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What picture sums up 2012 for you? Take a look at some of these photographs from +BBC News 
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I think the Pic of 2012 was either the one of The Costa Concordia laying on it's side,  or the one with Obama and Romney on stage together.  Great images of what were probably the biggest news stories of 2012. IMHO.
The pic of 2012 is the Olympic rings coming together @ the opening ceremony!
Yeah,  that was pretty Awesome,  And Usain Bolt was pretty Awesome too.  
2012 has been a busy year for the news rooms but I think the lead stories of the year has to be the US Election, the seemingly never ending conflicts of the Middle East (Syria and Israel/Palestine among others) plus developments in the DRC which has seen the deadliest conflict since World War 2 with more than 5 million dead.
Ooooh, it's the Olympics studium during Olympics ceremony. .. I loved Olympics moments ♡
not exactly but surely it sums it up well enough
Apart from that wreck posing as sculpture it could be a good pic
Awesome glory of London 
2012 was an excellent year but 2013 looks greater
let see the 2013 but i believe the 2012 is the best one yet because of olympics 
happy new year to all 
Happy New year to all 
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