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15,000 children in the UK to benefit from donation

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced more than 15,000 children in the UK will be given one of their microcomputers for free, thanks to a donation from Google Giving.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google:
‘’Britain’s innovators and entrepreneurs have changed the world - the telephone, television and computers were all invented here. We've been working to encourage the next generation of computer scientists and we hope this donation of Raspberry Pi’s to British school pupils will help drive a new wave of innovation."

Read more on the +Raspberry Pi blog:
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Its a great move, just a shame the Pi's  are going to individual kids who are already programming.
Well done google! Is that all UK schools, or specially selected ones? How do people apply? 
They are going to specific children who are being identified by various computing at schools initiatives. i.e Code Club
Way to go +Google UK forward thinking is the way forward. Glad to see someone thinking of the future, not just tomorrow.
A good start to get our kids learning about computing. :)
How do you decide which children get a donation?
I am involved in education in a learning partnership where our schools have been described by Ofsted as being '..situated in an area of significant deprivation and an above average proportion of students are entitled to free school meals. The number of students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is above average'.

In spite of budget limitations we are determined to make a difference in education and have set up Google Apps in our schools and now have a number of Nexus 7 tablets in class.

Our plan with this technology is not to teach the students how to be consumers and application users. We want them to become creators and innovators. Let them see that THEY can be the ones who can make a difference.

Raspberry Pi is certainly an area we have been watching with interest. The concept fits in so well with our plans. If there is a way for us to apply for consideration when the time comes to allocate those 15,000 Raspberry Pi then I would be very keen and extremely grateful to hear about it.

And how refreshing to see Google helping the next generation..!
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