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Working together with Google+, +Topshop  is offering an access-all-areas pass to its autumn/winter 2013 show at London Fashion Week, all from the comfort of your laptop!!

You will be able to access every aspect of the show as if you were the Model on the runway, the Buyer in the audience, the Make Up artist backstage, the Designer fitting a look or the Celebrity arriving. 

Check out the video below for more details and make sure to tune in at 3.00pm this Sunday at +Topshop and the Topshop YouTube channel to watch the show!
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The add is a little bit confusing. Women who do not use G+ won't understand it at all. Maybe one. Google you must simplify things!. 
Please delete all Oleg Sul apps that i have downloaded 
Will the future of the fashion show involve models who are allowed to eat food? If not then I'm saddened to see Google supporting this abusive industry. 
+Gustavo Coppa why would this be confusing? The ad suggests that you can follow a fashion show on Google+. That's not hard to figure out. And why women specifically? 
Does not play on mobile phone devices. But she looks nice though
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