i own an android device
Happy birthday 5 yrs already wow time flys enjoy your childhood while it last little guy you turn 5 only once :) 
আমাদের চট্টগ্রাম
Changed the world forever! Thank you :)
And still getting sued for the past 5 years.... Happy birthday 
anil tn
Happy happy b'day android ;)
Happy Birthday and here's to Five more awesome years !
ای که کولاک بازار موبایل و تبلت. تولدت مبارک
Happy birthday!
Now you're finally more popular than iOS ;-)...
Will Google+ be more popular than Facebook in 5 years?
Huh. And this is the morning when my Android tablet stopped working.
I remember that commercial where they kept making it seem like the end of the world saying, "Its coming" and then it had the date right after lol Android FTW
¤¤¤Happy~Happy birthdays¤¤¤
| |
|----appy Birthday To
| | You Android.

Happy Birthday to the best phone os in the world.
Happy Birthday! I want to see you in microwaves, refrigerators, thermostats, automobiles, televisions, cable boxes and glasses(!) by your 10th birthday.
happy birthday:**************************
Lets get that green buddy drunk fellas! 
Let's all drop our androids in beer kegs.
ya, c'mon Android  lets get this century ahead of what we all expected.  Big things coming I am sure.
Happy birthday android! I know its your birthday, but can you finally give me android 4.2 on my nexus 7? My present for you will be using android 4.2!
android is kinda stupid and apple is better but happy birthday anyway
N wishing you many....many more. Dont mind your jealous older brothers ( symbian, bada, ios) they are just jealous because they are no longer daddy's favourite.
Happy birthday, still got my first ever android device!
Happy Birthday buddy :) heres to many more 
happy birthday, you sneaky iphone look alike!  Keep giving apple competition!

My, my, look how you've grown! Happy Birthday Andy!
Happy Birthday wish you celebrate the 10000 years 
Happy Birthday!! Love my Android, so glad it's not a closed platform or made by the most anal company on the planet.
Wan Kay
Ha, happy birthday!
happy bdai anaroid....wish you grow up and enlarhge your family....:)
Happy Birthday Android. Best OS in the world.
So android's naming scheme has gone from a to k (key lime pie) in 5 years. Does that mean android will retire in a little over 6 years, presumably with the release of Zucchini? 
5 since the first public release, but 9 since the project started
Happy birthday Android! Keep up the good work Google!
Can't wait to look back at the next five years!
Happy birthday little green robotics . 
Where is my present to celebrate? 4.2 please.
I ll be a skeptic forever,once tryed to send an e- mail from London to the United nation they won t allowed me !
And it falls on Guy Fawkes Day! Way to stick it to the man! Happy Birthday!
happy b-day
my gift is this comment
where's my goody-bag?
And half of android phones are on the same OS five years later due to manufacturers not updating them.... 
Android is sososososo much better than iOS any day :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 
Let's see what we have in a another 5 years 
android can make a peacefull e world
Happy birthday android :) you have grown so much
Android is best operation sistem. Happy birth day.
Interesting... remember, remember the 5th of november...
To have reached over 50% market share in 5 years is every companies dream. A well earned Happy Birthday from an Android convert
Happy Birthday... may the force be with you always :-)
Would be a great moment to release android 4.2... 
Thank u android life is a lot better with u.....LOL
He's been eating a lot of Blackberry pie the prior 4-years, how about Apple pie this year?
Go Droid!!!  Down with Apple!!!!! lol
Thank-you for the Revolution You have bought in these Five Years..
Amazing..Happy Birthday
I own the first Google Nexus device:)
If it werent for Google we wouldnt have youtube!!! And now the latest design... google voice? Yeah to go Android and Google.... Happy Birthday!!!! 
Happy birthday, now update your dev tools.  i cant even make an app.
Its been five years already. Wish you the best mobile O S ever.
Happy birthday to my favorite phone OS actually the only one I have ever used lol
From a small little g1 to a powerful and elegant quad-core nexus 4. What can I say? It is the rise of a new era. Happy birthday little green robot! 
Many many happy birthday my all frinds
Happy Birthday to the best mobile OS in the world. I hope for the best for your continued development. 
Isaac S
The robot said to forward all birthday gifts to me. 
happy new year.......all the best
Ron P.
I've been with you since the G1. (Pre-ordered) What a fine young OS you've become. Happy birthday!
The march of the green robot army continues. The present and the future belongs to us. 
aww Android. how well you've grown. gotta love ya. happy birthday lil dude
mmmmmany r of daythe.........happy brthday 
Froyo, Ginger bread,honeycomb,ice cream sandwich,jelly bean.....Happy birthday..Android best mobile Os
Should've released Android 5.0 today to celebrate ;)
Congrats!!!  Keep up the innovation!!!
I refuse to give greetings to inanimate objects , they never appreciate it.. This may seem harsh but they have to learn.…happy birthday !!!!! .…I just couldn't help it.…
Happy Birthday to my favourite little green man!
Correction to my previous comment - ANDROID occupies 75% of today's global market ; up from 58% last year.
Happy Birthday!! I love my phone! :)
Happy birthday to Android! And many more years to come
Happy birthday to you android.u are so y
oung but older than your actions
I bet no-one will celebrate when it's apples turn, ha ha. 
Happy Birthday Mr President (Android) :)
It's young this boy will gets bigger and faster 
Happy birthday android! You've been a great friend!
so when can u work for me mr android
Happy birthday little buddy! Your intelligence has truly changed lives.
Happy birthday Android :) I Litterally can't go 1h without using you :D
Been with Android since the DX launched...Switched from BB best thing ever..HBD little green dude!
Here's to another five years and more :-) 
Happy birthday you amazing thing ..
መልካም ልደት አንድሮይድ expecting to see amharic :-)
I wish I was only 5 happy birthday. TonyWimpey im 62