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From that link I see Symantec have Norton for Android... not satisfied with just screwing up Windows machines then ;)
Why have Currys got them from you, but I haven't heard anything about mine yet, which I ordered over 2 weeks ago?!
It's a good batch. Just received my 16gb, pre-ordered from these guys (Currys)! No imperfections, dead pixels, creaky-ness or any quibbles. It's a great piece of kit, well pleased. :-)
Received my Nexus 7 - 16GB from Google Play yesterday - all very good so far -up and ruinning in 5 minutes with a complete Google sync. Just streaming Paolo Nutini to my BT speaker system. Very pleased......
Makes me happy to see everyone enjoying nexus 7 and google play 
I don't suppose anyone's got a few hundred pounds going spare that they wouldn't mind donating to a worthy cause? :D
And this is why you haven't managed to ship my preorder to me yet... thanks for nothing Google. I bought one from tesco for 20quid less and got it yesterday. I'll be rejecting the expensive preorder when you finally bother to ship. Apple wouldn't mess up like this.
Pre-order arrived last Thursday. Great product.
Right guys get your best ninja outfits on and cammo face paint and I will meet you all at the nexus7 storage compound
Just need to convert the masses from Facebook
I got mine a couple of days ago, then received the email from Google saying it would be soon....haha I thought they were gonna send me another!.......great bit of tech though, really enjoying it, just watched transformers film pre-loaded on it, great
Ordered over three weeks ago from Google Play and heard nothing... But got friends who have got one from Tesco & ebuyer already and they paid less.

What happened to 'do no evil'?
Classic quote from 5 year old daughter 'can I play Angry Birds on your 'big' phone'
I've ordered mine yesterday ;) hope it comes soon. wonder when the official cases are out?
Craig send a request on Google play as to the delivery date. As soon as I did this I had it delivered in two days.
Wouldn't mind playing with this device
I would have pre-ordered a Nexus 7 without hesitation if I knew that there would be an adequate media service, but since hearing that Google's attempts to get things like music and movies on the UK side I've not heard anything since and have been somewhat put off. Perhaps I misunderstood the original article, but it'd be nice to hear something about it.
I pre ordered, sadly you are using TNT express to ship... My order was wrongly delivered to the wrong address and TNT don't seem to think it is a problem.
We do alright here with TNT. But YODEL on the other hand can't even find Burnham-on-Sea never mind the street or road you live on. 
Too bad they won't ship to Germany.....
The shops only seem to have the 16GiB. I wonder if that's because the price gap over the 8GiB, £40, allows them some profit. IOW, the 8GiB is better "value" though not, obviously, if it isn't big enough for one's use.
I preordered mine on the 11th and it arrived on the 19th. UK 16GB model too. I guess I have just been lucky seeing your posts. I'm enjoying the device a lot and as long as your willing to use the cloud then storage s not too bad. I tried to use Google drive for my music but there seems to no way to integrate this into the player but individual tracks are played fine. If anyone knows how to get round this please let me know.
Yep.. I am just TNT express can reclaim my Nexus 7 from the people they delivered it too and deliver it tomorrow (although I have to admit they promised to do this last Friday). I am just hoping the Nexus 7 is worth the hassle that TNT express has added to the situation. As people say, why preorder when you can walk into dixons/pc world and pick one up with ease.
It's great +Craig Beaumont i'm not really that technical, but the screen is lovely and sharp and I can do everything I want to do' happy as a pig in
Does this batch come with dodgy screens too?
Disappointed with my Nexus 7 - it has the left screen lifting glue issue and a washed out picture (almost slightly out of focus too). Efforts to contact Google so far have been fruitless. Wish I had purchased from Ebuyer now or, god forbid, PC World at least I would have a direct line to getting it replaced.

If there are any Goolge folk reading this any help with getting an RMA accepted would be very welcome. I can clearly see this would be a wonderful tablet if my current defects were not there - so may be temporarily disappointed... We'll have to see...
+Chester Roberts fair enough, it is actually very easy to put your play account on the the nexus, just use your email address you have registered with play and the nexus does it all from there, and judging buy some of the problems out there you might be better of using ebuyer so you have no issue returning it
+Lawrence Scott Yeah I know where your coming from with this but I would prefer to buy it On Google Play (just a personal preference)
+Lawrence Scott check to see if they are using TNT express... Still waiting for mine to be reclaimed from the wrong address and redelivered and +Google Play Has been very quiet about it all....
Still no stock in the North East, when are +Currys PC World expecting the next lot as the staff all give different dates depending on which store you ask.
Hi +George Brice - we received new stock on Friday, but because of the high demand, it may be that not all stores will get stock. Check if you can reserve online and collect at a local store (it'll tell you which stores near you have stock) or you can always buy online. Here's the link #Nexus7  Hope that helps. 
Thanks for the reply!..on the case now.
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