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Tonight, viewers in the UK can tune in to ITV1 to watch +ITV Text Santa from 8pm. Follow their new +Page to hear more about tonight...
Are you Rebecca Ferguson's biggest fan? Email with your name, age, phone number and a question, and you could be talking to the lady herself in our live backstage show.

You must be over 16 and available on the evening of December 21st. For full terms and conditions, please visit
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Never even heard of her so I'll thank you and pass.
No, Who is the other guy. Passes himself off as a doctor.
I think text Santa is a UK campaign to get you to text a number and donate £5 to save the children. I believe it's supported by ITV, and that's what this is about.
Hi santa merry christmas
Amazed people don't know who Rebecca is, she's got a really good unique voice, I wouldn't say I'm her biggest fan though, that would probably be her kids...
Fast i thanks 4all of u n iam sorrey about u becous i don't know how r u but i join to u n thanks fulley 2 u
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