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As you might have already noticed on your own profile we've introduced a new Google+ version today!

Hopefully you'll find it easier to use and nicer to look at, but most importantly, it accelerates our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google.

Check out the blogpost for more info, videos and screenshots of the new design!
More than 170 million people have upgraded to Google+, enjoying new ways to share in Search, Gmail, YouTube and lots of other places. It's still early days, and there's plenty left to do, but ...
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I see the new profile on my "Page" for our YouTube channel however not my personal one yet...
How changing G+ is making "a simpler and more beautiful Google"?? Just don't get it
No, it's not. There's huge white space to the right under chat that the "trending", "you may know" and "on the go" would fit into, giving more room for content in the feed by eliminating the vertical bar to the right of the feed.

The icon bar worked better horizontally at the top of the page as now it takes up left hand screen width. The previous Google+ format already struggled with having enough width in the main feed for images and text side by side (witness the YouTube video posts with odd columnar text) and this isn't going to improve it.
It does look better, but the trending/invite friends/you might like column is a waste of screen estate, particularly when you scroll down and it becomes a big white space where the posts could use some more width. I don't particularly like the asymmetric design either.
Didn't really solve the problem. Zooming in forces the chat bar to a popout, but there's still huge amounts of page space in the template that could be better used.
Nice "alpha" for the new version, but things like the white space all over the right hand side need to be addressed, and we need a "compact" view a la Gmail/Docs.
it's certainly more attractive than the old and the common fb/twitter layout... I love it... Perhaps they will fill the blank spaces for 24" screen users :)
This is the prelude for the Google glasses I suppose... as the options would go vertical to the side rather than horizontal...
Yet to be convinced; but willing to try
BE WARNED though constant change without the option to opt out was one of the reasons I dumped FB
The actual content stream is now only taking up about 20% of my screen with double that in white space beside it. Is there a way to get the stream wider?
+Owen Roberts FB turned into G+ lately so there is no point being in FB anymore, is it? :p I personally think this change is for better check out the #googleprojectglass ;)
But I have a widescreen monitor +Dumitru Furnea, why would I only want to use the left third of it?
I found something in Chrome that said "wide" but clicking it completely screwed the interface, can't get it back. Now on a narrow Firefox column
I'm not hence the phrase "I dumped FB"
I just do not want the same degree of arogance to be displayed here too
+Andy Burke give it a day or two to fix the bugs and will be al right... I got a 24"wide screen with the whole middle empty but it doesn't bother me.. I'm not picky :)
Looking at my screen I'm guessing nobody at +Google UK uses a WIDESCREEN display (or if they do its low res. laptop or 17" type. A good 50% of the middle-right of my display is white space #fail . It's not all bad though, I do like the navigation down the left.
+Owen Roberts Since I joined G+ I felt anything but arrogance here... It's not oriented towards one person's needs (i.e. Zuckenberg).. it about the users... so... therefore I'm happy here
+Dumitru Furnea it was taking me to sgin up page of google+ but i am in now thank you
loving it and I'm not even in the Uk
I still want to be able to write on peoples profiles!
The only thing I am missing after this beautiful change is my YouTube button!!... My employer blocks YouTube but through G+ I managed to sneak somehow...
Could you put it back please? :)
I find it weird that another new service (Currents) is launched by google, but not tied into google+ or google play... It seems like Google Current would have slotted nicely into G+ but as it is, I'm not likely to go to yet another site/app/source for the same info....
Liking the icons on the left now, but something really has to be done about the narrow stream/feed Google+! Expand into the white space please!!!! I really don't like the narrow stream on either my widescreen monitor or my laptop! Please fix this!
Don't like the profile banners think its Tackie 
Now that G+ Me and Plus Minus no longer work, is there an extension to collapse posts that still actually works? Muting posts is not the same thing.
I really like this layout so far. Original and easy to use.
yes the layout is very good. chris
As a few people have said, it's getting more like Twitter and Facebook
+Jane Jones .. only a few... but think back and remember how FB stole most of the G+ features and designs since the G+ launch back in June last year (Stream, Photos, Circles-Groups, privacy ownership, etc..) Of course, the FB lovers say different only because they didn't see G+ first time and they started to judge after FB stole stuff... :)
Twitter is holding positions though and has attitude, which I like...
In the end put it this way: G+ is all in one plus Skype... and so much more. Google is not just a social network by integrating G+ in all their products.. it's something more and will never be like FB nor like any other website.
i.e. I got to see and read your comment while I was on Youtube and capable to reply from there... and doesn't matter where I am online G+ is with me everywhere and don't need to copy links... nor to keep the main open - now you tell me how is this like FB? :p
I never understand people who use "site x looks like facebook and Twitter now" as some kind of negative point. Apart from the fact that those two sites look pretty different anyway, there's only a small amount of different ways you can present the information of these kind of websites. It's good that they take good features from other places and improve on them.
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