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To mark the end of the Mayan calendar, you'll find a special #GoogleDoodle  on today...
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Wait a minute!  Tetris is Mayan? ;)
Yeah, what happened with Y2K panic? Why r u all so scared of this date? It's crap, as Mayans were eradicated well b4 this CRAP!!! Don't waste ur time or money on this, we've already had 21st in Australia, it just got more humid, chill people, I'll personally donate my entire pension if anything happens at all!!! Jasonwhitford xoxo
I read about this date in the early 19
Ya know the mayan calander didn't count leap years so technically the world should have ended 7 months ago. I wonder what date will be set next?
Well that mite be due to the fact there were better at telling the time then us lol 
+Callum Plant You may be still here. I have already sublimed into the ineffable. Catch you later!
wonder why the mayans couldnt carry on for a bit longer!
If the Myans could fortel the future then why are there no Mayans..?

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