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I've always wondered, if she became the Queen in Feb 1952 and was crowned in June 1953, why did we have the celebrations in the summer of 2012?  It wasn't the anniversary of either date?
Having a hereditary monarchy in this day and age is primitive.
boring (the queen isn't boring the celebrates are)
Thier not boring but i mean that in a bad way and they are a bloody waste of money
IM not a royalist sorry ,I think in this day and age it should be done away with if we still feel we need a.king and queen have a competition and whoever wins can rule over us for a year (like a beauty competition)it makes just as.much sense. a family is born to rule regardless if they have the brains is the height of moronic thinking everybody else has to get qualifications to get the best jobs ,they carnt rely on there ancestry
It's revealing if there doing a good job ,they have been doing nothing but from the cradle to the grave,there is absolutely no way for anybody else to take there jobs without commiting treason ,this is unfair,most people who go to univ take years to get degrees and take there position in society ,they just rely on ancestry if the last king or queen was good so must they be 
Doesn't answer the question - do you feel they are doing a bad job? Granted, they were given the jobs by right of birth, but it's not like they totally abuse that position. I'm thinking of other 'rulers' of countries that haven't been born to their position, and really make a hash of things - Gaddafi, Amin, etc.
It would be very hard to muck up there jobs when all you have to do is wear the best clothes wear the best jewellery eat the best good travel 1St class smile at all times wave in everydirection and meet the best people what is hard about that how can you go wrong 
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