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Google+ 2012 - This is just the beginning
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Great job people. 2012 has been some awesome year!
I'm hoping G+ becomes more widely used amongst my friends , the competition service is too invasive with it's advertising now. 
Agree completely with +Andy Hibberd. For me, the big difference is that G+ has genuine utility, not simply a superficial, fad-factor attraction. G+ deserves to grow and to outlast the others.

I feel that I have only recently really 'got' what G+ is about. Now I need to learn how to use it more effectively. One tip I can pass on: read +Guy Kawasaki's excellent little book "What the Plus!" - it's available here: 
Communities mean a lot of stuff is missing from my stream. People I chose to follow because I liked their posts are no interacting in communities and I might have joined a different community on the same subject to them.

Communities should become embeddable so that websites can use them as forum replacements.

Google gets the analytics, website owners get a great almost maintainence-free solution which will encourage adoption and it will aid in getting G+ sign-ups
+Chris Clarke While in some circumstances this is true (public posts diminished by useage of communities) the opposite is also currently true for other individuals who choose not to contribute to communities  because they like their public profile (sometimes the value of the community would be much enhanced by their contributions so it is the community's loss not theirs).

Seems like this is a very common observation (the need to cross-post public AND community, but 'subscribers' streams only show the one post) so I expect/hope to see the development continue.

From an enterprise Google+ perspective the opportunity to have 'private' communities would be extremely interesting.
the best of google is hear, welcome to the new year with a lot of creative thinks
Mostly Hangouts then. G+ needs more big differentiators like them, but I guess you already know that.
A very happy new year to everyone hoorah
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