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Travelling across Britain has just become easier! National train routes, timetables and directions are now available in Google Maps for England, Scotland and Wales.

Almost 31 million tourists are anticipated to hit our shores this year, and we have partnered with Trainline in order to make 170 000 routes accessible from our Maps base.

This includes 2 500 stations, 8 000 bus stops and 250 London Underground routes. Go to on your phone or computer, and click on 'Get Directions' to find the perfect journey across mainland UK!
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Easier to find out when and where they should be running, I doubt even the great and powerful Google can make them any more reliable.
Just brilliant, Google Maps becoming an indispensably tool for travelling, including the mobile Navigation and the slightly unwieldy street view.
Thanks you! Great to have one place for all my travel needs!
Someone needs to sort out train delays etc too, specially with FGW. 
Just gave it a try -
DL17 0PX to Greenlaw
Keeps sending me to Darlington for a train to Berwick Upon Tweed when it is easier (and quicker) to go to Durham and get a train.
Just gave it a try and the google bar, goes black, all writing goes black, and it goes really slow.... Anyone else have this problem
Same perhaps its a cookie problem... I also have the new google bar.... this could be the problem
Hi - any plans for rolling this out across to Spain?
^If you just opened the link, you would have seen it has already been done. ;)
Excellent news, life will be the bit easier
Doesn't seem to be coming up with any bus suggestions for a journey I'm making tonight - by bus. Southampton area.

ONly suggestion train, which whilst workable, will take longer than the bus. I know as I've done the journey before

Is it only London bus routes that are included?
Yeah, lacking in bus suggestions for anywhere near me. Not Google's fault, the operators need pressuring into being on there I guess.
They have times for buses near me (Oxfordshire), but the buses don't run at useful times. I suspect that isn't Google's fault.
I thought I remember it being in the recent government paper -- yes it was -- operators will have to make this available by April 2012 (350,000 stops not 8000). THEN this service will become useful.

That being said, the site that provided the link below, traveline, does apparently contain data for my area, yet it is also incapable of coming up with any sensible bus routes -- in fact even allowing for train it just tells me it's impossible (it's actually 15 min walk +_20 min train + 20 min walks, or a 15 min walk + 20 min bus +8 min bus ride. really not that hard

Of course it's about time one could buy tickets cross companies -- this would open up many more journey options including one direction going virtually from my house direct to the destination, with one of the indirects on the way back -- but since it would involve 2 or 3 companies the cost is 3x as much, making it a silly idea.

No wonder people drive.

Here's a segment of the paper
Can't praise this highly enough. Absolutely fantastic.
very good. Great to have London Overground covered. Quick suggestion, how about a cycle option/Boris bikes option? stick in the docking stations (data freely available inc if there's bikes/spaces at each) and include time to walk to them. Or just point to point at cycle speeds.
Sheer Brilliance. Well done Google!!
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